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Dams yamma yamma final (1)

  1. 1. Welcomes you all
  2. 2. COMPANY PROFILEDAMS Management Services has a solid team of wellskilled, dynamic & enthusiastic professional that involves& performs its best in all the activities not only to fulfillpre-event requirement but takes it to the destinationfruitfully also. DAMS has a huge pool of skilled &experienced man power and material resource to executeexcellent ideas for the clients whether it’splanning, promotion or execution of small to megaevents. Our primary motive is to provide our bestservices achieving clients satisfaction.
  3. 3. OUR VISION Our mission is to be a Complete Event Solution Provider. Our basic objective is to provide complete service to everyoneassociated with us achieving highest satisfaction. We believe in maintaining relationship based on trust and we arealways transparent to client to maintain it. We aim at turning our clients vision in a well developed result abovetheir expectation. Striving hard to become a national level company with long termsuccess achieving the clients’ satisfaction.
  4. 4. OUR SERVICESDAMS Management services covers a variety of events Personal events Cultural eventsCompanies events Leisure events
  5. 5. √ Yamma Yamma 2012 (Y Y 2012) endeavors to position itself as the definite destination in the City of Lakes – Bhopal, India with a focus to make it unforgettable & most entertaining New Year Eve in the city.√ Y Y 2012 will gather the most descent crowd because of its finest selection of artists and aggressive marketing strategy.
  6. 6. SUCHITA VYAS 10/18/11
  8. 8. 10/18/11
  9. 9. DETAILSProposed date :- 31st Dec 2011Proposed venue :- The Royal Treat Garden In front of Nisarga Hotel M.P. Nagar, Zone-I, Bhopal.Time :- 8:00 pm onwards
  10. 10.  Suchita Vyas (PlaybaCK Singer, IGT - Colors, Krazy Kiya re, -Sub TV, Bollywood Club – Zoom TV) Akhilesh Tiwari (Sa re Ga Ma Pa) Female Singer Sagar Ritul Rajkumar Praveen Moon Walker Dance Group Amitabh Bachchan Jr. Shashi Kapoor Jr.
  11. 11. Atul publicity Digi TV My FM
  12. 12.  Suchita Vyas’s Live performance Akhilesh Tiwari’s Live Performance Live Orcherstra By Hi-tech group Dance By the best dance group Mimikary Best Couple prize Best dressed Male prize Best dressed Female prize Spot prizes like best dance, best answer etc. Finest Veg & Non Veg Cuisine with Snacks. Drinks. Amitabh bachchan’s performance Shashi kapoor’s performance Combined perfromance of Amitabh & Shashi kapoor
  13. 13.  Complete entertainment for the audiences and best mileage to the sponsors. Create, Reinforce & to build corporate image of DAMS Management Services & ROYAL TREAT GARDEN among the people of Bhopal. Maximize awareness, Exposure & reach to tech-savvy youth audience through new media such as Internet & Mobile. Creating viral effect with word of mouth publicity. Spreading information from person to person. Face to Face communication. Measuring effectiveness of Compaign & response generated post event.
  14. 14.  Provide centralized information reference points. Makes it easy to RSVP Makes it easy for others to promote your event. Gets your event in front of a lot of people. Makes it easy to share media (links, photo, video) on facebook, Orkut or other social networking websites.
  15. 15.  Hoardings & Float activities Banners, Posters, Flyers & Pamphlets of the event all over Bhopal. Radio Publicity.
  16. 16. Title Sponsor - 4 LakhsCo-Sponsors - 2 LakhsAssociates Sponsors - 1 LakhSupporting Sponsor s - 50 ,000/-
  17. 17. MILEAGE FOR TITLE SPONSOR Company logo at Center Back-drop, Banners, Posters, Hoardings & Event Tickets. Hoardings at major sites in BHOPAL. Announcements by the anchor. Company’s Ad film presentation during the show on screen / LCD. Your Company’s banners on the venue. Distribution of your leaflets / brochures & promotional material in the event. Your Branding at our all Grooming Centers. / Press Coverages. Loud Venue Branding. Publicity Through Leading Print Media/Electronic Media/on-air Media. 15 FREE PASSES FOR YY2012.
  18. 18. MILEAGE FOR CO- SPONSOR You will be the Co-Sponsor of the Event. Publicity by print media through leading news papers. Company’s logo at Banner, Poster, & Event Passes. Announcements by the Compare. Your Branding at our all Grooming Centers. / Press Coverages. Hoardings with Company logo. Telecasting your Product Ad Films During the show on screen / LCD. Company’s Banner at venue. Semi-Loud Venue Branding. Publicity Through Leading Print Media/Electronic Media/on-air Media. 8 FREE PASSES FOR YY2012.
  19. 19. MILEAGE FOR ASSOCIATE SPONSOR: Publicity by print media through leading news paper. Company logo at, Banner, Poster, & Event Passes. Announcement by the Compare. Company’s Ad Film presentation during the show on screen /LCD. Branding by publicity. Company’s banners at venue. 5 FREE PASSES FOR YY2012.
  20. 20.  Hoarding display News paper ads Air & Media announcements Backdrop display (side panels) Website Invitation cards Announcement during the events
  21. 21. Address : F-2 , No. 5 , plot no. 18 , Liberty chamber, Zone- 1 , M P Nagar, Near Batra Hospital, Bhopal (MP) PIN -462011PHONE : 0755-4042616Mobile : 9826092376, 9926310707 9826527799, 9826224277