Cabin Crew Trainings


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review the courses taken by a cabin crew as he/she joins the airline

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Cabin Crew Trainings

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Introduction – Types of Courses  You can divide the courses according to the providers.  Courses offered by airlines for their staffs. Only a staff can join. ○ Designed specifically for the requirements of the airline  Courses provided by independent Schools ○ Offered on commercial basis. Generic in nature Always consider where you intent to work as some airlines will not give any value to private courses.
  3. 3. Introduction – Airlines Courses  Airlines Courses are designed for its needs.  Most airlines will have 3 types of courses  Initial Training – for new recruits. Takes about 3 months.  Continuous Training – about two days per year  Fleet upgrade – about 2 weeks
  4. 4. Subjects Covered – initial training  The initial training is the most critical.  It is a transformation process. To get the new staff to think and behave and speak the language of the airline.  4 Basic groups of subject.  Airlines culture and behavior  Personal development, grooming etc  Servicing the customers.  Safety practices and procedures
  5. 5. Continuous Training  The focus is more towards safety procedures.  As most of emergencies do not happen in actual flights, the crews have to be reminded and practice it.  Two days will consist of the training and recertification.  Only with retraining the crews are allowed to fly again.
  6. 6. Fleet Upgrade  Depending on the airline, the new crews will be flying smaller aircraft.  When the time is suitable for promotion, the crews will be flying a bigger aircrafts.  This require retraining, to familiarize with the aircraft and possible change in services procedure
  7. 7. Subjects for Initial Training  Orientation Program, know the airline  Adopting culture and practices  Team work  Language and announcement  Aircraft familiarization  Aircraft operations – only the related areas.  Grooming and makeup
  8. 8. Subjects for initial training  First aids  Fire control  Handling disruptive passengers  Emergency and abnormal procedures  Practice ditching – Working in the water Most airlines will have mock up and special pool designed for trainings.
  9. 9. Other Types Trainings  On promotion the staff will have to undergo training for the new roles to supervise the staff.  Other Corporate courses.
  10. 10. Resources A Blog dedicated to the career of airhostess or cabin crew:
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