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Program managers communication
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Program managers communication


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support pour la coordination des actions de la Fondation avec les program managers …

support pour la coordination des actions de la Fondation avec les program managers
réalisation: Johann Péan et Véronique de fournoux

Published in: Technology

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  • 2. ContentIntroduction• The big picture p3Tools: Focus on:• WEBSITE p6 • NGOs p20• « ENGAGE » p8 • EMPLOYEES p21• INTRANET / VOLUNTEER p9• PRESS p10 Links table and support:• YOUTUBE / FLICKR p13 • Links Table p23• FACEBOOK / TWITTER p14 • Foundation support p24• EVENTS p15
  • 3. Communication – the big picture • Inform • Inform • Pitch • Be informed • Tools : PR, Media library, • Tools : Engage, Intranet, Website, Facebook, Twitter… Volunteer tool, Facebook, Twitter… Medias Employees ATTRACT GATHER Others NGOs PARTNER INVOLVE • Share • Update • Partner • Promote •Tools : Facebook, Twitter, •Tools : Facebook, Twitter, Events, Website, Youtube… Events, Website, Youtube…3
  • 4. Tools Facebook / Twitter Youtube / Flickr in/external external Engage internal Website In / External Volunteer tool Intranet Events PR internal internal in/external external4
  • 5. TOOLS
  • 6. WEBSITE ACCESS Id: Yourfirstname Passcode: Country2011 Status: contributor to updates Website Website traffic is measured monthly Foundation Presentation SUGGESTIONS FOR UPDATING PROGRAM In / External Publish directly or send your information to the Foundation team Update program To insert a picture or a video, paste its embed code. Use Foundation’s Flickr/Youtube to upload your pictures and videos outline Post program news: Its a blog: you can copy/paste contents (always check copyright), link to original texts, keep it short, etc. pictures, texts, etc. Offer your NGO to also become a contributor Showcase interview of To get an extented program editor status, just ask us! volunteers, partners, etc. Advertise to partners  Ask for support anytime: or beatrice.tassot@alcatel-lucent.com6
  • 7. Website : My first update 2 Register 1 Select your program 4 Check7 3 Update
  • 8. « ENGAGE » JOIN •Alu Foundation Communication. For all •Foundation Programs Collaboration. Restricted to program managers community Engage foundation-programs Real-time exchange & discussion Internal SUGGESTIONS Search for employees and volunteers that might be interested Relay & post news Check keyword entries that may be related to your action such as: education, Join groups volunteering, mentoring, women, children, etc. Initiate and step into Promote Foundation’s “Engage” groups discussions Create & relay surveys, share projects and events Interconnect with Share best practices volunteers Broadly advertise program news locally8
  • 9. INTRANET & VOLUNTEER TOOL Intranet Intranet Global Link : Classicle top-down information Local Links: your local intranet Internal  Do as usual!  Share practical local information Feed global flow Volunteer tool Enablon / Volunteer tool Employee involvement measuring tool As a program manager, you should encourage employees to register hours in the tool. It will help the foundation to track and grab works and Your non profit Internal will get $ Volunteer tool enables employees to choose a program to volunteer Link: Register volunteering hours on a regular basis and your To know more: NGO will get more money9
  • 10. PRESS SUPPORT Partner with your Local PR : Press network list by country Foundation : Press Give more visibility Alcatel-Lucent Foundation Grantee suggested press release template External SUGGESTIONS Involve country press Link your program to media events around education, childhood, women officers rights, caring, volunteering, etc. Provide them with key Identify and enlarge promotion to philantropic press, CSR channels and information NGO networks Capitalize on partners’ Link Facebook and Twitter to those specific media communication Associate relevant partners and active volunteers for interviews Take advantage of Encourage to promote our partnership press opportunities Always work with Alu press officers10
  • 11. Alcatel-Lucent Foundation Grantee suggested press release template About the program About the Alcatel-Lucent Foundation • The headline should state that the Alcatel-Lucent • The press release should include a quote from the Alcatel- Foundation has awarded a grant to the organization and Lucent Foundation executive director name the program. • The Alcatel-Lucent Foundation is the philanthropic arm of • The next couple of paragraphs should describe the goals Alcatel-Lucent and it leads the companys charitable of the program, who it is intended to help and how the activities. With a focus on education and volunteerism, the program will work. If possible try to include details such Foundations mission is to support the commitment of as how many people will be helped and in what cities the Alcatel-Lucent to social responsibility by serving and program will operate. It would be good to have some enhancing the communities where its employees and information about why there is a need for this program. customers live and work. To accomplish its mission, the Foundation manages grants, corporate contributions and employee volunteerism on a global level. It is defined as a • The press release should include a quote from the "charitable", non-governmental, non-profit, private organization leader. organization that receives its income from the corporation — Alcatel-Lucent — whose name it bears. However, legally • Link to program description on our programs website: it is an independent entity and is governed by its own board of trustees that is separate from the corporate board of directors. For more information: • visit: • watch foundation video: Contact your Local PR: Press network list by country  Alcatel-Lucent Foundation Grantee suggested press release template11
  • 12. MEDIA LIBRARY (in progress) Please, send at least 2 pictures and videos to populate the media library Marcomstore, new sub-collection: PhotographyCorporate CollectionALU_Foundation (in progress) Ask NGOs for pictures and videos for press Ask volunteers to organize shootings when Foundation support : needed (Do not forget release form for participants) Promote the media library to media partners12
  • 13. YOUTUBE / FLICKR ACCESS Youtube Id: alufoundation Passcode: foundation Youtube / Flickr Store & share visuals. Leverage audiences External Flickr Post pictures and Id: videos Passcode: programs 2010 Create albums, channels SUGGESTIONS Post pictures and videos Link to Website, Connect with partners’ youtube, vimeo, picasa and others Create diaporamas and copy/paste « embed html » « Engage », Facebook Most important videos can also be pushed to youtube@alu13
  • 14. FACEBOOK/TWITTER ACCESS Facebook Twitter Facebook / -Lucent-Foundation/119989764727122 @alufoundation Twitter Interconnect with communities real-time SUGGESTIONS External Identify partners’ pages and links Share with partners Encourage volunteers’ participation Check keywords related to our action such as: education, Release news volunteering, mentoring, women, children, etc. Link to relevant groups Interconnect with all actors Promote programs milestones with tweets, retweets, events, etc.14
  • 15. EVENTS SUPPORT Ask for local communication and Foundation support: Events Meet and share experiences Internal /external SUGGESTIONS Welcome NGO on Alu sites  Organize an internal event with the NGO to present its activities to employees Bring employees to program sites Join NGO celebration activities Check annual calendar to track important events concerning Organize events with education, childhood, women rights, caring, partners volunteering,etc.worldwide Involve relevant partners and volunteers to events Be part of existing events15
  • 16. Examples of media events • 2011:European year 7 March, International Childrens Day of of Volunteering Broadcasting (ICDB) 8 March, International Womens Day (IWD) • 2011 UN- 17 May, World Telecommunication and Information International Year of Society Day Volunteering +10 12 June, World Day against Child Labour 8 September, International Literacy Day • 20 Nov : Universal 5 October, World teachers day Children’s Day 24 October, World Development Information Day • 5 Dec: International 20 Nov, Universal Children’s Day Volunteer Day 5 Dec, International Volunteer Day for economic and social development …16
  • 17. Focus « 2011: Year of Volunteering » • EYV2011 is an opportunity to promote our programs locally through European commission actions and Employee Volunteering Awards • To know more – – • To participate locally: • European commission local contacts – National coordinating bodies • Employee Volunteering Awards Organization by country – unteering_awards/countries.html17
  • 18. Focus United Nations Volunteering Celebrations 2011: « International Year of 2011, 5 Dec : « International Volunteering +10 » Volunteering Day » • Celebrations and activities by international stakeholders • National IVD focal points – – todb/IYV_10/IYV%28plus%2910%20Brochure.pdf day/join/national-ivd-focal-points.html • National contacts: • Events by country – – locations.html day.html United Nations Volunteering Celebrations is an opportunity to strenghten our relationships with partners and institutions locally18
  • 20. NGOs Information NGO •Make sure we are associated with NGO INVOLVE communication •Feed regular information •Ask for pictures, videos… •Get to know of the NGO’ communication person. Develop actions •Organize interview for website (form) •Organize Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, Twitter,etc. interconnections Each partnership is specific and offers •Promote Alu Foundation’s program through NGO different interconnections opportunities. events There’s always a mean to bring you closer to the NGO •Organize events on NGO site and bring employees to them20
  • 21. EMPLOYEES Information EMPLOYEES GATHER •Get feedback about mentoring sessions and events •Ask for pictures, videos… •Promote your program to employees Develop actions • Share programs news to enroll volunteers • Create a community of volunteers • Ensure feedback from the volunteers • Give visibility to volunteers activities • Organize interviews for website (form) • Organize facebooks, youtube, flickr, twitter interconnections • Promote Foundation “Engage” groups Some volunteers are more keen on • Every program should be entered in Enablon / communicating than others. Help them to Volunteer tool and every volunteer should register his express themselves hours21
  • 23. Links Table Tool id passcode Website Yourfirstname Country2011 “Engage” As usual none - Alu Foundation : - Foundation Programs : for-foundation-programs Facebook Please join Please join - Page : Twitter Please join Please join @alufoundation : Youtube alufoundation foundation -Youtube ALUFOUNDATION : Flickr alcatel_lucent_found programs 2010 -Alcatel-Lucent Foundation : Intranet As usual none Enablon / Volunteer Tool As usual none
  • 24. Foundation support • Foundation team : – Béatrice Tassot (executive director): Tel : 2832 55 22 Send an e-mail to Beatrice : – Véronique de Fournoux Tel : 2101 1165 Send an e-mail to Véronique : veronique.de_fournoux@alcatel- – Sharon Methuen Tel : 2832 6458 Send an e-mail to Sharon : sharon.methuen@alcatel-lucent.com24