Practical Uses of SharePoint a Redengine Webinar
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Practical Uses of SharePoint a Redengine Webinar



Are you a director of chaos?...

Are you a director of chaos?

Does team-work on a document mean keeping (or losing) track of countless attachments and document versions? Are you concerned about document and records retention with the proliferation of electronic copies of your documents? Have simple business acts, like purchase requests become cumbersome and frustrating for you and your employees? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. Organizations everywhere are facing the challenge of managing more information often with the additional complexity of a risk management or regulatory framework that makes effective management a requirement. Are there tools that can begin to help you manage the chaos?

Yes, with the emergence of its latest version of SharePoint, Microsoft has combined a powerful set of technologies that help enable effective collaboration, information sharing and business processes. Join us for an informal and informative look at two case studies featuring organizations that are using this technology to solve important business challenges.



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  • Collect a list of what information needs to be kept on the site
  • Develop a list of all the required functionality
  • Determine how security will be managed. i.e. how users will access the site (what URL). How they will login (what authentication).
  • Choose where on the page to place different information piecesMore customization – use tools like SharePoint DesignerSome configuration – choosing where on the page to put information
  • All configuration – updating on page textNo customization
  • All configuraiton – adding web parts. (talk about what web parts are)No customization
  • Advanced configuration, adding new columns, versioning settings. Saving as a template so that it can be easily used over and over again.
  • Right out of the box, SharePoint allows for version control of documents. Check documents in and out.
  • Use all the templates to fill out the information architecture

Practical Uses of SharePoint a Redengine Webinar Practical Uses of SharePoint a Redengine Webinar Presentation Transcript

  • 2009 Practical Uses of SharePoint Webinar January 27, 2009 1
  • 2009 Introduction • What is SharePoint? • Case studies • Intranet • Project Management • Q&A – other uses of SharePoint 2
  • 2009 What is SharePoint • A suite of server technologies from Microsoft • A “business function view” rather than a filing cabinet view • Spectrum of services from small and simple, to complex “enterprise-class” enterprise-class capabilities. • Strong integration with Office applications 3
  • 2009 NRCB Intranet • Geographic Access Challenge • Head office, one larger, and 4 regional offices • Case work might be divided g geographically, but may be assigned by type of file • Regional offices have relatively poor access to the file shares 4
  • 2009 Collect information requirements q • Develop a list of the required information types –AAnnouncements t – Events – Documents • Develop a list of all the document that need to be stored on the Intranet • Develop a list of calendars • Develop a list of announcements 5
  • 2009 Determine functional needs • What meta data needs to be associated with each document? • When items should be deleted, archived? , • What headings should be displayed? • What order should the documents appear in? 6
  • 2009 Integrate security g y • Develop a security plan • What level of access is required? Read, Write? • Who can access what where? • Create required groups g • NRCB’s security used network logon – Users only need to login once 7
  • 2009 Develop home page template p pg p 8
  • 2009 Develop primary page templates pp yp g p 9
  • 2009 Develop secondary page template p yp g p 10
  • 2009 Develop document list template p p 11
  • 2009 Versioning g 12
  • 2009 Use the templates to assemble the site Templates Site Map 13
  • 2009 NRCB Intranet - Benefits • Improved access to key document by the regional offices • Stronger toolbox for managing cardinal copies of documents • Meets legislated records retention requirements • Fast project – 6 weeks 14
  • 2009 How could it apply to y pp y you? • Improve records management with remote offices or personnel who are on the road – all stored in one place. • Rd Reduces risk of l i k f loss/theft of confidential i f /th ft f fid ti l information ti • Improve retention of documents for statutory requirements • Manage working documents better, avoid multiple attachments with multiple versions. 15
  • 2009 Institute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta • Project Management Challenge Vendor 1 • Managing testing of a large Internal Test IT project Vendor 2 • Number f N b of people involved: li ld Internal 2 vendors(9) + client(11) Test User test IT Review • Pass to • Pass to user complete test • Or return for • Or Return for changes Changes 16
  • 2009 Institute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta Benefits 412 it items entered td x 4 interactions (request, resolve, or return) = 1,648 as many as 8 people on average would x 8 have been cc'd = 13,184 total emails avoided • Nearly 14,000 emails avoided! y • Reduced risk of items getting missed 17
  • 2009 Develop some rules & training • The technology is pretty straight forward and easy to use • But, is till B t it i still worth while t create some “ l ” and th hil to t “rules” d develop some training to make sure the form is used properly 18
  • 2009 Create the list 19
  • 2009 Modify list 20
  • 2009 Add list to page 21
  • 2009 Deliver training & send out URL g • We delivered a 30 minute training session to make sure that users understood how the form was to be used. 22
  • 2009 Log an issue 23
  • 2009 Respond to an issue 24
  • 2009 How could it apply to y pp y you? • Project, event, issue, or task management! • Any scenario where multiple individuals need to review, resolve, or respond t requests. l d to t • Action or information requests • Review of deliverables in a wide variety of collaborative projects • Report and analyze metrics in Excel 25
  • 2009 xxs t 3XXL – sizes of SharePoint to i f Sh P i t Office SharePoint Server for Internet Sites Public website delivery of content Unlimited user access Office SharePoint Server Enterprise MOSS 2007Enterprise Business process and forms, business intelligence Office SharePoint Server Standard MOSS 2007 Standard Content management, portal, enterprise search Windows Windo s SharePoint Services Ser ices WSS 3.0 Core collaboration technology available here 26
  • 2009 Advanced Uses of SharePoint • Business process integration – manage workflow • Platform for organization 2.0 (wikis, blogs) • Business Intelligence portal – lookup and summarize corporate data sources • Full public website content management • Searchable email archive S h bl il hi • Records management 27
  • 2009 Answers and Questions Q • jb h @d i or • d d i • 780 414 0975 780.414.0975 28