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Integrated (Digital) Marketing Lecture at the University of Calgary.

Integrated (Digital) Marketing Lecture at the University of Calgary.



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  • Acts as a hub for all other marketing efforts.
  • Marketing strategy still applies
  • From Josh Bernoff, author of Groundswell.A simple way to accomplish your goals.People. Target Audience, Company cultureObjectives. Decide wihat your want to accomplishStrategies: Plan for how relationships with customers will changeTools/Technologies/Tactics.
  • Image from 2009…
  • http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/06_42/b4005078.htm The novel advertising scheme developed back in 2001 is a good example. Jim McDowell, then U.S. vice-president of marketing, was confident the project, dubbed "Big Idea," and kept under tight security in "War Room" No. 6 at BMW USA's Woodlake (N.J.) headquarters, would create just the kind of consumer buzz that BMW wanted—and would ultimately be more cost-effective for BMW than Super Bowl advertising. The idea was to give film directors a BMW car around which a compelling short film was to be made. Many of the tales centered on life-and-death chase scenes, but several were humorous or even melancholy. McDowell figured if The Hire, took off and the films were downloaded from BMW's Web site by 1 million to 2 million viewers, BMW would chalk up the same number of eyeballs as a snappy advertising campaign aired during the Super Bowl, but would reach a higher percentage of BMW-type customers, progressives with a nose for cinema, technology, and high bandwidth. "If you really understand your consumer, you can be very clever about how to communicate. You can change the whole paradigm," says McDowell, who is now executive vice-president at Mini. SNOWBALL EFFECT.  McDowell didn't take any half-measures. He went after talented directors such as John Frankenheimer (The French Connection) and Ang Lee (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), and signed up stars such as Madonna, Clive Owens, and Gary Oldman—giving them complete artistic freedom, aside from the BMW model that starred in each film. No advance advertising heralded the Internet launch of the films. The buzz started slowly with the first film but grew to avalanche proportions by the time Madonna's short comedy film about a cranky diva was released, overwhelming BMW's expectations and forcing the automaker to add servers as fast as it could. But it didn't stop there. As the short-film gambit rocketed around the blogosphere, national TV broadcasters flooded McDowell's office with requests for interviews on CBS, Entertainment Tonight, and Fox News. The novelty of an automaker producing films fanned public interest and stoked downloads. "EXPERIMENTAL ENVIRONMENT".  After one year, the number of viewers who had visited BMW's Web site to download The Hire shot to over 21 million, and with three more films added in 2002, it rocketed to 100 million, sparking a Harvard Business School case study. One million enthusiasts ordered a DVD with all eight films. All this 4 years before YouTube….!
  • This is a measure of consumer impact and how marketers gather consumer data…
  • From Josh Bernoff, author of Groundswell.A simple way to accomplish your goals.People. Target Audience, Company cultureObjectives. Decide wihat your want to accomplishStrategies: Plan for how relationships with customers will changeTools/Technologies/Tactics.

UofC Marketing Communications UofC Marketing Communications Presentation Transcript

  • University of Calgary MKTG 435 Marketing Communications Integrated Digital Marketing© 2011
  • BAD … Tries to talk itself out of the © 2011
  • BAD … © 2011 Can Cause Seizures…
  • GOOD… Transcends it’s utility and brand to © 2011 become a part of our lives…
  • What is Good Design?GOOD… © 2011 Doesn’t overcomplicate things…
  • OLD SCHOOLMARKETING… © 2011 Is Over…
  • OLD Good Design?What is SCHOOLMARKETING… Pushing customers down the funnel © 2011 doesn’t work…
  • NEW SKOOLMARKETING… Is Integrated, Measurable and © 2011
  • NEW SKOOLWhat is Good Design?MARKETING… Is Media Agnostic and User - © 2011
  • Digital Marketing ISMarketing… © 2011 But Digital is the HUB…
  • Digital Marketing ISMarketing… © 2011 And Marketing Tenets Still Apply…
  • What is Good Design?The POST Method. © 2011 Simple.
  • People… Are your market and your © 2011
  • User & Task Analysis © 2011 To arrive at User Goals. 14
  • What is Good Design?Personas… © 2011 Bring life to the user…
  • Objectives… © 2011 To understand where you’re going... 16
  • CompetitiveWhat is Good Design?Analysis… People Objectives Strategies Technology Using ‘SWOT – like’ Tools 17 © 2011
  • InformationWhat is Good Design?Architecture… To align content with User Goals… 18 © 2011
  • Strategies… To plan before you Design & 19 © 2011
  • What is Good Design?Analysis… To assess priorities… 20 © 2011
  • Tactics/Tools/Technologies… Are ‘all the same’… 21 © 2011
  • Tactics/Tools/TechnolWhat is Good Design?ogies… Can be Overwhelming… 22 © 2011
  • What is Good Design? © 2011 LOST?? 23
  • What is Good Design?HOW ‘BOUT NOW?? 24 © 2011 Buzzword Bingo
  • Digital Marketing Tactics… © 2011 One at a Time…
  • Web Development… © 2011 Isn’t Easy…
  • The ‘PEOS’ Media Model © 2011 Handy…
  • The ‘PEOS’ Media Model © 2011 Handy…
  • Web Call to Action… © 2011 Commerce & Conversion…
  • Microsites… © 2011 Conversion…
  • Email… © 2011 Booooring but Effective…
  • Mobile © 2011 ‘Rich Media’ experiences…
  • SEO & SEM © 2011 Organic & Pay Per Click…
  • Gamification © 2011 Conversion…
  • QR Codes © 2011 ‘Lazy’ Marketing but has Potential…
  • Branded Entertainment © 2011 Virality…
  • Social ‘Web’ © 2011 Pick your spots…
  • Social ‘Web’1. Evaluate the 2. Build a Relevant Landscape Presence Identify influential channels, Connect with the top 5% users and themes and volume of constituency to give us credibility4. Use your Influence 3. Develop the Amplify and scale by Community arming active users with Move community tools and technology stakeholders from brand indifferent to brand champions and advocates. © 2011 Trust the process…
  • Big 4… © 2011 Big Impact…
  • Top Brands © 2011 On FaceBook and Twitter…
  • Social Integration © 2011 Social & Earned
  • Digital Good Design?What is MarketingIntegration © 2011 See the whole board…
  • Digital MarketingIntegration © 2011 BLAM!
  • What is Good Design?The Ad Biz… © 2011 Where do you start?
  • Contact john@consultconiferous.ca Twitter: John_hutchings © 2011 about.me/johnhutchings
  • Suggested Readings Strategy Social Books: Books: • Mitch Joel. “Six Pixels of Separation‟ • Josh Bernof, “Groundswell‟ • Don Tapscott: “Wikinomics‟ Sites: • Eric Qualman, „Socialnomics‟ • groundswell.forrester.com/ • Brian Solis, „ The End of Business as Usual‟ • emarketer.com • Chris Brogan, „Social Media 101: Tactics and Tips to • forrester.com Develop Your Business Online‟ • web-strategist.com • Chris Brogan, “Trust Agents” • sethgodin.com/sg/ • ageoftransparency.com/default.asp • zagbook.com/ • gladwell.com • http://www.slideshare.net/coolstuff/the-brand-gap © 2011
  • Suggested Readings User Experience Design Form Design Books: Books: • Don Norman, „The Design of Everyday Things” Luke Wrobleski, “Web Form Design, Filling in the Blanks” • Steve Krug, “Don‟t Make Me Think” Sites: • Jesse James Garrett, “The Elements of User About the Challenge Disaster: Edward Tufte: Experience” edwardtufte.com/bboard/q-and-a-fetch- • UX books: msg?msg_id=0001yB smashingmagazine.com/2008/01/24/usability-and- interface-design-books/ Sites: Twitter: • Boxesandarrows.com • @lukew • Adaptivepath.com • @use_this • Jjg.net • @smashingmag • Xplane.com • @mikaellindh • Lukew.com • Edwardtufte.com • Backofthenapkin.com Twitter: • @adaptivepath • @davegray • @sunnibrown • @brandonschauer © 2011
  • Thank you!© 2011