Think healthy, switch to a naturally sweet sugar replacement


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Your best Australian owned source for natural, healthy sugar products, and products that contain healthy alternatives. Visit our website to see our full product range and to learn more.

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Think healthy, switch to a naturally sweet sugar replacement

  1. 1. SUGAR REPLACEMENTby Naturally Sweet
  2. 2. Think Healthy, Switch to a Naturally Sweet Sugar ReplacementEat less sugar; it’s not healthy. We’ve all heard this advice, but it’s difficult to do because the craving for the sweetness ofsugar is almost overpowering. Before we discuss why sugar is unhealthy, let’s first understand that term “sugar” is a broadterm that represents numerous varieties of simple sugars. We need to classify them so we would have a better idea of thesugars we’ve been consuming. Here are the main categories of sugars from natural sources:Glucose – grape sugar or simple sugar, produced from photosynthesisFructose – fruit sugar, found in plantsLactose – disaccharide sugar, found in milkSucrose – table sugar, produced from plants or sugar cropsMaltose – malt sugar, found in germinating seeds of barleyMaple syrup – made from the xylem sap of sugar maple, red maple, black maple and other maple treesCorn syrup – made from the starch of maizePalm sugar – made from the sugary sap of Palmyra palm, sago and coconut palmsBrown sugar – produced by adding cane molasses to refined white sugarEven if these sugar types are considered natural sugars because they come from plant materials, this doesn’t mean thatthey are healthy sugars. This is why we need a sugar replacement that will serve as a healthy alternative that doesn’tsacrifice sweetness.
  3. 3. Healthy sugar means healthy livesMany sweeteners and sugar alternatives are now out in the market, but not all of them are safe or good for your health. That’s whyXlear Australia has come up with a range of sugar replacement products that are natural and healthy. Their sugar alternatives are notjust sweet, but are also good for you. They offer 100% natural, 100% healthy, 100% sweet sugar alternatives, so that health-conscious individuals can enjoy the sweet taste of sugar – guilt free.If you’re still wondering why we have to stay away from sugar in the first place, clinical nutritionist Dr. Nancy Appleton has compiled146 good reasons why sugar is ruining your health, and here are some of them:- can suppress the immune system - can cause gallstones - can cause cardiovascular disease - can cause hyperactivity, anxiety, difficulty - can cause heart disease - can damage the pancreasconcentrating, and crankiness in children - can cause appendicitis - can compromise the lining of the- can reduce high density lipoproteins - can cause multiple sclerosis capillaries- can lead to chromium deficiency - can cause haemorrhoids - can make the tendons more brittle- can lead to cancer of the ovaries - can cause varicose veins - can cause headaches, including- can weaken eyesight - can contribute to osteoporosis migraine- can cause copper deficiency - can contribute to saliva acidity - can cause depression- can cause hypoglycaemia - can decrease growth hormone - can lead to dizziness- can produce an acidic digestive tract - can increase cholesterol- can cause rapid rise of adrenaline levels in children - can increase systolic blood pressure- can cause premature aging- can lead to alcoholism - can interfere with the absorption of protein- can cause tooth decay - can cause food allergies- can contribute to obesity - can contribute to diabetes- can cause arthritis - can cause toxaemia during pregnancy- can cause asthma - can contribute to eczema in children
  4. 4. ... With Xlear Australia’s healthy, natural sugar alternatives, you can avoid the abovementioned possible healthhazards. If you’re looking for healthy sugar that’s natural and good for you, they offer you great Naturally Sweetsugar alternatives.