Font tips for web design
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Font tips for web design

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Large selections of fonts for us for different situations.

Large selections of fonts for us for different situations.

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  • 1. FONT TIPS FOR WEB DESIGN By: Joha Rahman http://coolfonts-
  • 2. Designing a Web When designing a Web site, there are many decisions that are necessary to create a design that ensures that the site is attractive and easily understood by the readers. The site need to serve the needs of the end customers, it does not matter if they are selling footwear, or a competition sports. While stress is being put on the contents, the look is also critical so that people will be attracted to stay on reading it.
  • 3. The Design Consideration There are many aspects to consider, the colors, layout, used images and even the kind of used fonts. Many inexperienced designers overlook the fonts selection thinking it really do not matter. Fonts are an extremely important part of any design, including the design of web sites. It is important to carefully examine the fonts in your Web site for a number of reasons.
  • 4. Selection Criteria -Readability First, the most critical policies on the site is, it must be easy to read. If the font that you chose to use in your design slows down your ability to read the contents even by the smallest amount, then dont use it! People these days are chasing for time and certainly dont want to sit there and try to decipher the information on the site, just because the web master of fantasy that is used. Theyll probably just fall sick of the whole thing and leave, and it is a wasted opportunity for the web owner. Make sure that you choose a font that is easy to read and not too rare, that way people are entertained by it and that they can concentrate only on the content of the actual site.
  • 5. Compatibility Suppose you design a Web site, and you will find this beautiful font looks so cool and unique and really suited to the design. You install on your system and the design the entire site with this custom font, that you have found. But when a user visits the site, and they do not have the custom font installed on their computers, things start to go wrong in a mysterious manner. Here is what might happen. The user can obtain a prompt by the browser, saying "hey you do not have this font installed, you want to find and install?" in which most people will say "hell no" and leave. I know that this is what I would say. It is no way on earth that I would leave some strange site start install anything on my system ever!
  • 6. Compatability The most likely outcome is that the browser will just say "hey we lack this policy..." What should I do? OH well Ill just replace the font with a default system font "." Suddenly your design looks completely different! The fonts that replaces the browser spacing of the different letters, it is slightly bigger than before and now it is make your design look really weird. Probably the font that hell choose to default is "Courier". For those of you who do not know your fonts, Courier is the font for really old-school typewriter-like printing and its horrible! Your entire Web site is now similar to junk because although the presentation of the page layout is pleasant, the text looks like it is produced by a World War 2 era typewriter! Rest assured people will leave the site and are never when this occurs.
  • 7. How You Decide When you are deciding on a font to use for your site, there are only a few decisions to make, and they are really easy. First decision is whether you should use a serif font, or a Sans-Serif font. Serif is the edges just fancy that appear on the more contemporary fonts. Just Google and youll instantly see what I was talking about.
  • 8. CHOOSE YOUR WORDS Therefore a serif is a more contemporary style font, and a Sans-Serif font is a font of more modern style. Remember thinking = fancy edges Serif, Sans-Serif = without fancy edges. There are many different fonts to choose from this range, however try to use a relatively new font. If you follow these simple rules, that you never have problems with the fonts used in your web designs. The information will always look neat, clean and is easily read by your visitors. The font that you choose may seem like a very minor thing, but try to remember that all the content on your site is communicated to the user via the text on your Web site! If in many ways this is really one of the most important aspects of the entire site.
  • 9. The Resource Get Your FontsULTIMATE FONTS DOWN LOAD Writter’s BlogBlog : eMail :