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How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
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How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?


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How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

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  • 1. How did you use new mediatechnologies in the construction andresearch, planning and evaluationstages?
  • 2. New Media Technologies• Whilst undertaking my A2 Media Studiespractical project, I used a numerous amountof new media technologies such as Final CutPro X, YouTube and Adobe Photoshop. Thesetechnologies significantly helped me in mystudies and allowed me to develop and adaptmy magazine front cover, horror poster andhorror trailer further.
  • 3. • Whilst undertaking my A2 Media Studies practicalproject, I was able to greatly develop on the techniquesthat I had previously learned in AS where I created anopening to a thriller film, I also used a different websiteto the one I am using now Blogger to recordinformation about my horror production.• In my AS Media Studies practical project I used Bloggerto record and update my progression with my thrilleropening however in A2 I used the advanced up to datewebsite which enhanced advanced media technologieswhich is called Weebly, which I personally think ismuch better than Blogger as the range of features ismore widespread.
  • 4. Research and Planning• Whilst undertaking research and planning for myA2 practical project, the use of new mediatechnologies greatly benefited my ability toproduce tasks.• For example when in the research and planningstages commenced of my practical project I usedPrezi an online presentation software which ismore advanced than power point and has betterfacilities and functions which helped significantly.
  • 5. • Furthermore in research and planning, I also usednew media technologies such as YouTube.YouTube was greatly beneficial when undertakingthe research and planning section for my A2Media Studies coursework as it allowed me toresearch previous film trailers. This again allowedme to learn a significant amount by viewinghorror trailers. Also YouTube allowed me toresearch the film trailers that I analysed in myPrezi presentation.
  • 6. Construction• When undertaking the construction stages ofmy practical project, new media technologieswere significantly efficient in aiding me tocreate my horror trailer, magazine front coverand horror poster.
  • 7. • When I was creating my horror trailer, new media technologies such asYouTube, editing software and cameras significantly helped me and theway I was able to create my horror trailer sticking to what my targetaudience wanted.• When editing my horror trailer, I used the software Final Cut Pro X onMac’s it was very beneficial as it allowed me to edit my horror trailer plusadd in music, sound effects and special effects such as: Colour 3 WayCorrector. New media technologies such as editing software enabled meto edit my horror trailer to make it have more of an impact with my targetaudience and therefore at the end they were all pleased with what Iproduced.• When filming my horror trailer, new media technologies such as cameraswere extremely useful as it allowed me to film in my house and outside it,it was lightweight therefore I could easily move around with it than mehaving to use a heavy weighted camera plus it was HD and was easy tohandle.
  • 8. • YouTube was definitely beneficial before,during and after the making and production ofmy horror trailer. I was able to gain inspirationfrom different horror trailers even those thatwere hybrid genres so I had other dimensionsshown and I could see how they worked. I wasalso able to upload my own horror trailer sothat it could be accessed from the Weeblywebsite page.
  • 9. • When creating my magazine front cover and horror poster,new media technologies such as cameras and AdobePhotoshop allowed me to create and edit both items.For example, when I created my horror magazine, I usedAdobe Photoshop CS6 to position the headings and subheading plus important information across the page.In my horror poster for my theatrical poster, I used a camerato take a photo of the demon – Insanity. After this had beentaken I transferred it Adobe Photoshop CS6 where I added thenecessary text and changed the composition of the image tomake it appear darker.
  • 10. Evaluation• When undertaking the evaluation stage of mypractical project, I made sure I used differentcombinations of new media technologies suchas: Prezi, YouTube, Xtranormal , SlideShareand GoAnimate to answer the fourevaluations questions.
  • 11. • I used new media technologies such as Prezi,SlideShare, Xtranormal and GoAnimate toupload presentations to my blog site onWeebly. These websites allowed me to answerthe evaluation questions with great depth as Iwas able to significantly elaborate on keypoints with the use of images, embeddedvideos and created animation slides/videofootage.
  • 12. • Plus within the construction stage of mypractical project, I used the internet efficientlyso I could copy the web address of createdpresentations from Prezi, Xtranormal,SlideShare and GoAnimate and use thecustom http choice to add the web address soit would appear on my Blog Page withouthaving to open up another internet page andsearching the address to go to the actualwebsite.
  • 13. • I believe that using new media technologies in my A2 practicalproject was significantly beneficial as it allowed me to use new andadvanced innovative methods of showing, distributing anddisplaying information.• I was also able to use many of the new media technologies such asYouTube, Prezzi SlideShare, Xtranormal and GoAnimate to presentthe content that I created in a professional by presenting it on myblog through Weebly .Ultimately, I believe that new media technologies have allowed me tocreate a fantastic end product through the use of certain websites suchas: Prezzi, SlideShare, Xtranormal, GoAnimate and Weebly andsoftwares such as Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Photoshop CS6 which hasallowed me to create a final product which most definitely wouldn’t beachieved if these new media technologies were not accessible.
  • 14. • Thank you for viewing this presentation