Deloitte interview questions

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  • 1. Deloitte interview questionsAn interview at Deloitte will continue about an hour and you will be interviewed by a managerfrom the line of service to which you have applied. All interviews are made conform to a fixedstandard of quality; the interviewer will read out questions which are prepare and record yourresponses. When you finish the interview, he/she will grade you and these details to the graduaterecruitment team for processing. And within 3 days, you will receive feedback on yourinterview.I. First deloitte interview 1. Do you have any targets in the past and how did you complete them 2. Tell me about a presentation which you have ever done 3. Tell me about a decision which you have to make 4. Telll me about the time when you have had to persuade someone. 5. Give me an example of when you worked with a team 6. If you are in charge of a multi-task situation. How did you manage it? 7. What is the reason you choose Deloitte? 8. What is the reason you choose Audit? 9. What made you impressed in the recent news? 10. Give an example of a situation in which you had troubles in a group and how did you deal with it? 11. Tell me about a time when you were in a team where a conflict occurred. How did you deal with the conflict, what was the result of the group project? 12. Tell me a situation where you are a leader of a group and tell me what you did that was both effective and ineffective in motivating your group members. 13. Tell me about a time when you accept a feedback from someone.deloitteinterviewquestions-120817230943-phpapp01-reupload.doc Page 1 of 2
  • 2. 14. Describe a group project you take part in. What was your task and how did you do it sucessful? 15. Give a very specific example of a time when you had something that is very important and you choose it academic activities. 16. What did you do to decide to recommend your class project? 17. Tell me about a time when you had trouble. How did you handle it?You can ref more materials at: 1. Guide To Getting Hired With The Big 4: to-geting-hired-with-the-big-4/ 2. List of 103 common interview questions and answers.E-Tray InterviewAfter you finish your written exercis , you will have another 10 minutes to take any notes fromthe information which are provided for the E-tray exercise. And then, you will meet aninterviewer within 20 minutes. In the meeting, you only use the the notes you have prepared, soyou have to brief them, and give the interviewer your decision for the takeover target. Maybewhatever you say is recorded, so to defend your position, you should prepare before.Partner InterviewThe partner interview includes a candidate and a partner in the firm. There are many differencesbetween this interview with the first interview, and the same as a private interview. Theinterview questions are not prepared. The interview will be based on competency and willconcentrate on finding out career motivation and commercial awareness.deloitteinterviewquestions-120817230943-phpapp01-reupload.doc Page 2 of 2