How are the band represented media


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How are the band represented media

  1. 1. How are the Band Represented? The Vaccines – Tiger Blood• The band ‘The Vaccines’ are represented as an outgoing lively band, with evidence in the ‘tour like’ video where it shows the band members doing outrageous stuff prior to their gigs.• They are directed at their genre ‘Indie’ by doing normal yet unique events which portrays the band as down to earth yet individuals which will further link to the ‘pop’/ ‘indie’ theme.• They participate in events such as skateboarding and much social drinking which links to the times and the culture which they are in, it shows how much fun they are having as a group and how similar they are too their audience. This further enables the band to seem grounded although very famous which makes it further appealing to the audience.
  2. 2. The Drums – Me and the Moon• ‘The Drums’ establishing shot in the music video is of a female character playing the drums to the drum beat with an image of the moon behind her, this shows the music to be directed at any gender and that the lyrics show relevance too females as well as males – this shows the band to be fun and not too take them selves serious.• Throughout the bands dress sense can be seen, by the clothes that they are wearing are from ‘indie’/ ‘hipster’ culture, which appeals to the target audience of their music.• Their video also shows retro clothing and retro camera shots with many cuts to random objects such as a pineapple this once more strengthens their ‘indie’ culture which would further appeal to the audience they are directing their music too.• The band not only has a member missing out of the video but also at parts has intentional poor lip syncing and guitar syncing to once more enhance their ‘hipster’ laid back image.
  3. 3. What Relationship Exists Between theImages and the Lyrics Chosen in the Video? The Vaccines – Tiger Blood• Relationship between lyrics is very sparse and their isn’t any relationship I can actually find, even after much research. This is mainly due to the ‘tour like’ video in which the video shows the band on tour rather than a focused video based on the song.
  4. 4. The Drums – Me and the Moon• Throughout the video, the majority of the lyrics show no significance to the video dues to their unusual image and ‘indie’ genre they are trying to secure.• There is a small relevance as throughout the video at random points there is a poorly projected image of the moon, the poor quality further enforces their laid back image.
  5. 5. What relationship exists between the music (tempo/beat) and the video? The Vaccines – Tiger Blood• The video shows a lot of cuts throughout, this speeds up the general tempo and gives the video an outgoing feel.• Many activities involved throughout the video are fast paced outgoing sports these include:• Skateboarding• Moshpit and gig atmosphere• Fast drinking• Due to the bands ‘tour’ video it is hard to show any relevance between beat and the music video, apart from the many cuts which take place between shots which give the video a high paced feel.
  6. 6. The Drums – Me and the Moon• Due to the randomness of the video which portrays The Drums laid back image, once again the video shows little reference to beat, tempo etc.• The start of the video shows a female playing a simplified version of the beat on a snare drum which connects the song with the video.• The only other real tempo collection you could relate is the lead singers dance moves. Where he dances during the verses and stops on the chorus.
  7. 7. Is it Possible to See Any Common Features in Music Videos The Vaccines – Tiger Blood• The Video to ‘The Vaccines’ ‘Tiger Blood’ doesn’t hold much relevance or common features to other released videos from the band.• The greatest link in their videos would be between ‘If you Wanna’, the video consists of the band playing the song in a studio.• Other videos such as ‘Post Break Up Sex’ tell a story almost rather than the tour like video• Another link which can be seen between ‘Tiger Blood’ and ‘Wreckin Bar’ due to the fast pace qualities in which both the videos hold.
  8. 8. The Drums – Me and the MoonIn the majority of ‘The Drums’ music videos they hold common themes such as:- Shot on poor cameras- Hold no relevance to the lyrics- Show the band to be laid back- Show random objects- ‘Indie’ dress sense is also present in all videos.I believe this is mainly due to the ‘indie’ genre that ‘The Drums’ portray.Lets Go Surfing Best Friend Money