Labx-Internship at Fermilab


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My experience of being an intern at Fermi National accelarator Laboratory USA as the part of Intern Me program by Lab-X Foundation.

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Labx-Internship at Fermilab

  1. 1. “It's a life-changing thing to be in a position of needing help and being so lucky as to get it”
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Interview Experience – Lab-X Selection • My first experience of Online Interview. • Entirely different from other interview’s I had before. • It was like talking about my interests, works , future plans. • More over a group of young people on panel. • Final Interview – Senior Scientist at Fermilab. I was bit tensed. But it was super cool. Scientist are awesome!
  4. 4. Intern Me Winner Alfred Johnson B-Tech Mechanical Engineering (2011 – 2015) Federal Institute Of Science And Technology (FISAT) +91-8547070940
  5. 5. Intern Me Winner Rahul Raveendranath B-Tech Computer Science (2010 – 2014) College of Engineering, Trivandrum +91-9567607741
  6. 6. Fermilab Deals with High Energy Particle Physics
  7. 7. My works at Fermilab • Worked on an automatic system for Mu2e experiment under a Senior Scientist at Fermilab. • Worked on circuit designing and making PCB boards. • Prepared a paper about the work I have done for future reference. • Worked on a lot of sensors.
  8. 8. Experience • First experience of applying what I have learned from college in a professional level. • Wondered by seeing how they plan and manage big projects. • Studied how to present the analysis of data in forms of chart which make sense in single slide.
  9. 9. More over working under a great scientist will motivate you to do more! Me and Aseet Mukherjee
  10. 10. Guided tours to different experiments at Fermilab
  11. 11. Summer Lecture Series ‘I Love HIGGS BOSON’
  12. 12. Summer Lecture Series ‘About Modern Physics’
  13. 13. Summer Lecture Series Computing Department - The Huge amount of data transfer network between CERN , Fermilab and other universities around globe.
  14. 14. Summer Lecture Series Realized how research outputs lead to new innovation which are useful in daily life. Developments in cancer therapy is an example
  15. 15. Museum of Science and Industry , Chicago
  16. 16. Boston – MIT – Harvard With Team Lab-x
  17. 17. Tons of new Friends around the Globe!
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