3rd double page spread


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3rd double page spread

  1. 1. The colour palette used includes 2 main colours black andwhite, which goes along with the house style of the magazine 3RD DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD ANALYSIS At the very top of the double page spread, inand also gives a sense of sophistication. The fact that it looks The title/heading on this double page spread is the biggest font of all. It stands out very small, capital letterssophisticated makes it look of higher quality compared to other above everything else, thus catching the reader’s eye and drawing them in to read is a sub-heading aboutmagazines and this persuades the readers to buy it. A hint of more. A quote is used for the heading. Quotes are reliable, and direct quotes from what this spread is allorange is also used, to contrast with the black and white the band/artist will attract the audience because people generally prefer to hear about. It is smaller thanbringing it to stand out. Also orange is a vibrant, exciting, about what the band/artist has got to say rather than what other people have got the main heading, so thatenergetic colour. Black is very dark, which can slightly relate to to say about them. The first line is in white font, the second in orange and the third it does not take attentionthe genre of music which is also slightly dark. The background is also in white. The second line says ‘BE THERE NOW’ which will grab the reader’s away from what is mostblack and the font is orange/white. The orange/white stands attention because people who read this magazine are really into their music and important.out on the black background and is very noticeable, attracting may feel part of it. That’s why it is in a different colour so that it stands out.the readers. The main image on this double pageAbove the main text (copy) there is a spread dominates the whole of thedescription of what the article may contain, right page. The image is a side viewwhich includes a quote and also uses genre mid shot of the artist. This means thatspecific language, which will draw the the audience can see most of thereader in because they will understand body language of this artist, and alsowhat it means if they are a fan of this sense more of his personality becausemusic. The font is in white, which contrasts they feel part of him. The artists posewith the black background, bringing it to and body language is very effective instand out. However, when people’s names representing the genre of music asare mentioned the font is in orange, this is most of the songs in this genredone to set it apart from the rest of the contain live, rock music. It is a livetext, so the readers can see it is important. image. The live image will relate toThe font is also slightly larger than the main the audience because they will feel asarticle itself. This is because the editor though they are there with him whenwants the reader to see this first, so that he is performing. His facialthey can have an insight to the article they expressions are very lively andare about to read. energetic which relates to the lively, energetic title of the article. It’s in black and white which gives it aAt the bottom of the page, next to each vintage look which will relate to thepage number is the name of the magazine. audience because it is generally theIt is almost unnoticeable, and yet every older generation which buy thistime the reader goes to turn the page, they magazine.will see it. The reason it is there is so that The layout of this double page spread, is very organized, everything is placed inthe name of the magazine will stick in order. It looks very sophisticated which relates to the colour scheme, which alsopeople’s head and therefore, they will At the bottom right of the image, there is a looks very sophisticated. The reader’s will feel as if they are reading a better quality small bit of text. This text is informing theremember it and be persuaded to buy it magazine than everybody else. It is not cluttered at all and also the font is very neatagain. reader where the image was taken and what and aligned straight and not scattered everywhere, like some magazines are. the image is about. This is there to make sure that the reader doesn’t feel confused or lost. AThe main text (copy) is the smallest font on the double page spread. It is in tiny, white font,. The white font makes it noticeable for quote has also been included from the artist,the readers to see because it is placed on a black background. The first letter of this main article is the biggest and boldest font on the just to draw the readers in. The font is verypage, this means it will grab the reader’s attention and draw them in, leading them to read the rest of the article. It is the boldest, small, and barely even noticeable. Consideringmost noticeable thing on the page, and because ‘W’ doesn’t make sense by itself, the reader’s will be persuaded to find out the rest. it is in the bottom, left corner also means that itThe first line of the article is in capital letters. This is done, because it seems as if the person who wrote this article is shouting at the will probably be the last thing the reader willreader, which will draw the reader in and bring them to want to find out more and also feel as if they are a part of it. see.