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Agile Portfolio Planning for Agile PMI CoP

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    1. 1. Agile Portfolio Planning: Managing Your Project PortfolioPresented by - Johanna Rothman, Rothman Consulting Group, Inc.Hosted by Ram Srinivasan - Agile Coach at InRhythm.com
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    4. 4. Agile Portfolio Planning:Managing Your Project Portfolio Johanna Rothman Manage Your Project Portfolio: Increase Your Capacity and Finish More Projects @johannarothman www.jrothman.com jr@jrothman.com 781-641-4046
    5. 5. How Many of You Like Multitasking Among Several Projects? 5 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
    6. 6. What Are You Supposed to Do First? 6 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
    7. 7. 7 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
    8. 8. What’s the Problem?Too many simultaneous projectsToo much interrupting workTechnical work and multitasking is invisible 8 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
    9. 9. What Some Project Portfolios Look Like 9 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
    10. 10. What These Portfolios Are Missing 10 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
    11. 11. Combination View:Low and Mid Level 11 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
    12. 12. What is the Project Portfolio?Organization of all the projects (and all the work) theorganization is attempting to manage When they start When they end Which one is #1Decide when projects are done--or done enough Decide when to stop, kill, or cancel projects 12 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
    13. 13. So What?The portfolio of work-in-progress tells you what ishappening and when you can change it Similar to a product backlogRequires cross-organizational commitment 13 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
    14. 14. Use the Portfolio to Make Decisions, Tradeoffs, and AssignmentsMove between the strategic view to the tactical viewCreate a rolling wave planProvide transparency into the organization’s work 14 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
    15. 15. Consider LeanIterate on value, redefining it over and over...You have more choices if you can see demos as theprojects proceedIf you can see the work in progress, you can manage it 15 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
    16. 16. Project Portfolio Flow 16 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
    17. 17. When to Make DecisionsWhen some feature or iteration finishes--project cycles Concept of a MMF, Minimum Marketable FeatureWhen you have enough information about the nextversion of a product--planning cyclesWhen its time to allocate budget and people to a newproject--business cycles 17 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
    18. 18. How to Make DecisionsQualitative questionsQuantitative questionsOnly do work that’s currently valuable 18 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
    19. 19. Qualitative QuestionsShould we do this project at all?How does this project fit in with all the others?What is the strategic reason for this project?Is there a tactical gain from completing this project?To make this project successful, are we ready to adequately fund it?To make this project successful, are we ready to adequately staff it?Do we know what success looks like for this project?Is there waste associated with the lack of this project? 19 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
    20. 20. Quantitative QuestionsWhen will we see any monetary return from this project?Whats the expected revenue curve for this project?Whats the expected customer acquisition curve for this project?When will we see retention of current customers from this project?Whats the expected customer growth curve?When will we see reduction in operating costs from this project?Whats the expected operating cost curve? 20 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
    21. 21. Doing Work that’s Currently Valuable Rank the products Rank the features for a product Requires market knowledge to know when the team has done enough 21 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
    22. 22. Three Kinds of ProjectsProjects that keep the lights on--that support theorganizationProjects that grow the businessProjects that create new opportunities 22 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
    23. 23. Why Manage the Project Portfolio?People can only work on one project at a time Project portfolio makes it clear where the time is being allocated—and where the time is not allocatedMakes it possible for the organization to optimize at theorganization level, not at the person level Staff the most important work Not staff the least important work 23 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
    24. 24. Why Does Agile/Lean Work?Agile helps: Finishing running, tested features Have release-able product periodically (every timebox)Lean helps Creating a culture of not having a lot of work in process Instead, finish things and move on to the next one 24 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
    25. 25. 100% Utilization is for Machines 25 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
    26. 26. It doesn’t matter how many projects you start. What does matter is how many projects you finish. And when. 26 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
    27. 27. References and ResourcesManage Your Project Portfolio: Increase Your Capacityand Finish More Projects, Pragmatic Bookshelf, 2009.Tons more on jrothman.com and on my blogIf you want to me to stay in touch with you, sign upfor my email newsletter, The Pragmatic Manager,jrothman.com/pragmaticmanager/Connect with me on LinkedIn and on the group 27 © 2012 Johanna Rothman
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    30. 30. Upcoming WebinarCollaboration...The Killer App For Agile Frameworks by Janet DanforthWhen - 30 July 2012, 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM ET (UTC-0400)URL - http://goo.gl/MTFgYAbout Janet Danforth• Internationally acclaimed facilitator, one of the first five IAF CPF Assessors in North America• Mentor and teacher to Agile luminaries including Alistair Cockburn and Jean Tabaka• Facilitate the Agile Manifesto Ten-year Celebration at Snowbird, a gathering of global Agile leaders