Airlines job variety and diversity


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The details can be found in <a></a>. The slide is about the various jobs available in an airline. Due to the complexity of the operation, the airline will require various skills that include the traditional marketing and sale and the accounting and finance skills. It will also require airlines' specific knowledge such as the flight operation and maintenance

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    this really illustrates our challenges as employees in the airline indusrty; one task need many excutors !!!!
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Airlines job variety and diversity

  1. 1. By: Joha Rahman
  2. 2. Nature of jobs in airlines • Variety of functions – airline will have multiple groups of staff to meet the traditional corporate needs and the airlines’ specific requirements • Multiple competencies – multiple groups of skills required to run the airlines. • Highly technical – Some of the skills are highly technical and very specific to airlines
  3. 3. Sales and Marketing • One of the necessary functional group in an airline. • The group will determine the market and the market needs. ▫ E.g the transatlantic segment forecasted to have 200 million students travelling in 2010. and the characteristic of this students travelers are …. Price sensitive… etc. • Manage the sale office – e.g SIA sale office in London will cover Britain and Ireland. ▫ E.g The sale target for Britain and Ireland is 200 millions pounds for 2010. In April, we are 10@ below target. (all figures were plucked from the sky for examples only)
  4. 4. Customers Services • Traditionally responsibility are divided into 3 groups: ▫ Purchase of the tickets and before it – Handle and managed by the Sale Personnel and Sale Group. ▫ After the sale but have not board the aircraft – handled by the Traffic Services (known as Ground Services)  Also handle passenger after a flight. ▫ Boarded the aircraft until disembark – by the cabin crew .
  5. 5. Aircraft Maintenance • The aircrafts maintenance can be divided into 3 areas: ▫ Base Maintenance – for heavy works. The maintenance schedule will specify the time for the heavy checks to be done. This checks are known as C and D checks. ▫ Line Maintenance – Lighter groups of works for activities at the terminals, Check A and B ▫ Workshops – repair and works on the components and the engines.
  6. 6. Flight Operation • Responsible for the flying activities of the aircrafts. • Include the functions of quality controls, planning, operation and the supporting activities. • Quality Control – can include the training function, competencies checks, reporting and investigations. • The airlines time table and schedules are the work of different groups including marketing, finance, flight operation and maintenance.
  7. 7. Accounting and Finance • Accounting – will handle the transaction after the sales had been made. ▫ Include invoicing, recovery of debts, collections ▫ Financial Reporting as required by the law. E.g annual financial report on profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow. Include major activities for the interest of share holders and financers. • Finance – will be more interested in the source and application of fund. Example,Finding the funds to support the fleet expansion plan
  8. 8. Catering • This the kitchen of the airlines, can be a very big establishment. • Need to comply to the health and legal requirements. • Some airline choose to outsource the procurement of the foods.
  9. 9. ICT • IT and Communication is the life blood of the airline. • Major investment especially in the areas to manage the sales and managing the passengers. • The sale is moving towards self service – passengers can made direct purchase through internet and save the 7 % middle man cost.
  10. 10. Cargo Logistics • Cargo section is very competitive sector. • Require long term contracts with vendors to make it viable. • Many airlines have a small group of staff to manage Cargo. Additional cargo aircrafts can be added if the segment is profitable
  11. 11. Corporate Services • Consists of multi groups to support the corporate. The groups can include: ▫ Hr functions – recruitment, development, benefits ▫ Legal functions – manage the legal issues and liaise with external legal firms ▫ Manage projects
  12. 12. The Author • Joha email : • Web site: The author had work with an international airline for more than 35 years in various capacity, the last 10 years in Training and development.
  13. 13. The Author • Joha email : • Web site: The author had work with an international airline for more than 35 years in various capacity, the last 10 years in Training and development.