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Media photoshoot scheduleing Media photoshoot scheduleing Document Transcript

  • l,P S
  • This image is perfect for my double pagespread as the artist is making direct eye contactwith the reader and this interacts with thereader as it makes them feel as if they reallyknow the artist while they are reading theinterview. The happy and friendly expressionshown by the artist sets a cool and calm moodwhich should keep the readers in a happy moodwhen they read the article. This mid-shot imageis a perfect image to use in a double pagespread as most magazines use a pagedominating image of the artist on one side andthen the article on the other side of the doublepage spread. His shirt and bag colour give thearticle a “pop” feel as they are vibrant, happyblue, while his grey/white hoodie gives it acalm feel.I cut around the artist and used this image inmy contents page because it looks as if he’splaying live. I did this because I saw a similarsection in a famous pop magazine. The artist islooking straight forward and it looks as if he is
  • in the middle of performing one of his songs,which is what I intended to do.I used this image as my main attention grabberon my front cover as it very similar to the imagesused by the real pop magazines on their frontcover, a mid-shot/close up of the main artistfeatured in the magazine. The artist is lookingdirectly into the eyes on the readers which createsa connection between the two. With the use of amid-shot the audience can see what the artist iswearing and this tells the audience a lot about theartist as well as showing his facial expressions. Alot of music magazines use a main artist, and thebiggest image on the front cover is of the mainartist (usually someone who is in the centre offame and popularity at that time). The editorspurposely use artists who are popular at that timeto increase the readership of their magazine.