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CEO Torsten Ahlers vertelt over behavioral targeting

CEO Torsten Ahlers vertelt over behavioral targeting

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  • 1. Torsten Ahlers CEO wunderloop S.A. Behavioral Targeting Marktplein DM, Oct 31, 2008
  • 2. Who is wunderloop?
    • Market leader in Integrated Targeting Technologies and Services in Europe
    • Founded in 1999 by Frank Conrad and Ulrich Hegge
    • Management
  • 3. Who is wunderloop? – Current geographical footprint Present in 7 European Markets
  • 4. Why Behavioral Targeting?
  • 5. Why Behavioral Targeting ?
    • How do you reach the right people, with the right message, at the right time?
  • 6. Is this the right message? male, 42, interested in soccer, visiting German media website „ Dress like Germany‘s next topmodel ...“ Football „ With make-up tips of Boris Entrup“
  • 7. Is this the right time? Several times the same campaign is shown
  • 8. Is this the right time? „ Click“ on the offer
  • 9. Is this the right time? Back to “ www.nieuws.nl/ ” Still: The same campaign is shown!!!
  • 10. Why Behavioral Targeting?
    • Optimisation of online ad spendings across all partners,
    • channels and creatives
    • In the overall picture of 1:1 marketing, different targeting approaches allow:
      • process optimisation in the areas of traffic acquisition,
      • management & conversion, and
      • an increase in customer loyalty to maximise the customer’s
      • lifetime value
    • Content Management
      • "Container"/"Dynamic Slot"-Management on the own site-
      • Recommendation/delivery through BT-/CMS-Server
      • Automatic delivery of appropriate contents/ads
  • 11. What is Behavioral Targeting?
  • 12. Behavioral Targeting is one element of the big picture Time Morning/Evening/... Region IP from Spain/Madrid/... Technology Browser, Bandwidth, Plug-ins Contextual “ Sports” Ad at Sports section Typology Interests + Sociodemographics (+ Psychographics) Psychographic Shopping/Decision Type Predictive Extrapolation of missing (sociodemographic) data Keyword Search Keywords or Keywords on web pages
  • 13. wunderloop Integrated Targeting identifies customers’ interests and needs in real-time
  • 14. Case Studies
  • 15. Case Study eBay Motor Campaign – Purpose Comparison of the Effectiveness of Behavioural Targeting Campaign Contextual Campaign Car Site C Car Site A Car Site B Car Site D Vs.
  • 16. Case Study eBay Motor Campaign – Methodology PHASE 1- Learning Phase Discover the 5 best performing targets: Phase 2 - Campaign Phase: Based on Phase 1: Campaign Phase was divided into 2 weeks Gaming Consoles & Internet Games AND Car, Traffic and Mobility Gaming Consoles & Internet Games AND Economy & Finance Real Estate Telecom/Computer and Technical AND Science and Technology Car, Traffic & Mobility 2 Phase Approach
  • 17. Case Study eBay Motor Campaign – Results Ad impressions CTR (%)
  • 18. Case Study eBay Motor Campaign – Results 32% decrease in CPM reaching a 28% uplift in ROI
  • 19. Case Study – “Microtargeting”
    • About FDM:
    • One of the leading travel agencies in Denmark
    • Facing stability issues with SEM/SEO
    •  looking at other forms of online marketing
    • Methodology:
    • Development of BT solution with wunderloop
    • tracking of user behaviour on FDM site
    • marketing message was put in front of users when they were leaving the
    • site without buying
    • Use of 3 campaigns: contextual buy on travel sites, RoS on non-travel
    • sites, BT campaign through wunderloop Connec t
  • 20. Case Study – “Microtargeting” BT campaign results in 100 clicks to conversion while 2000 clicks to conversion are relfected in ROS campaign
  • 21. Case Study – “Microtargeting” +331% BT campaign reaches a 331% higher ROI than ROS campaign ROI
  • 22. Case Study – “Ad recall“ BACKGROUND
    • Target group (according to customer) is family oriented
    • Use of 1 motive and 1 campaign format (expandable skyscraper)
    • Purpose: Measurement of Campaign awareness and recall
    Defined Targets:
    • Control Group
    • TG 0 „Without Targeting
    • TG 1 „IT-Interest“
    • TG 2 „Family Oriented“
    • TG 3 „Lifestyle-Interest“
  • 23. Case Study – “Ad recall” OUTCOME Higher Ad Recall of Target „IT Interest“ than originally determined target group! Control Group TG 0 „Without Targeting TG 1 „IT-Interest“ TG 2 „Family Oriented“ TG 3 „Lifestyle-Interest“
  • 24. Questions: Torsten.Ahlers@wunderloop.com Thank you!