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  • 1. Eden LakeGenre Conventions:Characters: Happy Couple, Gang of Loutish Youths & Parents (Boyfriend is the helper)Setting: Woods, Cabin, Lake, HouseProps: Cars, Weapons – Shank, Petrol (Fire), Chains, Barbed wire, Axe, Shaving Knife,Plot: Happy Couple go away for romantic weekend by the lake/woods, Loutish Youths terrorise themand steal their possessions/car. Couple confront youths and accidently kill dogs and are thentortured and hunted down by youths.Theme: RevengeNarrative Structure:Breaks Narrative structures as there is no resolution or disruption phase. The bad guys win and thevictims all dieScreamGenre Conventions:Characters: Group of carefree teenagers, Masked Serial Killer, Dead Mum & High School Lovers,Setting: Unsupervised House, Party, Garden, Late at night, Quiet TownProps: Knife, Phone, Locked Door, Smashed Glass, Mask,Plot: One year after Sidney’s mum’s death, a killer starts killing high school teenagers. A youngteenage girl, eccentric cop and ambitious reporter try to investigate the murders. A strange numberof event s happen including an accused killer, a suspicious boyfriend, discovered love and attractionand the mysterious killer with a ghost face mask.Theme: Childhood IssuesNarrative Structure:Typical 3 act structure, Equilibrium to Disequilibrium then Climax as Sidney and Masked KillerConflict, Main Character Survives which leaves opportunity for sequel.The Cabin In the WoodsGenre Conventions:Characters: Carefree teenagers (Dumb Blonde, Jock, Stoner, Virgin, Intellectual), Incest ReligiousZombie Killers, Scientists (Helper is holden)
  • 2. Setting: Woods, Isolated Cabin, Lake, Lab, CellarProps: Van, Bear Trap, Drink & Drugs, Old Diary,Plot: 5 teenagers go on a vacation to a cabin in the woods, discover abandoned cellar and areattacked by zombie family. Killed off one by one. All really being controlled by a group of scientists.Themes: Cilches, Science gone wrong,