Guides to build up relationship


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Progress in your career will require you to build up working relationship with others. This is because most of works require a team effort.

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Guides to build up relationship

  1. 1. Jobs skills
  2. 2.  To get a job can be your first task after leaving the colleges or university. However to ensure success and climbing the corporate ladder is completely a different ball of game.  You may witness your previous school friends, who did not seem to be doing well in school works, progressed well in career.  This is because, the foundation for success in school and at work are different.
  3. 3.  One on the elements of success at work is building relationship, I mean professional relationship.  In school, you may be a loner, but you score in your assignments and examinations.  At work environment, you need to produce results and results or outcomes normally require a team's effort. The ability to work in team becomes a must to succeed in the career.
  4. 4.  Building Teams require us to build up relationship with the individual members. It is not too difficult to get your colleagues to be your side, it will only require some efforts.
  5. 5.  We have to make the first move. All too often, we expect the other party to start the ball rolling. This is not going to work. One of the best way is to develop genuine interest in people and feel happy with others success. Send them congratulation message or card. Be quick to show appreciation and true liking for the job done by other
  6. 6.  Be courteous to everyone from the lowest to the highest positions, even if the other party seem to be not knowledgeable or says the stupid remarks.  Speak clearly, you can express yourself better by using the positive body languages. Be vary about the tone of your voice and select the appropriate words for the situation
  7. 7.  A smile is more often will attract positive reaction from others. They will feel more comfortable to reach to you. You will be more attractive and pleasant with a smile on your face. It will also change your mood and attitudes and effect others around you. This will help to improve relationship with others.
  8. 8.  Learn to cultivate sense of humour, it will be an awkward situation more bearable and help to change miserable outlook and make it more cheerful. Humour can build up cheerful situation at the work place and make the relationship fun and enjoyable. Do not take your self too seriously and there are time when we can laugh at our own mistakes.
  9. 9.  The Key to getting along with others is to make them feel important. If you new to the organisation, remembering the names and pronouncing it correctly will help in your relationship. Try to understand their views, feelings, experiences and needs. Respect their style, because there may be areas which we are not aware of.
  10. 10.  Remember to treat yourself well. You must like yourself and be comfortable with it. There are things which you want to change, take time to work on it. If you treat yourself well, other will do similar thing.
  11. 11. Blog site: Resouce: Strategic Career Plan The author had work with an international airline for more than 35 years, the last 10 years in Training and development.