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Income stream from adsense
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Income stream from adsense


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adsense can be a steady source of revenue if you know how to do it. This short presentation is a good starting point.

adsense can be a steady source of revenue if you know how to do it. This short presentation is a good starting point.

Published in: Business, Technology, Design

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  • 1. Income Stream From Adsense
  • 2. Select the correct keywords• When you write the article, the keywords will attract the advertisements from goggle.• Some keywords get higher payment for example “do it yourself home security” (average of $8.47 per click) while “DIY home surveillance” (5 cents a click).
  • 3. Get the Adsense in Strategic Location• Readers do not like ads, so if you put it in traditional locations, they will ignore it.• The experiment reveals that the content zones are the best place to put the ads.• The other good location is next to you video. I had seen a marketer who had made thousand per month and this trick had helped her.
  • 4. Get the correct Ads Size• There 12 templates produced by google.• Many find the large rectangle 336 x 280 produce the best result.• I am installing the 728x90 Leaderboard doing well when posted at the bottom of the page. I can imagine the reader will skim through the page and he has to stop at the bottom,.. There.. The advertisement is ready for him.
  • 5. Blend the Adsense with thebackground• The basic concept readers do not like ads.• So if the ads are do distinctively different, the readers will shut it off automatically.• So make the background the same as your page.• Do not add border.
  • 6. Install the Adsense for Search• Some marketers find this to be more profitable than Adsense for content.• Follow the google recommendation, the search to remain within your blogs.• Open an URL for the search to be positioned. This way you do not let the readers move away to other sites.
  • 7. Use the organic search to get thetraffics• You get a better chance to get the click if the visitors find you through the search engine.• This mean your pages need to rank high in the Goggle pages.
  • 8. ResourcesWe hope the presentation give some idea onmaking an income stream from Adsense Web: Sponsored Tips: CLICK TO BUY