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Brides toast to groom

Brides toast to groom






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    Brides toast to groom Brides toast to groom Document Transcript

    • One life event that will make a woman truly happy is the day she marries. During her wedding day, a woman finally bids farewell to the life of being single and starts another – married life. She joins hands with another person in the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony and vows to be this man through thickand thin. After the wedding, a reception takes place to celebratethe occasion further with family and friends. During this time, thebride may choose to propose a brides toast to groom. Here’s anexample.Click Here For Wedding Speeches Instant Access!The speech, of course, begins with an introduction. Here, you cansay something that goes like this: “A pleasant evening, ladies andgentlemen! While it is not traditional for the bride to speak, Iwould like to deviate from the tradition and begin my married lifeby thanking all of you in a non-traditional bride’s wedding speech.So I stand here today to extend our deepest gratitude to all ofyou, and perhaps, I will get the chance later on to propose atoast to my groom as well.”“Family, relatives, and friends, thank you for finding the time tograce this occasion with your presence. We are aware that someof you have even come a long way just to be here, and weappreciate that. Your time and efforts are not forgotten, and sowe extend our deepest gratitude for taking part in this wonderfuland joyous moment in our lives.”“If you ask me about the happiest and most magical day of mylife, I would probably choose today. Today, I have finally joinedhands with the one person with whom I want to spend the rest of
    • my life. What’s more is that I have been able to share this daythat marks the end of my quest for love with my family, relatives,and friends – all of you who are gathered here in this hall. Themagic and the joy, I owe to all of you.”“Now, to my dearest husband, this I say to you – I love you. Youare the shoulder I could lean on, my strength, the ray of hopethat I needed every time I felt like giving up. You loved medespite all of my faults and weaknesses. My promise to you isthat I would love you back and stay with you from this day untilforever.”This, now, is a brides toast to groom.Click Here For Wedding Speeches Instant Access!