Contents Page Analysis


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Contents Page Analysis

  1. 1. Contents Page Analysis The colour scheme of my contents page The date is in very, small, links with the colour scheme/house style italic font underneath theI decided to call my contents page Unseen this of the whole magazine. This creates a title of the contents page. Itweek. I did this because it uses the magazine consistency, so that the reader’s are is small so that readersname, so that people can keep being reminded of aware of the magazine they are reading. aren’t drawn away fromthe name of the magazine so that it consistently I mainly used just black and white to what is most importantsticks in their heads. And it says this week, as this is create a sense of sophistication and However because it isa typical convention of many different contents professionalism, also so that the page is placed directly in the centrepages (which I found out due to my earlier very clear for the reader’s to see. The people are easily able toresearch) and because people know that what they reader’s need to be able to understand see when this issue wasare reading is all up to date and from the same and focus on the writing so that they can released so that they knowweek. The text is in bold, large capitals, so that it easily be able to see what is included. they are up to date.will catch the reader’s eye and draw them in.My inspiration came from the way I included eight different images onin which many NME contents my contents page. These are allpages are laid out. I chose to do it images I had taken especially forthis way because I can include a the magazine. I wanted to include arange of different stories, range of different stories so thatalongside their images. I found in people know of what they are tomy market research that people expect inside and also to draw theare most drawn to images on a reader’s in because they like to seemagazine, so including a range of into different people’s lives. I’vedifferent images on my contents included four mid shot images,page means that people will be where the artist is staring straightdrawn to it straight away. at the audience, catching the reader’s eyes and also four liveThe page numbers are placed in shots. The live shots are there sothe right hand, bottom corner of that the audience can see thethe images. They are written in artists doing what they do best,large, black, bold font so that they playing music. I used a mixture ofcatch the reader’s eye and are big live and posed images so that theenough to see. The page numbers reader’s get a different insight ofare also placed on a white box, so the artists, not just the same thingthat the number stands out and which could make the contentsdo not get lost in the image. I page boring.made sure that the page numberswere easy to see so that the Directly under most of my images Iaudience can easily navigate their I’ve also included a plus box towards the bottom have included a quote from theway around my magazine. of my contents page. This is a typical convention artist/band which is shown. The in lots of different music magazines. It is there to reason I have done this is becauseUnderneath the quote, is a people generally would rather hear show the readers the pages of other featuresstatement describing what the from the artist/band themselves included in the magazine. E.g. reviews, live, gigarticle will be about. This is there rather than what people have got guide, radar… This is so that readers can beto give the readers more of an to say about them. So including familiarized and easily find what they want toinsight to the story, drawing them quotes means that the audience read about. People are interested in differentin. The writing is all in capital will be drawn in to the story aspects of magazines and this gives them anletters. Capital letters stand out presented, meaning that they will insight of what else is included. The page numbersand catch the audience’s eyes. want to read on and find out more are in bold, whereas the features are in normal font. The page numbers stand out compared to about what the artist has got to the features, leading to easy navigation. say.