Cd analysis


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Cd analysis

  1. 1. CD Analysis The following will show several disc coversthat I find interesting and which have give me inspiration too do my own. There are severaldiscs which are clever. Although some of thefollowing discs may not be my genre they still are very well done and very simplistic.In this slide I will be analysing the discs thatyou have seen previously in ‘CD Inspiration’
  2. 2. I found this disc on The idea is very the internet, I don’t basic and simple, believe it is an however, still gives a actual disc to a great effect and is song or album. very clever and Despite this it is quirky still very interesting. The picture shows a character eating the centre of the disc, making a often plainThe greatest disc stand out.aspect about thisdisc I believe, ishow the art is not The idea is veryjust a picture. It is individual. I don’tinvolved with the particularly like the If I were to do my own similar toodisc itself. image of the this I would not use a cartoon or a picture which has been sketched. I monster/person would use a real life picture; maybe what appeals the a person. Who would be involved most is the idea. with the centre of the disc.
  3. 3. Once again this idea is simple, a standard photoThis disc is taken is applied on to the discfrom ‘Arctic to give it a life like feel,Monkeys’ album rather than a simple‘Whatever people colour scheme.say I am, that’swhat I’m not’ The ashtray image isThe disc shows a also linked to the frontpicture of an of the cd cover, inashtray, almost as which a man isif the disc is an smoking a cigarette.ashtray itself. Linking both the front cover to the disc itself. As well as showing relevance to the cd cover the ashtray image could also represent a gritty life style of the band, everything they have been through; as well as the life they wish to lead.
  4. 4. Below is ‘Chase This is probably the mostand Status’ – ‘No simplest of the three,More Idols’ however as I have seen previously, simple works excellently. The British bulldog is once again a common theme, this links to all my other points about the use of themes. It immediately makes the audience aware that it is a product of Chase and StatusThe text is also a commontheme throughout Chase and The black and yellow colour theme is alsoStatus products, I like the fact linked throughout Chase and Statusthat all text and themes are products, it is very easy on the eye and thesimilar throughout, this is yellow writing is really exaggerated againstsomething I wish to endorse in the black own designs.