1st double page spread done


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1st double page spread done

  1. 1. Johanna Fryer DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD ANALYSIS The title is white, bold and is in capital letters. The first thing that the readers will see is ‘NOEL GALLAGHER’ and this isThe image is a mid shot and is placed on the what the editors want the reader to see first because he is theleft hand side of the article. Readers will be main feature of the article. The fact that it is the only writingdrawn in to the image because people in white and is much bigger than the rest of the copy meansnaturally read from left to right, therefore it that it stands out the most and will draw the reader in.will be the first thing that they will see. Theimage is of Noel Gallagher, who is obviously The sub-heading is in black, whichthe main focus of this article as we can see contrasts with the title, which is infrom the title. His head is tilted down and his white. The sub-heading says ‘Theeyes staring up, this gives the readers a sense CHIEF’. It seems that the whole aimof intimidation and a sense that Noel is over of this article is to represent Noel aspowering them. The facial expressions of Noel an over powering person and higherare evil looking and it’s as if he is saying ‘you authority than the rest of us. So thedon’t want to mess with me’ and his eyes are use of the word chief conveys thestaring straight at the reader to draw them in authority of him because chiefs areand make them feel part of it. He is wearing a superior and respected. The wordbrown leather jacket and is fairly scruffy ‘CHIEF’ is in capital letters whereaslooking; this also represents the power he the word ‘The’ is in lower case italics.shows over the readers. This relates to the title The fact that the word ‘CHIEF’ is inbecause it says ‘The CHIEF’. Chiefs are higher capitals illustrates that it is importantauthority than everybody else and this is what and that it is overpowering andcomes across about Noel Gallagher. He is The colour scheme of this double page spread is blue, relates to the image. Because ‘the’ ishigher authority and rules you. white and black. The colours are fairly calm, which in italics it emphasises that he is the contrasts with the intimidating, controlling image. These only one and that there is nobody colours are very natural and give the reader a sense of else as high as him. sophistication. The background is blue which contrasts with the white and black writing to make the writing stand out. The image has a white shadowing around it; this helps the image contrast with the background creating a dramatic effect. Also it goes along with the idea of Noel Gallagher being higher authority, as it seems that this is what the magazine is trying to achieve.