The NxT Media: The Math for Modern Storytelling : Communicators Conference 2014


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Once story was only spoken then it colored the walls of the caves. As story grew it was then bound to a page and then given voice through radio and TV. As it matures even still, along with its media savvy consumer, it now springs forth story worlds across media platforms. Media is ever changing and that evolution only seems to be accelerating. Traditional media, new media, social media these paradigms are now an amalgam of multi-platform media consumption referred to as Transmedia. Simply put transmedia is multi-platform story telling where each channel tells a different aspect of the story and is optimized for the platform.

Using transmedia our ability to gain new perspectives in a characters nature from various media delivery mechanisms allows for a depth and richness to story that has yet to be fully realized. The conflict that some espouse between Traditional and new media is a fallacy. The title of this session is based upon a theorem:

New Media x Traditional Media = NxT Media

The evolution of media is exponential and is played out over multiple platforms. Our media diet will not be one to sacrifice the one for the other but an extension and maturation of our media pallets.

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The NxT Media: The Math for Modern Storytelling : Communicators Conference 2014

  1. 1. source: digitalFRANCE THE NxT MEDIA Communicators Conference May 2014
  2. 2. ONE OF THE 1st DIGITAL NATIVES Early Adopter Questions please tweet @feedia use #NxTMedia
  3. 3. THE POWER OF STORY ! We All Yearn for a Good Tale source: Torbein
  4. 4. WIRED FOR STORY ! Our Brain is Hardwired to Respond to Story source: illuminaut
  5. 5. source: Adibu456 STORY IS ANCIENT ! Story Grew from Oral Tradition !
  6. 6. source: twm1340 & Infrogmation PRINTED MEDIA ! The Rise of Mass Communication source: cibergaita
  7. 7. GOLDEN AGE? ! The Media Elite Controlled the Screens source: morak faxe
  8. 8. YOU ARE A BROADCASTER ! The New Golden Age of Democratic Media source: teflon
  9. 9. EVOLUTION OF MEDIA ! Media is Ever Changing and That Evolution only Seem to be Accelerating source: stuckincustoms
  10. 10. TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLING ! Stories that Leverage the Power of the Platforms they are Told on
  11. 11. Theorem ! New Media x Traditional Media =The NxT Media source: Mammaoca2008
  12. 12. MEDIA MATH ! A Simple Equation with Complex Variables source: Unloveable
  13. 13. OH NO WATCH OUT TV IT’S THE WEB ! TV is Just Fine ! ! source: Fatanera
  14. 14. CHANGING LANDSCAPE ! The End is Not Nigh! ! source: Crowt59
  15. 15. CHANGING LANDSCAPE ! Rich Soil and A Fertile Future ! source: Stuckincustoms
  16. 16. ! ! N.I.M.B.L.E. Navigating Interactive Media Beyond Linear Experiences
  17. 17. VIDEO CONSUMPTION ! Moving Beyond the Traditional Linear Viewing Experience source: lilymonster
  18. 18. MULTI-PLATFORM CONSUMER ! Majority of U.S. Mobile Subscribers own Smartphones. !
  19. 19. MOBILE BOOMERS 51 Percent of Mobile Owners Over the Age of 55 now Own Smartphones source: quinnanya
  20. 20. MULTIPLE SCREENS ! The Glow We Gather Around
  21. 21. PARTY SCREENS ! Share the Experience with our Community. source: orphanjones
  22. 22. SECOND SCREEN ! Our Screens Are Connecting ! source: Stuck in Customs
  23. 23. CONSTANT MEDIA ! A Heightened State of Media Engagement source: Stuck in Customs
  24. 24. CONTENT SHIFT ! A Change in Production and Distribution
  25. 25. ! ! THINK Like a Media Company
  26. 26. STORY STRUCTURES ! The Basic Structure of Story STORY Climax Beginning Middle End Core/Sub-Plot CulturalContext
  27. 27. CORE NARRATIVE ! What is at the Core of the Stories We Tell source: chrisnitzphotography
  28. 28. EVALUATE CURRENT LANDSCAPE ! What is the at the Core of the Stories We Tell
  29. 29. MAPPING YOUR STORY ! Leveraging what was Learned from our Evaluation to Construct a Solid Plan
  30. 30. STORY BIBLE ! How to Develop Canon and Enrich the Audience Experience while Maintaining Narrative Continuity
  31. 31. DEPTH TO STORY ! Richer Narrative and Character Development source: Jkunz
  32. 32. ! ! TRANSMEDIA It Works!
  33. 33. TRANSMEDIA SUCESS ! Coke Daily Drinkers +7.3% and Purchase Intent +5.3%
  34. 34. RESEARCH THE CUSTOMER IS ASKING ! 92% Agree make Ads Feel more Like a Story if you do so 36% are more likely to Purchase
  35. 35. FUTURE OF STORYTELLING ! Richer Narrative and Character Development
  36. 36. STORY GUARDIANS ! Interactive Story Experience
  37. 37. ADAPTIVE STORYTELLING ! Stories that Understand Who the Audience is !
  38. 38. BRIGHT FUTURE ! Power of Story in 21st Century source: stuckincustoms
  39. 39. FINAL CURTAIN ! The Time Has Come to Finish This Chapter of Our Story source: Stuckincustoms
  40. 40. ! ! THANK YOU