As media evaluation


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As media evaluation

  1. 1. EvaluationAS Media – 2013
  2. 2. Before you evaluate… Could a narrower audience group be identified within the 15-35 age group? How should the audience be addressed? What do they respond to? What type of texts does E4 typically broadcast before the watershed (what rules must they work within)? Is there a gap in the market? Is there a format/genre that could be developed further for this broadcast slot?
  3. 3. Evaluation Criteria The evaluation materials contain extended evidence and application of research and give a clear description of the target audience(s) and how you intend to target them There is effective analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the productions which demonstrates sound understanding of the media concepts and contexts relevant to the work undertaken with clear reference to the third media platform You use the language of Media Studies with confidence. The work demonstrates a high level of accuracy in spelling and syntax and is expressed in a fluent and cogent manner
  4. 4. Evaluation Question Task Each group will be given an evaluation question In groups, create a plan for how you would tackle each question What evidence is required to answer the question? (eg, pre-prod, audience feedback, etc) What would you include within your response? Remember, you have to state WHY you have made certain choices
  5. 5. Purpose of AudienceFeedback Allows us to understand where our product has been successful/unsuccessful in meeting the needs of the target audience Gives us a framework for comparing our own thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of our work Gives objective feedback on your work
  6. 6. Audience Feedback In your coursework groups, outline what you need to do to obtain audience feedback Consider the method you are using and state WHY you have chosen each method You must choose at least two different ways of obtaining audience feedback If you finish your plan, begin constructing questions for your audience
  7. 7. Third Media Platform
  8. 8. Third Media Platform Third platform – teaser print campaign What is meant by a teaser campaign? Could be posters, flyers, ads, leaflets How would it target your audience? Where would the advert be published or placed?
  9. 9. Summary What are you being assessed on for your evaluation tasks? What are your two chosen audience feedback methods? What is your chosen third media platform and how do you intend to respond to this? What is your individual responsibility for audience feedback? Complete a post-it for your most confident and least confident evaluation question and post on the whiteboard