Introduction to the MHK1 from Mitsubishi Electric


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This is a presentation to introduce the MHK1 wireless RedLINK wall mounted remote controller for the M & P Series cooling and heating inverter ductless made by Mitsubishi Electric.

This presentation describes the features, benefits, operation, accessories, and installation of the MHK1 and attempts to answer the FAQs.

It is free to distribute with author's credit.

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Introduction to the MHK1 from Mitsubishi Electric

  1. 1. Comments, Questions, and Changes, Please contactjohn@gunderllc.comPRESENTERS NOTESCREATED BY GUNDER & ASSSOCIATES, LLCJANUARY 17, 2013, VERSION 2.0
  2. 2. PRESENTERS NOTESThe intention of this training presentation is to provideanswers to 95 percent of the most frequently askedquestions while showing how RedLINK can increasecontractor sales.To promote the use of the RedLINK Internet Gateway(RiG) as a value added benefit which can control bothyour conventional air conditioning systems and MitsubishiElectric’s M or P Series systems from your mobile devicefor less than $120.00.CREATED BY GUNDER & ASSSOCIATES, LLCJANUARY 17, 2013, VERSION 2.0
  3. 3. •  All content approved by the M & P Application Group.•  There are about 80 slides in this presentation. Hide andshow whichever slide you see fit for your audience.•  Do not change the content without verifying the editedor new information. Contact:•  Font: Ariel. Minimum 24 pt., Max 40 pt.•  The presentation can take up to one hour depending onthe quantity and quality of the questions.PRESENTERS NOTESCREATED BY GUNDER & ASSSOCIATES, LLCJANUARY 17, 2013, VERSION 2.0
  4. 4. •  MHK1 is designed to replace the PAR-21MAA but thecurrent software does not support all the features of thePAR-21MAA.•  The PAR-21MAA is scheduled to be discontinued butwill remain available until such time as the stockbecomes depleted.•  As of Jan 17, 2013, there are 5,211 PAR-21’s in stock.•  The PAR-21MAA must be used for: Twinning P-Series,Lead/Lag, PEFY-AF1200CMF/R, P-Series diagnostics.•  MHK1 is not for use on CITY MULTI or Lossnay.PRESENTERS NOTESCREATED BY GUNDER & ASSSOCIATES, LLCJANUARY 17, 2013, VERSION 2.0
  5. 5. •  MHK1 is always a 1:1 application. One IDU for oneMHK1. No other configuration will work.•  MHK1 only works on late model IDU’s, a full list ofcompatible models is available on Air Wave Bulletin#0262, Dates Dec 7, 2011. Go to the Extranet to find thebulletin. Also See Sales Support Section•  The MHK1 is a Commercial and Residential RemoteController. The default setting is Commercial.•  MHK1 is not compatible with any other unitary or ductlesssystem. The MHK-1 only works w/ M & P series systems.  PRESENTERS NOTESCREATED BY GUNDER & ASSSOCIATES, LLCJANUARY 17, 2013, VERSION 2.0
  6. 6. •  MHK1 will take up to 5 minutes to connect because thesoftware goes out and polls the IDU to determine whichfeatures and functions to show on the display. Forexample, a MSZ wouldn’t need to control a number ofoutlet vanes. That function is reserved for a PLA.•  Tech Note: An Application Note was written to provideinformation on how to change the E.S.P. on SEZ/PEA/PEAD ceiling concealed ducted units. This informationis not available in the current version of the installationmanual. Reference Application Notes Section•  Read presenters notes for slide message.PRESENTERS NOTESCREATED BY GUNDER & ASSSOCIATES, LLCJANUARY 17, 2013, VERSION 2.0
  7. 7. •  Tech Tip: It’s possible to use two remotes with a singleindoor unit. So if you have a MSZ indoor unit whichcomes with a remote, and you wanted to have a wallmounted controller, both will work.•  Tech Tip: If the indoor unit model number starts with anM, then the indoor unit comes with an infrared wirelesshand held remote.For more on controls, please call your business unit’scontrols engineer or contact john@gunderllc.comPRESENTERS NOTESCREATED BY GUNDER & ASSSOCIATES, LLCJANUARY 17, 2013, VERSION 2.0
  8. 8. Introduction to the MHK1 Kit
  9. 9. Wireless “Wall Mounted” Remote Controller
  10. 10. MRC1MIFH1MRCH1Kit Includes:– MRCH1 “Transmitter” RemoteController– MIFH1 Wireless Receiver– MRC1 CableMHK1 Wireless Wall Mount Remote Controller Kit
  11. 11. One Kit Per Indoor UnitMHK1 Wireless Wall Mount Remote Controller Kit
  12. 12. Systems are communicating via Honeywell’s“RedLINK®” wireless RFI based technologyThe Latest innovation for multiple modules forcontrolling different systems and devicesThe first wireless protocol developed specificallyfor the HVAC industryWhat is RedLINK Technology?
  13. 13. Honeywell’s RedLINK® technologyis strong as a wire.900 Mhz, Frequency-Hopping, Spread-Spectrumwireless protocol means a strong, secure andinterference-free signalWhat is RedLINK Technology?
  14. 14. Tested in a 6,500 square foot Home throughwalls, floors and building materials.Tested through concrete, brick and otherextreme elements.What is RedLINK Technology?
  15. 15. Automatically re-connects after power outageand battery replacementAA Lithium batteries last about 1-2 yearsTwo Month Low Battery WarningWhat is RedLINK Technology?
  16. 16. MRCH1 Wireless Remote Controller - FeaturesWorks with all M & P Series indoor units
  17. 17. •  Off / On• Temperature Set• Mode Select• Fan Speed and Vane Direction• Programming• Large, easy-to-read backlit display• Displays Room Temperature• Displays error codesMRCH1 Wireless Remote Controller - Features
  18. 18. BacklitNatural language(no symbols)Display outsideair temperatureand humidity(optional MOS1 required)MRCH1 Wireless Remote Controller - Features
  19. 19. Dual Setpoint ControlSeparate Heating and Cooling Setpoints•  Adjustable deadband from 2-8°F•  Automatically adjusts setpoints to ensuredeadbandSystem Changeover with Dual SetpointsMRCH1 Wireless Remote Controller - Features
  20. 20. Cool ModeHeat ModeDrying Mode (New Name for Dry Mode)Auto - Heat/CoolFan ModeMRCH1 Features
  21. 21. What is Drying Mode?
  22. 22. Default sensing is at Remote Controller•  Installer setting to select at return air sensor•  Automatically switches to return air sensor ifcommunication to remote controller is lostMRCH1 Wireless Remote Controller - Features
  23. 23. Default is CommercialIf the MHK1 is being used in a residentialapplication, the Installer should toggle thesetting from Installer set up #136MRCH1 Wireless Remote Controller - Features
  24. 24. Scheduling•  Traditional 5-2, 5-1-1 schedules•  Separate Heat/Cool schedules•  Allows operation in AUTO with schedulingsetbacksMRCH1 Wireless Remote Controller - Features
  25. 25. SchedulingMRCH1 Wireless Remote Controller - Features
  26. 26. SchedulingMRCH1 Wireless Remote Controller - Features
  27. 27. SchedulingMRCH1 Wireless Remote Controller - Features
  28. 28. Optimal Start•  Set occupied time and desired set temp•  Remote Controller learns when to start warm-up orcool down so that space is at set temp at start of theoccupied timeMRCH1 Wireless Remote Controller - Features
  29. 29. ThreeStepstoSet-up
  30. 30. MHK1 Installation
  31. 31. © 2011 Mitsubishi Electric / HVAC 31
  32. 32. MHK1 Installation
  33. 33. MHK1 InstallationConnects to CN105
  34. 34. MHK1 InstallationMRC1Receiver Cable is 6.5 Feet long
  35. 35. MHK1 InstallationIf connecting more than one MHK-1, press CONNECTone more time to “lock” in the setting.
  36. 36. © 2011 Mitsubishi Electric / HVAC 36
  37. 37. © 2011 Mitsubishi Electric / HVAC 37Press “Connect”
  38. 38. © 2011 Mitsubishi Electric / HVAC 38LED Lights
  39. 39. MHK1 InstallationIf connecting more than one MHK1, press CONNECTone more time to “lock” in the setting.
  40. 40. FamiliarInstallerFunctions
  41. 41. Application Notefor modelsSEZ, PEA/DExternal Static PressureAdjustment.
  42. 42. How To Change theExternal Static Pressure
  43. 43. How To Change theExternal Static Pressure
  44. 44. How To Change theExternal Static Pressure
  45. 45. How To Change theExternal Static Pressure
  46. 46. Portable Central Controller (MCCH1)Outside Air Sensor (MOS1)Optional Accessories
  47. 47. Central control for up to 16 zonesMonitor and ControlBacklit DisplayIncluded Control per indoor unit;Set Temperature (1°F)Mode Selection (heat/cool only)Time (12 hour am/pm)Auto-off Timer (More like Schedule Over-ride)Paging Capability (Push button to easilylocate PCC with audible sound)Portable Central Controller (MCCH1)
  48. 48. Provides wireless signal foroutside air temperature and humidityDisplayed on Remote Controllerand Portable Central ControllerOutside Air Sensor (MOS1)
  49. 49. Separate controls needed for each mini-split ormulti-split indoor unitIndoor UnitIndoor UnitBoilerOutdoorTempSensorThermostatTypical Home Today
  50. 50. 1375628935445Home of TomorrowConnect Conventional Unitaryand Mitsubishi Electric Systems
  51. 51. LEGEND:1.  Outdoor Air Sensor (OAS) [Honeywell or Mitsubishi branded]2.  Mitsubishi Electric MRCH1 Wireless Remote Controller3.  Mitsubishi Electric MRCH1 Wireless Remote Controller4.  Mitsubishi Electric MIFH1 “Translator” Radio Frequency Interface (RFI)5.  Indoor Unit6.  Boiler or Furnace7.  Honeywell Equipment Interface Module (EIM) RedLINK®8.  Portable Central Controller (PCC) [Honeywell or Mitsubishi branded]9.  Outdoor Unit1375628935445Home of Tomorrow
  52. 52. MAC-333IF System Control Interface
  53. 53. RedLINK DevicesWorks with Honeywell branded RedLINKdevices
  54. 54. © 2011 Mitsubishi Electric / HVAC 62
  55. 55. © 2011 Mitsubishi Electric / HVAC 63Mitsubishi Electric does not offer this productPurchase from any Honeywell Distributor
  56. 56. Connects any RedLINK™Comfort System to theInternet to provide yourcustomers with remoteaccess from their PC,smart phone or tablet
  57. 57. No Monthly FeeFree iPhone, iPad, andAndriod Apps
  58. 58. View/Change system settings and accessmultiple systems/zonesProvides over 90 alerts through theTotal Connect websiteUpgrades automatically as new featuresbecome available
  59. 59. View/Change system settings and accessmultiple systems/zones
  60. 60. One Button Connection
  61. 61. 4 MHK1’s maximum
  62. 62. Works with other RedLINK devices
  63. 63. © 2011 Mitsubishi Electric / HVAC 72NO CHARGE SERVICE
  64. 64. © 2011 Mitsubishi Electric / HVAC 73DEMO THE WEBSITE
  65. 65. © 2011 Mitsubishi Electric / HVAC 74DEMO LINK HERE
  66. 66. Everyone – Add this number to your mobile phone800-433-4822Only One Number to Call
  67. 67. Everyone – Add this number to your mobile phoneYouTube Channel
  68. 68. © 2011 Mitsubishi Electric / HVAC 77Training Videos
  69. 69. Everyone – Add this number to your mobile phone
  70. 70. America’s Number #1Selling Ductless BrandCREATED BY GUNDER & ASSSOCIATES, LLCJANUARY 17, 2013, VERSION 2.0