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Twitter for librarians: workshop presented to University of Pretoria library staff on 27 October 2010

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  • 1. for librarians Workshop presented by Johann van Wyk to UP Library staff on 27 October 2010
  • 2. Twitter Microblogging site where you can say something in only 140 characters
  • 3. History of Twitter Twitter was created in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, an American software architect and businessperson, at the age of 30. It was inspired by an idea of having an SMS service online, whereby individuals could communicate with a small group Twitter is called by some: “The SMS of the Internet” (Wikipedia) Photo Credit: Joi Ito via Flickr
  • 4. What can I use Twitter for? • As a marketing tool about new services, products, announcements and events in the library • For reminders of important resources, instruction sessions and new book arrivals • To keep your clients informed about interesting links, web sites etc. • To keep updated about new developments and topics • As a reference service, where clients can ask questions and you provide answers • To network with other librarians
  • 5. Twitter Home Page
  • 6. New Twitter look and feel
  • 7. Twitter Profile Page Biographical info
  • 8. Twitter Profile Page in new Twitter version Biographical info
  • 9. Following on Twitter
  • 10. Followers on Twitter
  • 11. The tweets of the people you follow show up on your Twitter Home Page
  • 12. Register on Twitter: go to http://twitter.com Click
  • 13. Register by completing the fields and Click on Create my account
  • 14. Repeat the words & click on Finish
  • 15. Select the topics you are interested in
  • 16. Select the topic you are interested in and choose the person(s) you would like to follow
  • 17. Search for your friends on Twitter using your Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and LinkedIn contacts
  • 18. Next step: Click on Search
  • 19. Searching for people, organisations, or companies on Twitter
  • 20. Click on “Next Step You’re done!”
  • 21. Confirm your email address to access Twitter – go to you e-mail account to confirm
  • 22. Confirm your Twitter account
  • 23. Confirm your Twitter account Click
  • 24. Step 1: Click on arrow next to Changing settings name of Twitter Page Step 2: Click on Settings
  • 25. Account Settings (1) Set language Change time zone
  • 26. Account Settings (2) Add See images and location videos from everyone to your on Twitter tweets Click on Save when finished Set privacy
  • 27. Settings: Change Password
  • 28. Using Twitter with text messaging - not available in SA (3rd party applications can be used)
  • 29. Settings: Notification by e-mail when someone is following you Click on Save when finished
  • 30. Account settings: add picture, location, URL & information about yourself Upload picture Add Homepage or Blog’s URL to Twitter Page NB! add info about yourself
  • 31. Adding Twitter to Facebook Click
  • 32. Adding Twitter to Facebook (2) Choose site in which Twitter must be displayed
  • 33. Adding Twitter to Facebook (3) Step 1: Click Step 2: Click on on Facebook Facebook Application
  • 34. Adding Twitter to Facebook (4) Click
  • 35. Log in to Facebook, and follow Facebook’s instructions
  • 36. Twitter on Facebook - Example
  • 37. Twitter on Facebook - Example
  • 38. Customize the look and feel of your Twitter Page
  • 39. Twitter Search Searching for tweets, topics, people
  • 40. List of saved searches
  • 41. Twitter Search Alternatively go to http://search.twitter.com
  • 42. Twitter Search
  • 43. Twitter Search also has an Advanced Search Function
  • 44. Twitter Advanced Search Function
  • 45. Direct Messages (old version of Twitter) Direct messages can be sent from one Twitter person to another. You can only send a direct message to a person who follows you. Click here
  • 46. Direct Messages Direct messages can be sent from one Twitter person to another. You can only send a direct message to a person who follows you. Click here Type person’s Twitter name Type direct message Click on Send after message have been typed
  • 47. @Replies To reply publicly to any tweet on Twitter Click on Reply Click here
  • 48. @Replies To reply publicly to any tweet on Twitter use the @username format
  • 49. Favourites
  • 50. Favourites are now marked
  • 51. For a list of your Favourites
  • 52. Tweets that mention your Twitter site or are in reply to you
  • 53. Retweets: use for sharing a tweet by another with your followers
  • 54. Retweets: use for sharing a tweet by another with your followers
  • 55. List of Retweets
  • 56. Creating a list on a topic that people can follow Click Click on “see how” for step-by -step instructions for creating a list
  • 57. Trends in Twitter are shown automactically on page Trends shown automatically
  • 58. Third party applications are shown automatically on page Trends shown automatically
  • 59. Third Party Applications that can be of value to libraries • TweetDeck: Adobe AIR desktop app connecting you with your contacts across Twitter, Facebook and more. TweetDeck shows you everything you want to see at once • Ping.fm: Updates all your social networks at once • Twitpic: Share photos on Twitter • TwitterFeed: Feeds blog postings straight to your Twitter feed • TwitterMail: Sends/Receives tweets from/to your email inbox • WeFollow: A directory of Twitter users organized by interests • Jtwitter: A phone application for Twitter (At a cost) • Tiny Twitter: A phone application for Twitter (no SMS costs) • Logpost: A phone application for Twitter (No costs)
  • 60. TweetDeck http://www.tweetdeck.com
  • 61. Ping.fm http://ping.fm
  • 62. Twitpic for sharing photos on Twitter http://twitpic.com
  • 63. Example of using Twitpic
  • 64. Example of Twitpic photo
  • 65. TwitterFeed http://twitterfeed.com
  • 66. TwitterMail
  • 67. WeFollow
  • 68. Jtwitter ▲ http://www.jtwitter.com
  • 69. Tiny Twitter ▲ http://www.tinytwitter.com
  • 70. Logpost http://logpost.com
  • 71. Logpost (Continued) ▲ http://logpost.com
  • 72. Twitter Goodies Click on Widgets Click
  • 73. Twitter Goodies
  • 74. Twitter Goodies: Tweet Button
  • 75. Twitter Goodies: Widgets
  • 76. Twitter Goodies: Twitter Buttons
  • 77. Help Click
  • 78. Help Click
  • 79. Conclusion Enjoy tweeting! Hope to see you soon in the Twitterverse
  • 80. Further reading  Comm, Joel. 2009. Twitter power: how to dominate your market one tweet at a time. Hoboken, NJ:John Wiley & Sons.  Hricko, Mary. 2010. Using Microblogging Tools for Library Services. Journal of Library Administration, Vol. 50, no. 5, p.684 — 692  Murphy, J. 2008. Micro-blogging for science and technology libraries. Science & Technology Libraries, vol. 28, no.4 p.375-378  Twitter for librarians: the ultimate guide. College@Home blog. [Online] available at http://www.collegeathome.com/blog/2008/05/27/twitter-for- librarians-the-ultimate-guide  Twittering libraries: from LIS5313 Course Wiki. [Online] available at http://lis5313.ci.fsu.edu/wiki/index.php/Twittering_Libraries