FNA 2012 Nunavut Tourism Conference


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In this presentation I discussed future trends affecting Nunavut's tourism industry. The presentation occurred as part of the Nunavut Tourism Conference in Iqaluit, NU on Wednesday, March 21, 2012.

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FNA 2012 Nunavut Tourism Conference

  1. 1. Nunavut Tourism Conference
  2. 2. Lay of the land• About Frontiers North.• Review current products.• Our guests.• Partnerships with Nunavut operators.• Partnerships with external organization.
  3. 3. Frontiers North Adventures • Expert-guided tours in Canada’s north since ’79. • Hosting guests in Nunavut since 1988. • Best access in the world to wild polar bears. • One of 11 hand-picked for CTC’s initial launch of the Signature Experiences Collection. • 2011 Responsible Travel & Tourism Forum Leadership Award
  4. 4. Mission statementFrontiers North delivers quality nature adventures in asustainable and responsible manner, inspiring our gueststo become invested in Canada’s north.We ensure our guests view and photograph the wildlifeof the north as well as experience history, culture andcustoms of the people of the north.
  5. 5. Core values• Above all we are hosts.• Invested in the communities and environments in which we operate.• Passionate to share the resources that have been made available to us.• Our brand promise holds tremendous value in long haul, high yield & luxury markets.
  6. 6. Corporate Social Responsibility• Environment.• Community.• Our team.• Education.• Corporate giving.
  7. 7. Distinction.Locking your gaze with a wild creature is just one partof a totally immersive and all-encompassing experience.For Frontiers North guests, the context and elementssurrounding and supporting the wildlife experience areas equally important (if not more so) as the wildlifeexperience itself.
  8. 8. Frontiers North Guests• Demographics vs. sociographics.• Appeal to the tenets of luxury travel (i.e. exclusivity and status).• Money not the precious commodity, time is.
  9. 9. Focus on what you love & what you’re good atFrontiers North Adventures• International marketing • Sales• Working with tour operators • Booking• Guest communication • Follow-up• Contemporary guiding
  10. 10. Focus on what you love & what you’re good atNunavut Partners• Hosting guests on your land • Cuisine• Wildlife monitoring (safety) • Housekeeping• Coordinate emergency response • Navigation• Traditional interpretation • Guiding
  11. 11. Focus on what you love & what you’re good atShared Responsibilities• Define your preferred method of communication (phone or e-mail).• Communicate.
  12. 12. Examples• Sila Lodge, Elu Lodge, Igloolik Outfitters.• Honoured HTO moratorium in Igloolik.• Honouring the process to get back to Sila.
  13. 13. Partnerships with Organizations• CTC & NT: market research, media & tour operator FAM trip support.• Tour Operators: Established sales networks in their respective countries.• Parks Canada: EIA, firearms safety training.• Researchers & NPOs: Social scientists, biologists, climatologists. Awareness.
  14. 14. Thank you! Thank you! @JohnGunterFrontiersNorth.com