Superhero Revision - Codes and Conventions
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Superhero Revision - Codes and Conventions






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    Superhero Revision - Codes and Conventions Superhero Revision - Codes and Conventions Presentation Transcript

    • GCSE – Exam Revision
    • In this session, we will… Provide you with an example exampaper Go through the first two questions ofexam Revise terms for analysis Revise conventions of superhero movies Analyse two scenes from The Avengers
    • Exam – Paper 1 Exploring Film – Superhero Movies 1.5 hours 4 questions Clip from Film (analysis) – 2 questions Print Resources (creative task) – 2questions Total 50 marks (10,10,10,20)
    • Question 1 – Analysis Tends to make reference to a specificmicro feature (eg. Camerawork, editing,etc) Identify the micro feature Explain the relevance of the microfeature Combine with another feature toexamine audience response (eg.Tension, excitement)
    • Terms for Analysis Mise en Scene Sound Cinematography Lighting Editing Remember: MuSCLE
    • Question 1 – Example (The Avengers) Identify one example of editing from thisscene How is editing used in this sequence? How is editing and sound used toconvey the emotional conflict in thissequence?
    • Question 2 – Conventions Asks you to identify one convention fromthe sequence You have to relate this to anotherSuperhero film Explain why the convention is used inother films
    • Remember... Superman’s Tights Can Produce Nasty Smells
    • STCPNS
    • ConventionsQuestion Answer What is the typical settingof a superhero film? How do we separate thethemes in superheromovies? Which character typestypically feature in thesuperhero genre? Often a major Americancity. Lots of crime. Herowill have secrethideout/HQ Public / Private Hero Villain Princess
    • ConventionsQuestion Answer What term do we use todescribe a significant objectthat the plot revolvesaround? What props would wetypically expect to see in aSuperhero film? What is the typical narrativeof a superhero film? MacGuffin Gadgets (Iron Man’s suit,Batman’s utility belt), IconicSuperhero weapon (Thor’sHammer, CaptainAmerica’s shield) Good vs Evil, Todorov(equilibrium, disequilibrium,equilibrium)
    • Question 2 – Example (The Avengers) Identify one typical convention of theSuperhero film used in this clip Describe how this convention is used inanother Superhero film Explain why this convention is used insuperhero films that you have studied
    • Summary What is question 1 of your exam about? What is question 2 about? How do we remember terms foranalysis? How do we remember terms forconventions? Name two typical conventions of asuperhero film