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Thriving in a Competitive Marketplace

Thriving in a Competitive Marketplace



GLSEC keynote

GLSEC keynote



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    Thriving in a Competitive Marketplace Thriving in a Competitive Marketplace Presentation Transcript

    • Thriving in a Competitive Marketplace Johanna RothmanNew: Manage Your Project Portfolio: Increase Your Capacity and Finish More Projects @johannarothman www.jrothman.com jr@jrothman.com 781-641-4046 © 2011 Johanna Rothman
    • What Does it Mean to Thrive?FlourishGrow vigorouslyRealize a goal despitecircumstance © 2011 Johanna Rothman 2
    • What Does it Take to Thrive? People ProductPurpose or Vision Money Quality © 2011 Johanna Rothman 3
    • In the Past ShareholdersCustomers Employees © 2011 Johanna Rothman 4
    • If You Want to Thrive Shareholders CommunityCustomers Employees © 2011 Johanna Rothman 5
    • © 2011 Johanna Rothman6
    • A Spiky World © 2011 Johanna Rothman 7
    • Ideas & Values Shape Our Products © 2011 Johanna Rothman 8
    • Ideas and Values...Do you believe the world is flat or spiky?Do you believe the organization stands alone or is acorporate citizen?Do you believe the organization works for itsshareholders or its employees or its community? © 2011 Johanna Rothman 9
    • There is No One Right Answer © 2011 Johanna Rothman 10
    • Some Local Stories... © 2011 Johanna Rothman 11
    • Herman Miller A better worldThis is at the heart of Herman Miller and the realreason why many of us come to work every day.We contribute to a better world by pursuingsustainability and environmental wisdom. ... © 2011 Johanna Rothman 12
    • SteelcaseWe design for social, economic and environmentalsustainability.  Sustainability is our lens for innovation.  © 2011 Johanna Rothman 13
    • BissellBISSELLs commitment to sustainability is an extension ofour rich history of innovation and continuousimprovement. © 2011 Johanna Rothman 14
    • One of Our Sponsors © 2011 Johanna Rothman 15
    • Other Sponsors Share Community Values © 2011 Johanna Rothman 16
    • Sometimes, It’s Government Intervention © 2011 Johanna Rothman 17
    • Civil Rights Act of 1964Changed the want ads in 1971Changed employment applications in 1975Fascinating consequences for the world of workLook around you... © 2011 Johanna Rothman 18
    • Every Single Time We Work for theGood of the Greater Community,We All Benefit © 2011 Johanna Rothman 19
    • What Can You Do?“But, JR, I’m just a ___ . What can I do?”Personal courage Work as if the world is spiky and flat Organization is a corporate citizen Organization shares responsibility with the communityUnless you are a senior manager, take small steps and behappy with them. I want you to keep your job. © 2011 Johanna Rothman 20
    • Some Constraints Assist Innovation;Over-Constraining the Problem Does Not © 2011 Johanna Rothman 21
    • False Constraints that Damage the Ability to ThriveMultitasking“Do More with Less”All symptoms ofmanagement debt, of notmanaging the projectportfolio © 2011 Johanna Rothman 22
    • Which Constraints Assist Innovation? Those that assist the flow of ideas Those that create more quality in the product Technical and management leadership © 2011 Johanna Rothman 23
    • Because Those Constraints Appeal to Our Mastery, Purpose & Autonomy © 2011 Johanna Rothman 24
    • A Competitive MarketplaceDemands new ideasDemands qualityAllows for serendipity © 2011 Johanna Rothman 25
    • Remember Moore’s Chasm © 2011 Johanna Rothman 26
    • Some Ideas © 2011 Johanna Rothman 27
    • Manage Your Project PortfolioEliminate multitasking Decide which project is #1, #2, #3 for now Iterate on that decision periodically Don’t be afraid to change your mind as projects deliverBecause it doesn’t matter how many projects you start. Itmatters how many projects you finish © 2011 Johanna Rothman 28
    • Create a Diverse TeamCross-functional diverseteam of diverse background Diversity in Domain expertise PersonalityIf no one knows they can’tdo it, they will © 2011 Johanna Rothman 29
    • Use Agile or Lean Where You CanIdeas are key to thriving Fail fast Use timeboxes to experiment Consider kanban to move features through © 2011 Johanna Rothman 30
    • Bring in New IdeasTalk to people outside your small group Cross-pollinate Get your creative juices flowing and see where the serendipity leads you... © 2011 Johanna Rothman 31
    • Consider Your CommunityWho is your customer? Consider your community as part of your customer base Consider shared value as one of your corporate values © 2011 Johanna Rothman 32
    • Don’t Allow Time for Technical DebtWith real competition, you need to test products orprototypes not junk Do you know what done means? Acceptance criteria on features Release criteria for releases Developers and testers work together © 2011 Johanna Rothman 33
    • Collaborate as TeamsMarket competition means no time for silos or zero-sumgames at any level. Internal collaboration is key. Work on the highest ranked project first Work on the highest ranked feature first Swarm around features Developers and testers and writers and BAs and whomever are partners © 2011 Johanna Rothman 34
    • Build in Frequent FeedbackFeedback for your workRetrospectives for the team © 2011 Johanna Rothman 35
    • Thriving Amid Competition is ToughYou will have to think...People are keyLots of ideas and serendipity helpUse every single person you haveBuild on your successesLearn from your mistakesInvolve a larger community © 2011 Johanna Rothman 36
    • Read More...Thomas Friedman’s The World is FlatDan Pink’s DriveRichard Florida’s Rise of the Creative Class, Flight of theCreative ClassPorter and Kramer, Creating Shared Value in HBR, January2011. © 2011 Johanna Rothman 37
    • There’s More...on jrothman.com (articles, newsletters, blogs)@johannarothmanWant me to stay in touch with you? Sign up for my emailnewsletter at http://www.jrothman.com/pragmaticmanager. Or give me your card. Or fill out ayellow form. © 2011 Johanna Rothman 38