Double Page Spread Analysis


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Double Page Spread Analysis

  1. 1. Double Page Spread Analysis I chose to do an interview with the artist about her I included a drop quote which is in new band The Rockabees and the worldwide tour they large, capital, bold, orange font. ThisThe colour scheme of my double page spread is the same colours are doing. I chose to do an interview because I feel quote stands out from the rest of theI used for the rest of my magazine; this keeps the consistency that readers like to hear about how artists/bands are article because it contrasts with theand matches the house style/colour scheme of my magazine. The getting on from them personally, so an interview will rest of the text on the page. The reasonfact that I have used the same colour scheme the whole way draw the readers in because they are hearing from the I have included a drop quote on thethrough my magazine means that my magazine will look more artist themselves. I did the questions in bold and the right page is so that when the readersprofessional and less cluttered/jumbled. I’ve used hints of orange answers in normal text, so that the audience can easily are flicking through the magazine, theyto bring a bit of life, so that it doesn’t look too boring but mostly separate the interviewer from the interviewee. are automatically drawn to this quote,used black and white so that it is clear to read and understand. meaning that they will want to find outThe image I used is the same artist as more, therefore read the article. This isthe front cover. This is a main a convention used on many doubleconvention used by most magazines. page spreads because it is known toThe artist on the front cover is usually draw the reader’s in and catch theirthe main story on the double page attention.spread. The image is a full body shot ofthe artist sat on an amp, with her bass The page number, date andguitar next to her. She is wearing the name of magazine is placed insame clothes as on the front cover, the the bottom left and bottomscruffy, ripped looking clothes, but this right of the magazine in verytime we get more of what she is small font. It is small so thatwearing because she is not covering the readers aren’t drawn awayany of it up. We can see attitude in her from what is most importantface, as she stares directly at the but it can still be seen. Theaudience. Even though she is sat down, name of the magazine iswhich could make her seem of lower included next to the pageauthority, the fact that she is giving number so that the readerssuch an intense, controlling look means can be reminded of what On the left page, directly underneath the image is an introduction to the interview on thethat the readers will begin to feel over magazine they are reading, next page. The title is the biggest font on this double page spread, so that it will stand outpowered by her. The amp and the bass meaning that the name will and catch the reader’s eye. The band’s name which is being talked about on this spread isare two of the main things needed in a stick in their head leading in bold. It is the boldest font on the page. This is so that the audience know exactly who isband. They are included in this image so them to want to buy it again. being talked about. The sub-heading is slightly smaller, being slightly less important andthat the readers can automatically The whole aim is for people to in Italics to emphasize the shock and excitement to the story. Underneath the sub-relate to the music being represented want to continue buying it and heading is 3 columns with an introduction to the interview. The first letter of thein this magazine. The audience will including the name there introduction is in large white font on an orange box. It stands out and automaticallyrelate to this image because they relate means that there is more draws the reader in. This is a typical convention on many double page spreads. This isfully to the indie/rock music being chance to reach this aim. done so that the readers know where to begin reading and can be drawn into the article.represented here.