Reasons to buy an 1800 toll free number


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This article showcases the basic yet important points/reasons to buy 1800 toll free inbound numbers in Australia. It could be beneficial for both small and big size businesses.

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Reasons to buy an 1800 toll free number

  1. 1. REASONS To Buy 1800 Toll Free Numbers
  2. 2. The most favorable and easy to remember number is the 1800 number. A 1800 number assist your customers to know by heart 1-800 followed by your brand name which forms easy to replace digits of your direct number.1800 number has become a first priority for businesses to attract maximum customers. Some interesting points about 1800 numbers on which you should take a look onto are: 1 Free calling service for the customer within Australia. Your customers needn’t worry about local charges on 13, 1300 numbers as 1800 toll free number is available. Currently 1800 numbers are free to call from landline phones within Australia. The Australian Communications and Media Authority have announced all telecom companies to introduce 1800 free numbers till 1st of January 2015. 3 Many brands are providing free 30 day trial on 1800 number services. Businesses can begin using their desired 1800 number within 60 seconds of installation. So there will be no time consuming process of having local contact number for your business. 5 2 4 1800 numbers consist of various features like call overflow, voice-to-email, call forwarding, day routing, call distribution, customized greeting, call announces, call recording, live data, restricted call access, state routing and time routing. Check more on
  3. 3. Researchers assert that 84% of current Internet users search online for information about a product or service in order to make an informed purchase. An 1800 number posted on a business website 6 makes it easier for customers to free call your business to gather more information. Around 30% more enquiries can be expected in this way. So the 1800 number can be helpful tool to build a stronger and bigger database of customers. 7 In a study undertaken by Bellcore (USA), two identical advertisements, one with a toll free number and another without a toll free number was monitored. The advertisement that included a toll-free number received six times more calls than the regular number. So an 1800 number can simultaneously form a professional image in the market as well as it can be an indirect manner of marketing or advertising. You can adopt various plans in accordance with your business structure, targets, establishment, growth, market value etc. 8 One should opt to buy an 1800 number in line with one’s budget to encourage and adopt good communication flow and relationship between you and your customers to get first-hand feedback, enquiries and create more chances to reach your potential clients or customers in the market. Check more on