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Discovering cloudnine
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Discovering cloudnine


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This is the slide show presented at the January 10, 2012, IFMA meeting in Indianapolis.

This is the slide show presented at the January 10, 2012, IFMA meeting in Indianapolis.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. an introduction to cloud computing.
  • 2. discovering cloud nine. data in the cloud. • who: a little about me. • what: defining the cloud. • when: clouds appear. • where: is it being used. • why: pros and cons. • how: learning to fly.
  • 3. discovering cloud nine. a little about me. John Magnabosco • Data Services Manager at Defender Direct • Author: “Protecting SQL Server Data” • Co-author: “SQL Server MVP Deep Dives, Vol. 2” • Microsoft SQL Server MVP 2009 & 2010
  • 4. discovering cloud nine. defining the cloud.Basic characteristics of cloud computing: • Computing delivered as a service. • Web-based applications. • Remote data storage. • On-demand resources allocation.
  • 5. discovering cloud nine. defining the cloud.
  • 6. discovering cloud nine. defining the cloud.Types of cloud computing: • Public: resources provided through the Internet to the general public. • Private: resources provided for a specific organization. Often referenced as a “hosted solution”. • Hybrid: a solution that offers multiple clouds, public and private, that interact with each other.
  • 7. discovering cloud nine. clouds appear.When the cloud becomes interesting: • Collaboration • Database • Audio Storage and Sharing • Video Storage and Sharing • Software as a Service • Remote Hosting • Project Management • Backup Storage • Disaster Recovery • … much more
  • 8. discovering cloud nine. is it being used.A snapshot of cloudy providers:
  • 9. discovering cloud nine. pros and cons.Consider the cloud when… • Access from anywhere: need to conveniently share data or files with the general public, or a select group of people? • Managing dramatic peaks in need: need 1Tb of data only for a week without the long-term investment of hard drives? • Redundancy: need to provide redundancy to your computing systems for outage management or disaster recovery?
  • 10. discovering cloud nine. pros and cons.Don’t consider the cloud when… • Large volume of data transfers: typically, the cloud’s pricing model is based on usage – much like a utility. • Can’t rely on connectivity to the Internet: in most cases, the delivery route of data stored in the cloud is through the Internet. • Privacy is of utmost concern: there is less control over who is monitoring data transfers since the data resides at a third-party location.
  • 11. discovering cloud nine. pros and cons.Cloud myths to consider… • The cloud is cheap: this is dependent upon your use of resources and the provider’s pricing model. • The cloud is not secure: data in the cloud can be secure; however, compliance to regulations my require a hybrid (privatepublic) solution. • The cloud is a “green” solution: cloud computing is often offered as an environmentally friendly solution. This will depend heavily upon the provider’s infrastructure.
  • 12. discovering cloud nine. learning to fly.How to get started: • Give it a try, start with something small. • Choose a provider that is well respected. • Know your numbers. • Develop a strategy.
  • 13. discovering cloud nine. learning to fly.Give it a try. Manage your next project in the cloud:
  • 14. discovering cloud nine. learning to fly.As you jump in further, chose a well respected provider. • Amazon Web Services • Microsoft Azure • Google Apps • IBM SmartCloud Enterprise
  • 15. discovering cloud nine. learning to fly.Know your numbers. AWS – Disaster Recovery Model 1 instance SQL Server Std. Utilization: 100% Transfer rate: 200 GB In 30 GB Out Elastic bandwidth: None Monthly cost: $2,945 +/- from Amazon Web Services simple monthly calculator:
  • 16. discovering cloud nine. learning to fly.Once you enjoy the cloud, develop a strategy. • Identify guidelines for considering the cloud. • How can the cloud enhance your current systems? • Do you have/anticipate increased mobile demands? • Is your technical team ready to utilize the cloud?
  • 17. discovering cloud nine. partly cloudy. • The cloud is less mysterious. • The cloud is useful for your business. • You are likely using the cloud today. • Cloud <> Silver Bullet. • Start small, advance strategically.
  • 18. discovering cloud nine. My contact information: @johnnydata