Heaters For Above Ground PoolsPools which are located above ground differ from in ground pools in a number ofways in addit...
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Heaters for above ground pools


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How to find a heater for an above ground pool and a look at the available options.

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Heaters for above ground pools

  1. 1. Heaters For Above Ground PoolsPools which are located above ground differ from in ground pools in a number ofways in addition to the obvious fact that they are elevated. Above ground pools arealso usually smaller than their in-ground counterparts since very large ones are notvery practical. If people want a large pool they are better off getting the in-groundtype. So if you want to extend the swimming season of an above ground pool therequirements for a pool heater are different.When looking for a heater for an above ground pool there are a number of options.One type of pool heater that is preferred for above ground pools is the electric poolheater. Electric pool heaters are not as expensive to purchase as gas heaters and areeasier to install. They are however costly to operate due to the increased usage ofelectricity needed to heat your pool.There are gas heaters designed for above ground pools (like the Hayward H100 -click here for info) and these have a lower heating capability than those designed forin ground pools (like the Raypak 2100 click here for more info). This is fine becausewith a smaller above ground pool they have less work to do, given the smaller volumeof water, and this has the benefit of making them cheaper.Another option to consider for an above ground pool is a solar heating system. It isgenerally agreed that the solar panels need to cover the same area as the surface of thepool to be heated. With an above ground pool, where the surface area is relativelysmall, this is not as big an issue as it is with an in ground pool. Solar pool heatersystems are expensive, hard to setup, do have running costs and of course depend onthe weather - that’s why most people opt for gas or electric heaters.Today a good energy efficient way to heat a pool is to use an electric heat pump (likethe Hayward Heat Pump click here for more info). Heat Pumps are cheap to runbecause they do not actually generate heat they transfer it from the surrounding air tothe water.In addition to these suggested above ground pool heaters, you should also utilize apool cover when the pool is not in use as this can greatly enhance the efficiency ofyour heater. Evaporation is the major cause a heat loss and a pool cover minimizesthis, reducing heat loss by over 50%. As a result the pool heater will not use as muchenergy to keep the pool temperature steady.If you are planning on buying a heater for your above ground pool keep the abovepoints in mind so that you can maximise your enjoyment of the pool whilstminimizing the cost.