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Design Database Management Tools
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Design Database Management Tools


Collaborative tool for ASIC HW or SW design teams, global or local

Collaborative tool for ASIC HW or SW design teams, global or local

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  • 1. Company & Solutions
  • 2. ClioSoft Company Overview • Founded in 1997 • Headquarters in Fremont, CA • Sales offices in N.America, Europe, Japan, Israel, Korea, Taiwan, India • R&D and Support – CA and India • Mission: Improve design team productivity – Easy to use data management – Enhanced communication – Seamless integration with EDA tools © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 3. Growing Customer Base
  • 4. Sample Customer Information Customer Customer Since # Engineers # Projects AMCC/Quake 1/2004 44 >80 Analog Devices 4/2004 >500 >700 International Rectifier 9/2006 70 >400 Marvell 1/1999 >700 >1000 RF Micro Devices 2/2005 100 >15 Zarlink 9/1999 200 >300 • Tektronix Presentation at CDN Live 2008 – • RF Micro Presentation at CDN Live 2006 – • Joint paper on DM with AMCC – • Mentor U2U 2006 Presentation with Stretch – © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 5. Integration Partners © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 6. Product Overview
  • 7. Goals of Design Data Management • Collaborate with team members and share design data regardless of geographical location & time zone • Manage all design data from Docs to GDSII • Control and audit access and actions • Track changes and maintain revisions and releases • Streamline design flow • Tapeout accurately with confidence © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 8. Ad-Hoc SoC Design Process Specification RTL Design Synthesis Analog Design Verification Place & Route © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 9. Issues with Ad-Hoc Processes • Design errors – Require very expensive re-spin • Project delays – Impact time to market • Lack of control and visibility – Decreased predictability • CAD support nightmare © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 10. Streamlined SoC Design Process Specification RTL Design Synthesis ClioSoft‘s Design Data Collaboration Platform Analog Design Verification Place & Route © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 11. Functions Design Aware Integrations Authentication & Access Controls Global Collaboration Design Reuse Integrated with Issue Tracking Release & Derivative Management Version Control for Files & Directories © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 12. Products Universal Issue SOS SOS SOS DM Tracking viaDFII viaICstudio viaLaker Adaptor Cadence Mentor SpringSoft Trac HDL Designer Virtuoso ICstudio Laker Bugzilla Other Flows SOS API + Command Line Interface SOS Design Data Collaboration Platform © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 13. Architecture Metadata Revisions Cached Revisions Project Local v37 v36 v37 Repository Cache Use=10 Use=1 Use=9 Use=0 SOS Primary Server SOS Cache Server SOS Client SOS Client v37 Copy EDA EDA Linked Workarea Tools Tools Workarea Copy of a Revision Symlink to a Revision © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 14. Version Control • Text and Binary Files – Text file versions managed as deltas – Binary files managed compressed – Plug in your own storage method • Directories – Rename and move files without losing history – Recreate project structure at anytime – View the same project with alternative structure • Composite EDA Objects – Collection of files managed as a single object – Even list of files may change with each version • Tags – Recreate labeled state at anytime even if tag has been reassigned © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 15. Cell-view as a Single Composite Object Cell-view managed as files Cell-view as a Composite Object View directory & files are managed as a single composite object in SOS Cell-views such as schematics and layout consist of multiple files •# Objects in project reduced 3-4x •Improved performance •Data integrity of the cell-view •Manage composite objects from any tool © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 16. Release & Derivative Management • Snapshot – Remember exact configuration including file revs and directory structure • Branch – Individual Files, Directories, or Composite Objects • Revision search order/rule – Ordered list of labels to determine revisions to be placed in workarea – Manage releases and derivates while being fully aware of development on all branches – Rollback to any RSO at any time © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 17. Efficient Remote Site Collaboration • Smart Cache Server – Caches all revisions used at site – Maintains use count and scrubs unused revisions – Updates automatically • Express update via audit trail • Batch query to minimize latency effects © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 18. InSync – Push Technology • Automatic updates without any wait • Cache servers & clients can subscribe for in-sync • Update is pushed out within seconds after change is committed to the repository • Clients can choose to update files or update status © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 19. Enhanced Communication • Intuitive GUI • Revision history in integrated browser • Bubble up status • Custom attributes • Realtime Chat • Audit Trail © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 20. Work Area Models Moe • Isolated WorkArea – Users work in their own sandbox Larry Curly – Changes are not published until committed WorkArea WorkArea – Update workarea to get changes – Typical work model Project • Shared Repository – Users work in a common shared workarea – Changes are visible on save – Good for small groups working closely such as Shared WorkArea custom layout engineers Jack © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 21. Workareas to Suit Any Workflow • Physical copies • Links to Common Release Area • Links to Latest • Links to Smart Cache © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 22. Physical Copy Each workarea has a copy of a revision of each file John’s Workarea A B C A.8 B.5 C.7 Repository Jane’s Workarea Pros: A.8 B.5 C.9 •Stable work environment •User has complete control - can set any rule (RSO) and update workarea when desired Cons: •Disk space usage •Update/sync is expensive Best for: •High level language design •Software development © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 23. Disk Space – Local Copies Each user has their Workarea_1 own workarea Size 500 megs containing actual Workarea_? Workarea_2 design files Size Size 500 megs 500 megs Workarea_9 Workarea_3 Size Size 500 megs 500 megs Project Cost factor Size IT overhead Workarea_8 500 megs Workarea_4 Performance Size Size 500 megs 500 megs Workarea_7 Workarea_5 Size Size 500 megs 500 megs Workarea_6 Consuming disk Size space which grows 500 megs rapidly as new data is added to the project © 2007 ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 24. Links to Smart Cache Files in a workarea are links to the cache Smart Cache John’s Workarea use=1 use=2 use=2 A B C C.7 B.5 A.8 A.8 B.5 C.7 Repository use=1 The Smart Cache transparently keeps ALL revisions being used C.9 Jane’s Workarea by any user but common revs are automatically shared and a use count is maintained. A.8 B.5 C.9 Pros: •Efficient use of disk space •Efficient update/sync •Stable work environment •User has complete control - can set any rule (RSO) and update workarea when desired •Provides the best of copy and linked workareas Cons: Best for: •Use of symbolic links •Large hardware teams with large designs and complex DM requirements © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 25. Hierarchical References & Reuse ADSL2-IAD @sv DDR ICache Memory DSL Core AUX Core DSL Core @munich AUX Core @shanghai PCI AFE XCVR ENET USB Silicon IP @sv Verification IP @sv ARM MIPS USB MEM OCP USB PCI PCIX
  • 26. Hierarchical References & Reuse • Hierarchically partition projects for ease of management • Share IPs, PDKs, Tech Libraries, scripts, etc. across multiple projects • External objects may – Be managed by any server - local or remote – May further reference objects in other projects • Referenced objects will be appear in user workareas just like local objects • Extensive admin controls for use and access © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 27. Security and Access Controls • Optional server side authentication – Client challenges user to provide username & password – Server authenticates using PAM • Groups – Define groups per project separate from Unix groups – Assign users to groups • Roles – Predefined roles of admin, member, guest – Define custom roles – Assign roles to users in groups • Read and Write Permissions – Assign read and write permissions per object – Admin sets default permissions for new objects • Corporate Standards – Enforce corporate standards for authentication & ACLs © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 28. Customizability • Full command line interface – Invoked from any shell • Proven C API – Used by Mentor for integration with ICstudio • Pre and Post Event Triggers – Extend any DM command • Custom defined attributes – Maintain design metrics • Universal DM Adaptor – Manage data from any design tool © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 29. Management • Workarea rollback to any time with any RSO • Project Audit Trail • Track and plot project metrics • Integration with issue tracking © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 30. Interface & ‘Design Aware’ DM Adaptors © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 31. SOS Client GUI © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 32. Full Command Line Interface USAGE soscmd <command name>[command arguments] EXAMPLES soscmd update Update the workarea using the current revision search order. soscmd co *.v ../top.v Check out all the files with the extension '.v' in the current directory and also the file 'top.v’ in the parent dir. soscmd discardco –F ecelib/4mux8/schematic Discard the check out of cell-view 'stim.dat' ecelib/4mux8/schematic in the root directory of the workarea even if it has been modified. soscmd ci -sco -aLog="Fixed race condition." Check in ALL the checked out objects with a change log ‘Fixed race condition’. © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 33. Design Data Management Issues • Design tools often create several files with program generated names – Examples: Schematic & Custom Layout editors • Data for each design unit may be saved in several files • Several temporary & run files are also created by the tools – Example: log, lock, backup • End users cannot easily make sense of the design data – Which files should be managed & versioned – Which files belong together – Which files should NOT be managed • Reliable data management and revision control is difficult © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 34. SOS DM in Cadence Library Manager © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 35. SOS DM in Cadence Editors © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 36. SOS DM in Mentor ICstudio © 2007 ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 37. SOS DM in SpringSoft Laker © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 38. Many Design Tools — One DM Solution Agilent Technologies Cadence Mentor Graphics ADS Virtuoso DXDesigner SpringSoft Laker In-House Mentor Graphics Synopsys Editor ICstudio Orion © 2007 ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 39. Universal DM Adaptor • Configurable rules to recognize and organize design data – Recognize design libraries – Recognize design objects – Organize required design files into composite design objects – Exclude temporary files – Re-apply rules on check-in to recreate composite design object • Multiple rule sets to support design data from different tools • Rules specified by admin in client configuration file (sos.cfg) • Soft integration with a variety of design tools – Mentor DxDesigner, Agilent ADS, Synopsys Orion, etc. • Result: Automated error free management of design data from several tools © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 40. UDMA – Mentor DxDesigner Files Rule EDA Objects package DxDesginer { Collection of files libid matchall automatically “sch”, packaged as a “sym”, composite object using the rule set “wir”; basename globany “sch/{*}.[0-9]*”, “sym/{*}.[0-9]*”, “wir/{*}.[0-9]*”; packname use “$1”; include globplus “sch/$1.[0-9]*”, “sym/$1.[0-9]*”, Files that do not match “wir/$1.[0-9]*”; include pattern are left } unmanaged © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 41. Trac – Open Source Issue Management © 2007 ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 42. Integrated Interface © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 43. Benefits of SOS Data Management • Reduce cost – Minimize/Eliminate expensive re-spin – Minimize management+support overhead of large projects – Increase re-usability • Reduce time to market – Streamline the design process – Collaborate efficiently with multiple sites – Improve management visibility & project predictability • Improve product quality – Reduce design errors – Restore and recover easily from errors – Enhance communication and visibility © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 44. Benefits of ‗Design Aware‘ Integration • Access DM features directly from IC design tools – Manage tools and data from the same unified cockpit • Work at the design abstraction levels of Libraries, Groups, Cells, and Views – Users do not have to worry about the several files that make up a design object • Convenient ‗Just-in-time‘ checkout when a view is edited • Operate on design hierarchies/categories © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 45. Why Choose ClioSoft? © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 46. Built from the Ground Up for Designers DM & Adaptor Developed by ClioSoft DM Adaptors for EDA Tools Design Data Collaboration Platform • Develop features to address unique needs of designers – Workareas with symbolic links to optimize disk space – Isolated and shared workareas – Support for composite design objects – Universal DM Adaptor • Expert tech support for DM Platform & Integrated Flows © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 47. Yet Simple to Administer & Use • ―SOS viaDFII is very well-integrated with the Cadence toolset. It is simple, yet complete. Even designers who have never used version control were able to pick up the basics and become productive very quickly...‖ – Brenda vanVeldhuisen, Principal Engineer Tektronix, Inc. • ―We‘re a start up and have used ClioSoft Design Management software since June, 2007. We don‘t have a dedicated CAD person. I personally installed the software and served as an administrator. The product is very easy to use. ...‖ – Eddy Huang, VP, Technology Engineering, SiliconBlue Technologies Corp. © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 48. Packaged with the Best Support • Round the clock support from California & India • Timely ‗Virtually Onsite‘ support using WebEx Online Remote Support service • Quick response to fixes and enhancements © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 49. Customers Concur – ―Best Support‖ • ―NONE of the many other EDA vendors we deal with does support better.‖ Martin Collinge, Director of EDA, Zarlink, UK • ―I would like to say that ClioSoft provides the BEST and most timely support of any of our EDA vendors!!! Because our problems many times mean a work STOP, this is very important!!!‖ Ken Worland, CAD Engineer, Analog Devices • ―In all my years in IT (almost 20 years now) I've never received technical support from a company that is as good as what I've got from Cliosoft. You are to be commended. I've used a bunch of different revision control tools (RCS, CVS, SCCS, Subversion, Arch, VSS, SourceGear's Vault, DesignSync), and though most are open source, support for the commercial ones doesn't come close to what you provide.‖ C. R. Oldham, EDA Manager, Formerly at Intel & Marvell © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential
  • 50. Product Demonstration and Q&A © ClioSoft, Inc. Strictly Confidential