Landlines should be a priority


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This presentations is emphasizing on the importance and effectiveness of the conventional landlines phone system. To know more, just log on to

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Landlines should be a priority

  1. 1. Landlinesshould be a Priority
  2. 2. The ever growing popularity of mobile has vanished the importance or landline. Still, some special reliable features can never diminish the fixed services. Landline was the greatest creation in the telecommunication world as it sorted issues, among the parties by creating a communicative bridge in large distance. The emergency situation came under control and people could fight the problems with information exchange. But soon the invention of mobile depreciated the value of landline services and consumers shifted to mobile. Australia’s landline service providers stated that, landlines play a vital role for many consumers. This statement was also supported by Australia’s telecom regulator, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). Some beneficiary aspects of landline, was depicted by the ACMA in respect to the landline services, as below: As the Mobile phones can only figure out the general vicinity of the caller, it can be a weaker supporter in case of an emergency that is dialing a triple zero number like fire, police. Well, if you dial a triple zero number by landline the vicinity of the caller is much higher and appropriate. The toll free number services are free for the landline connection. The charges of local calls or national calls are very cheap and even cheap unlimited plans are available. If an individual access Wireless broadband through mobile 3G or a wireless modem, the speed will be slow in comparison to landlines. When a large amount of data is to be handled, the wireless connection is less effective.
  3. 3. Connection with a fax machine or back-to-base alarm is far better served by a landline connection. The spokesperson to ACMA emphasized upon the strength of landline connections, in case of carrying heavy bulk of data or large data downloading from the internet. Consumers searching for flexibility to access broadband, seeking to use bandwidth-hungry applications, landlines or fiber will be more suitable in comparison to wireless connection. Though wireless connection is attractive but the part in the performance of landline broadband services is more. The packages in comparison to cost, features and performance of landline are cheaper than the wireless connections. The strength of fixed connection can never be completed by the wireless, as, in instances of operating with heavy data downloading or uploading wireless perform poorer than a landline. The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) CEO, Teresa Corbin, emphasized that the mobile landscape is an untamed frontier. “There are no performance standards with mobiles, whereas with landlines you do have standards,” she also said “Customer service guarantees for landlines are now in the order of 97%-98% reliability. There are no such guarantees for mobile service and there may never be.” The overall description can conclude the better performance report of fixed services in comparison to wireless. The landline service is old, but the day by day filtration in services, is making it more précised and better performer in the world of telecommunication.