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T.E.A.M Review


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  • 1. 812801579245-55245126873047453551905 <br /> Father´s Day messagesMay- June Be, know, know to do with quality and participation” 2011 $500 <br />Saint<br /> Peter<br />Festival<br /> PAGE 6<br />INDEX<br />Father´s Day 1<br />Virgin Mary 2<br />Cross Day 2<br />Mother’s Day 3<br />Labor Day 3<br />Family Day 4<br />International nurse day 4<br />Article: trash 4<br />Happy Teacher’s Day 5<br />Saint Peter Festival 6<br />Typical food 6<br />Wave Winter 7<br />Entertainment 8 <br />Father’s day<br />812808202930It is a special day for our father to consider his greatest work to educate us. A Father is the one who cares, listens and understands his children. He always leads us, he never leaves us alone; besides he is always in good and bad moments to guide us in the right road. It's a special date to remember and congratulate a person who has made so much for us, never asking anything in return.<br />Written by: Tania M Piamba 1102.<br />“Father, I love you because you give me love and affection”.Written by: Paolo Rodas Osorio 706 FATHER: You are my greatest joy. You always share my joy and my sorrow, my success and my failure; you are the essence that gives flavor to my life and I always love you. Today is father´s day, and I wish God bless and keep you well forever. Written by: Yulieth Tatiana Vieda 706Father you are a joy in the day when I’m not happy but you are my happiness.When I sleep every day I ask God to watch over you and protect you wherever you are.You are always the person that I love with all my heart. Written by: Marcos Leonardo Vargas 704<br />-1714516510Page 2 “Be, know, know to do with quality and participation” <br />33070805327654526280170815 VIRGIN Mary… <br />The beloved mother of our lord Jesus Christ is the loving presence of God more important than has been given away to guide our lives in this earthly journey that inevitably ends in God.<br />It is the embodiment of gentleness, kindness, compassion and unconditional love that Jesus has bequeathed to all mankind on the cross. All men, will love her, honor her and respect her in the same way that she did. TRANSLATED BY: CAMILA ROJAS 1102 JM<br />373189527305<br />HAIL MARY<br />535051158115Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death amen.<br />GLORY BE<br />Glory be to the father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. AMEN.<br /> REWRITTEN BY: ARLINSON VARGAS 1102 <br />4009626377538MOTHER’S DAY<br />This is a special day because everybody recognizes the value of mothers. People go shopping to the stores, walk along parks and give presents to their mothers like: candies, flowers, chocolate bars, special cards, kisses, embraces etc… People share with their relatives and enjoy very much. Moreover people share with their families, go for a walk, go to the river or they go to eat to restaurants. Mothers are beings created by God for giving us love. For that reason we should love them too much.<br />CROSS DAY<br />Christian people commemorate the day in which Jesus´ cross was removed in MAY 3rd and they thank Jesus who suffered for our salvation, that is why people pray a thousand Jesus. Later people use to eat “Guarruz” and “empanadas”.<br />This is an important date for Christian people because they give thanks for their salvation and Jesus continues living in our prays and our life through the time. <br />Written by: Jessica Lorena Ospina 1102 JM<br />Page 3 “Be, know, know to do with quality and participation<br /> <br />Acrostic TO MOTHER<br />other… you are my life… you<br />455930374650pen your heart and fill me with love <br /> he love that you give me is wonderful. And your<br />onesty is the best<br />veryone has a mother<br />emember that she is the most special woman in the world.<br />-424815501015Written by: fara Alexandra londoño<br />158750267970<br />This day is dedicated to workers in Colombia and all over the world; it´s celebrated on May 1st with the main purpose to commemorate all the fights and injustices workers had to face in the past. This day in our country is a holyday, so workers can rest in this day and share with their families. <br />400050719755A great mother<br />1) Full name: Alba Mariela Ayala de Martínez<br /> 2) Birth date: March 27th, 1948<br /> 3) Studies: Master in educational research. Degree in social sciences<br />4) Professional experience: 35 years of experience as teacher and administrator in Nariño Department.<br />5) Performance in the institution: Principal at Jenaro Diaz Jordan from 1989 to 2009.<br />6)Husband: Hernando Martínez. <br />Sons: Ariel Martínez, Andrea Martínez, Ángela Martínez and Alejandro Martínez.<br />7) Why did she leave the institution? She left the institution because she got her retirement. <br />8) Actual occupation: Nowadays she works in school observatories civic culture in Medellin which is a program of the national government.<br />-26126-1270 The things that tell…<br />The things that see…<br />The things that feel..<br />Are not allways<br />The reality. WRITTEN BY: KAREN D. ROJAS.<br />PLANET EARTHPage 4 “Be, know, know to do with quality and participation<br />-37153855791201535430778510393706985<br />HERE ARE SOME VERY BASIC TIPS(May 27th) Family Day was originally created to give people time to spend with their families but it also provides a day off between New Years Day and Good Friday as they are approximately three months apart.As mentioned above, unfortunately, not everyone gets Family Day off, which makes it a debatable holiday in many countries. <br />Common Family Day activities all over the world include skating, playing hockey, snowboarding /skiing and going to various festivals. But the best thing about of Family Day must be the fact that parents and children can share a day full of love, tender and comprehension.<br />Translated by: Christian Monje 1102.<br />-45720330835INTERNATIOnAL NURSE DAY<br />575945593725In May 12th is celebrated International Nurse Day. We want to give recognition to all nurses in Colombia, especially in our town Garzon. Where these nurses are a great help and support to the hospital, "San Vicente de Paul hospital" these people encourage all patients attending any health service.<br />“Let me dedicate my life today, in the care of those who comes my way. Let me touch each one with healing hand, and the gentle art for which I stand.<br />And then tonight when day is done,<br />Let me rest in peace,<br />280225571120If I've helped just one”<br /> <br />Written by: Dario Luna 1102.<br />890905338963CHECK YOUR TRASH!<br />Tips to minimize the garbage problem:<br />Everyone can help to address this concern if we reduce the amount we generate,  reuse and recycle products and  leftovers. It is easier to put in practice:<br />153670249999517928597536181 never  throw it on the street or in gardens 2 confirm that if you take a walk  with your dog  you must collect their droppings3 Buy products that come in biodegradable plastic packaging4 use sheets of paper  by both sides5 use glass bottles and plastic for new things6 Finally, always separate <br />organic waste<br />Do not pollute! <br />Written by: Ingrid Johana castro 1102. <br /> SOMETIMES I TINK I HAVE TH<br />Page 5 “Be, know, know to do with quality and participation<br />Happy teacher´s DAY<br />483285319050Teachers have an influencing role in the life of every student. They are like beacons of light, guiding us in the formative years of our life. Teachers mold us in the process and shape our future. What we learn from our teachers remain with us throughout our life. However, we often fail to show our appreciation and gratitude for their altruistic devotion. Teachers need encouragement and support from the community to feel that their efforts are recognized. To serve the purpose, Teacher's Day is celebrated throughout the world, year by year. Written by: Fara londoño 1102 <br />1854200165100<br />MY FAVORITE TEACHERS<br />1899285410210My favourite teacher is MARTHA YINETH BUSTOS, she is very famous, she is 41 years old. Martha is from Garzon-Colombia. Also she is 1.65 meter high. Her favourite colour is blue, and her favourite food is chicken. She likes to read, chat and watch TV. <br />Written by : Paola Mendez 706<br />1753235203200My favorite teacher is GLADIS CANO<br />38334951636395She is 53 years old; she is from Garzon- Colombia, also she is single and she has three sons; teacher Gladys is a religion teacher. She has black hair and brown eyes. Written by: Karla Gomez 706<br />391033022745701577340306705My favorite teacher is Luis Jaime, he is science teacher, he is 45 years old, he lives in Juan Pablo, he is married and has 4 sons, he works at Jenaro Diaz Jordan school, he is fat and tall, his eyes are brown, his hair is black, his favorite food is Tamal, and his favorite sport is football. <br />By: Jose Luis Tovar Cardozo 705<br />1790700393065My favorite teacher is Marlio Gutierrez, he is 28 years old, he is from Neiva, he is single, he is short and fat, he has black hair, he has brown eyes, his favorite color is blue, he doesn´t have daughters, he lives in Mendez, his favorite sport is ping- pong, he is a good technology teacher. Written by: Juan David Carrillo 705 <br />94615129540<br />olerant like parents<br />-512445241300 <br />xample of life<br />-546100167640<br />dvisor and friend<br />reative<br />-552450201295 <br />onest with everybody<br /> <br />15557566040ach one is a <br /> ainbow of values<br />-55245268605Page 6 “Be, know, know to do with quality and participation<br />Saint Peter Festival<br />“Because when Huila signs its folklore, Colombia dances Sanjuanero”<br /> Saint peter festival is a very important tradition celebrated in June, in the wonderful land of Huila.<br />In this event we have different activities such as: rajaleñas, coplas, the queen election, parades along different streets. Also opita people share different typical food such as: Tamales, asado, arepas and insulsos.<br />Usually in rajaleñas people use the following instruments for instance: drum, guitar and marrana.<br />¡ don’t forget the way “peguese la rodatita”!<br />Written by: Carolina Garzon 1102<br />-3810628650<br />-17176751229995-17170402713355Typical food in Huila are: “sancocho”, “asado huilense”, “chicha”, <br />“achiras”,<br />“arepas”, “insulsos” Etc. <br />These dishes are very traditional and easy to prepare. In each of the different social activities people prepare these delicious dishes, especially in Saint peter festival.<br />Written by:<br />Karen Fernanda Chavarro. 1102 JM.<br />Recipe: Rice with milk<br />Ingredients:<br />- 4 Cups of milk<br />- 2 pounds of rice <br />-1 kilogram of sugar<br />- 2 bags of cinnamon <br />120650074803- Milk cream<br />- Condensed milk.<br />Preparation:<br />Boil the rice until is already and later add milk , the cinnamon and 4472940175641044729401756410sugar and mix all, wait for 30 minutes, then take out the cinnamon and after doing that add milk cream and condense milk on it.<br />Finally you have delicious rice with milk.<br /> Page 7 “Be, know, know to do with quality and participation<br />Wave winter<br />3728720473075Another catastrophe that was in May, in our country was the wave winter that affected the departments such as: Boyacá, Cundinamarca, Cali, and Magdalena, which has been the most concerned. The minister of Agriculture, Juan Camilo Restrepo Salazar, recognized that Magdalena is one of the most affected areas by the winter wave and because of this it is urgent for everyone to know what are their rights and aids; Magdalena has been one of most harmed departments in terms of flooded hectares, a situation that the area shares with Bolivar. Annual and permanent crops of 62 thousand hectares, as well as 25.500 agricultural producers were affected.<br />WRITTEN BY: CAROLINA GARZON LEIVA. 1102 JM<br />GIRL PHENOMENON<br />4494530278765In this month, in many cities, of Colombia the winter has increase, provoking a lot of floods that affect too many families especially in the departments of: Cundinamarca, Atlántico, Caquetá, Huila. More or less the 50% of population is affected but the help don’t proportionate to families all what they need, so they have scarcity of food, clothes and clean water and more poverty, besides the rate of unemployment has increased considerably. Nowadays the street is filled with water and is too difficult for cars and tracks to transport all the stuffs to help people affected by the girl phenomenon.<br />3981525292787Translated by: Rosana Ramirez Arrigui 1102.<br />1102 JM ... FIXED THE BATHROOMS<br />The students´ delegate Daniela Vasquez organized with the students from 1102 JM a day of Movies at the educational institution Jenaro Diaz Jordan, with the main purpose to fix the school restrooms and celebrated the teacher's day. The organizers picked up enough money for achieving the goal, so the second week of May the students received two wonderful restrooms with new painting, mirrors and very clean. Besides the grade 1102 were in charge of fixing the restroom to save money and so they could celebrate teacher´s day with a delicious cake and soda. Written by: Rosana Ramirez Arrigui 1102<br />-11938031115Page 8 “Be, know, know to do with quality and participatio<br /> We want to say happy birthday to…<br /> Students Teachers<br />23 May – Bairon A. España 1101 2 May-teacher Samuel Triana <br /> 2 June – Arlinson Vargas 1102 3 May Olimpo Meléndez<br /> 8 June- Johana Castro 1102 13 May-teacher Elsa Figueroa <br /> 13 June- Daniela Garzon 18 May- teacher Alba Marina <br /> 3 June- Rosa Maria Borrero<br /> 16 June- Luz Amparo Diaz. <br />45085630555ENTERTAINMENT<br />Horoscope<br /> GEMENI May 21st- June 20th<br /> The month you’re very relax, but some <br /> days will be busy in the work.<br /> <br /> Element: Fire Season: Autumn<br /> Character: Friendly Sing: Twin <br /> Lucky numbers: 13-6 Planet: The earth<br />1066801905 June 21st to July 22nd CANCER <br /> <br />This month you will have a wonderful moment when, found your love, of life, at the end of this month you will have a bad moment.<br /> Element: Wind Season: Winter<br /> Sing: Crab Lucky numbers: 1, 8, 5<br /> Planet: Jupiter. <br /> <br />Written by: Carolina Garzon 1102.<br />352425233680SUDOKU<br />RIDDLES<br />714375516890-What belongs to you but others use it more than you do? <br />_______________<br />-What has a neck but not a head? <br />_______________<br />-I use to be in the bathrooms though I come from the sea?<br />______________<br />What can you break without touching it? <br /> ______________<br />-Which fruit is spell like a color? <br />2094230272415 ______________<br />- What is yellow inside and black outside?<br />______________<br /> <br />- Why was Cinderella taken off the basketballteam? ______________<br />-17145130048- What is the difference between a jeweler and a jailer? ______________<br />COMPLETE THE PUZZLE AND FIND THE NAME OF A MONTH.<br />A person who gives love and life<br />Similar to kind<br />Sun’s color<br />2088134-19812What is the Month?______________<br />Designed by: Monica Fierro 1102<br />Page 9 “Be, know, know to do with quality and participation<br /> 49276383540JOKES<br />*What is the bittest wine?<br /> My mother in law comes.<br />*Pepe, Pepe, in twenty five years of marriage you’ve not bought me anything!. And he asked..Are you selling something?<br />* He was a so ugly cook, but so ugly that made onions cry. <br />9525110363<br />738886788670*A man was proud of having 6 children and he called to his wife mother of six; one day he was with his wife at the church and he said to his wife mother of six and she answer wait father of four<br /> - Q. why did Tommy throw the clock out the window? <br />because he wanted to see time fly <br />* What does it mean serial killer?The man who adds poison in someone's cereal. <br />WRITTEN BY: JUAN MANUEL CARDENAS 1102<br />La mega-40005449580Top 10<br />356870322580<br /> Yo Te esperare <br /> Cali y el Dandee<br />351790144780 <br /> Sin miedo<br /> Reykon.<br />349250203835<br /> RX<br />Don Omar<br />-1182370201930 Sexo, sudor y calor<br />-4953089535351790350520 Ñejo y dálmata Ft J Alvarez<br /> Taboo<br /> Don Omar.<br />351155-3175 Hoy lo siento<br />370840217805 Zion y Lennoz <br /> The Time<br /> Black eyed Peas<br />37084028575<br /> Soltera<br /> Zion y lenox ft J Balvin<br />37020531115<br /> Una vaina loca<br />Fuego<br />37274567310<br /> 10.Si tú te vas<br /> Jutha y small<br /> By: Paola Gomez Ospina<br />Page 10 “Be, know, know to do with quality and participation<br />2259076506095<br />DRIVE ANGRY<br />4845791715Title: Blind Fury 3DOriginal title: 3D Drive AngryGender: ActionCountry: USAUSA release: 25/02/2011Released in Spain: 08/04/2011Company: Nu Image / Millennium FilmsDirector: Patrick Lussier Writer: Patrick Lussier, Todd Farmer<br />546109525<br />This movie was filmed in the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro in the rainforest during the most important party of year for the Brazilians: the carnival, the principal character is BLU, an ingenious macaw. That does not know how to fly and who believe that is a last in its kind. Another character JEWEL, a macaw free and wild. Both Bing an unexpected adventure in search of the freedom, come with different friends. They learn about friendship and love.<br />39370377825WATER FOR ELEPHANTS<br />Title: Water for Elephants<br />Gender: Drama<br />Country: USA<br />Year: 2011<br />Director: Francis Lawrence.<br />Writer: Richard La Graveness’<br />Rolls: ReeseWitherspoon, Robert Pattinson, Christopher Waltz, James Frain, Hal Holbrook, Paul Schneider, Mark Povinelli, Tim Guinee, Dan Lauria Ken Foree, Scott MacDonald, Richard Brake, Jim Norton, Donna W. Scott, Sam Anderson<br />DESIGN BY:<br />Carolina Garzon<br />Fara Londoño<br />Maria Camila Rojas<br />EDITED AND MAKE UP BY:<br />Jenniffer Andrea Solano Jimenez<br />ILLUSTRATED BY:<br />Students 1102<br />FIRST PUBLISHED:<br />APRIL 2011<br />PRINTED IN:<br />Garzon Huila 2011<br />All rights reserved, no part of this publication may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holders.<br />