Slogan and inserts for deactivate trailer


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Slogan and inserts for deactivate trailer

  1. 1. Inserts for Deactivate TrailerSloganWhen life is online, your life is on the lineWe decided to use this as the slogan for our film. The reason for this is because it is something that will make theaudience think. Our horror movie is of the psychological horror genre and using this as our slogan is will add to themystery and creepiness of our trailer. ‘Your life is on the line’ is a well-known saying, therefore this will also catch theviewer’s attention and draw them in. ‘When life is online’ is also very relevant to the social media aspect of ourhorror movie.Inserts1st insert – after the book has fallen off the shelfBased on a true storyHaving this text as our first insert draws the viewers in because everybody is intrigued to watch something that couldactually happen in real life, because viewers can be drawn into things that are more realistic and could possibly berelevant to their own lives.2nd insert – after the flashbackThe past has returned…We included this text to leave the viewer’s wondering what will happen next. The ellipses add to this because theyshow that something is to be continued and hopefully the viewers will be intrigued to know what it is.3rd insert – after the first section of Louis’ murder scene… to get youThis text carries on from the previous insert to answer the questions the viewers may have of what was to come.Also the word ‘you’ is directly aimed at the viewer’s drawing them in and feeling as if they are involved in the trailer.4th insert –before the establishing shot of the houseFrom the minds of paranormal activityThis text shows that our film has been created and thought up by people who have created other successful horrormovies. The audience will recognise the film ‘Paranormal Activity’ and know that it has been successful andtherefore see that our film, Deactivate, should also be a successful film.5th insert – before Abbie is murderedDEACTIVATEComing this fallThis is included towards the end of the trailer because we followed the conventions of most movie trailers who alsoinclude the name of their film and the release date towards the end of the film trailer so that it is one of the lastthings for the audience to see, therefore leading it to stick in their heads. We decided that it would be coming in fall,because this is around the time of Halloween and this is when people like to come out and make more of an effort towatch horror movies.Final insert – towards the end, before the hummingWhen life is online, your life is on the lineWe decided to use our film’s slogan as the last insert because it will leave the viewer’s thinking and will leave a senseof mystery in their heads, hopefully further drawing them into the film so that they will want to watch it.Whenever an insert appears in our trailer there is a ‘boom’ sound in the background, adding some effect to theinsert appearing thus bringing it to catch the reader’s attention make them focus on what they are watching.