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  • Het is ons niet te doen om het instituut Openbare bibliotheek kost wat kost te behouden en een betekenis te geven. Het is ons erom te doen dat de doelstelling van het instituut absoluut relevant blijft en(of maar) de invulling moet herdacht worden. De bibliotheek moet zichzelf opnieuw heruitvinden. Moest de openbare bibliotheek niet bestaan, zou ze moeten uitgevonden worden, ook nu nog. Andere elementen uit de IFLA statement: Libraries have a responsibility both to guarantee and to facilitate access to expressions of knowledge and intellectual activity. To this end, libraries shall acquire, preserve and make available the widest variety of materials, reflecting the plurality and diversity of society . Libraries shall ensure that the selection and availability of library materials and services is governed by professional considerations and not by political, moral and religious views. Libraries shall acquire, organize and disseminate information freely and oppose any form of censorship. Libraries shall make materials, facilities and services equally accessible to all users. There shall be no discrimination due to race, creed, gender, age or for any other reason. In tegenstelling tot boekhandel is de bibliotheek al decennialang multi-mediaal. Dit is een sterkte die verder moet geëxploiteerd worden. Wellicht wordt de boekhandel ook meer en en meer een ‘content’-handel.
  • E-boek platform bevindt zich in de waardeketen op de plek van de aggregatoren E-boek platform kan zich zo opstellen en ook samenwerken met andere commerciële of publiek/private aggregatoren
  • .       Kostenmodel:                                                              i.     Uitleen: prijs voor bib, prijs voor gebruiker? Geldt dit voor alle collectie onderdelen of is daar verfijning mogelijk per titel, per collectiedeel? Wellicht nood aan kleinschalige experimenten                                                            ii.     Uitleen termijn en kostprijs: diverse modellen mogelijk, bijvoorbeeld gradueel model: overtijd =  bij betalen, is ook deel van definitieve aankoopprijs                                                           iii.     wat is definitieve aankoopprijs? Voor bib? Voor gebruiker?
  • .       Kostenmodel:                                                              i.     Uitleen: prijs voor bib, prijs voor gebruiker? Geldt dit voor alle collectie onderdelen of is daar verfijning mogelijk per titel, per collectiedeel? Wellicht nood aan kleinschalige experimenten                                                            ii.     Uitleen termijn en kostprijs: diverse modellen mogelijk, bijvoorbeeld gradueel model: overtijd =  bij betalen, is ook deel van definitieve aankoopprijs                                                           iii.     wat is definitieve aankoopprijs? Voor bib? Voor gebruiker?

Vep ebf Vep ebf Presentation Transcript

  • A Public-Private E-book Platform : EBF/IBF Annual Conference, June 18 th 2010 Johan Delauré, program manager Bibnet Threats and opportunities in the digitalization of the reading culture
  • Overzicht
    • 1. Is e-reading relevant?
    • 2. Why a governement initiative?
    • 3. The USP of the library
    • 4. Realization
  • 1. Is e-reading relevant?
  • Education
  • Reading…
  • Multimedia reading
  • Playlane’s moving books
  • Digital magazines
  • Multimedia reading
    • "It's not about the page versus the screen in a technological grudge match. It's about the screen doing a dozen things the page can't do.” (Print Is Dead: Books in Our Digital Age; Gomez, Jeff; 2007) .
    • “ The vook” (Bradley Inman):
      • a multimedia hybrid
      • digital amalgam
  • And then what about our libraries?
  • And then what about our bookshops?
  • Based on studies…
  • Some references
    • Studie Vlaams e-boekplatform voor opslag en exploitatie in opdracht van Bibnet - IBBT/SMIT – 2009
    • eBooks via de bibliotheek – TNO – 2010
    • Brave New World, Digitisation of Content: the opportunities for booksellers and The Booksellers Association – 2006
    • http://
    • Rapport sur le livre numérique - Ministère de la culture et de la communication – République Française – 2008
    • Report on business models, Arrow, eContentplus - 2009
    • No digital reference found
    • Etude en vue de l’élaboration d’un modèle économique de participation des éditeurs à la bibliothèque numérique européenne (Europeana), D. Zwirn – 2007
  • And more…
  • The value chain shifts digital
    • -> Collection becomes digital
    • -> Access becomes online
    • -> Medium becomes multimedia
    • -> people deal differently with information
    • -> Google, Facebook, Twitter, mobile internet, gaming
    • => “Reading” => “ Digital Reading ”
    • -> media are converging
    • -> implosion off music market; crisis at newspapers
    • => “Publishing”=> “ Digital Publishing ”
  • Challenges and threats…
  • 2. Why a governement initiative?
  • Purpose of public libraries
    • IFLA (The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions – 1999 Den Hague – ( ) affirms:
    • Libraries provide access to information, ideas and works of imagination. They serve as gateways to knowledge, thought and culture .
    • Libraries provide essential support for lifelong learning , independent decision-making and cultural development for both individuals and groups.
    • Libraries contribute to the development and maintenance of intellectual freedom and help to safeguard basic democratic values and universal civil rights .
  • Relevance of reading for policy
    • Joint declaration by the European Booksellers Federation (EBF) and the Federation of European Publishers (FEP)) (Brussels, 5 October 2009:
    • Reading plays a crucial part in the knowledge society and, as a consequence, in disseminating culture and enhancing competitiveness and employment; governments should therefore pledge to support all stakeholders of the book sector through adequate cultural, fiscal and industrial policies .
  • The value chain evolves
    • Short term
      • Other players will make the rules
      • Larger editors will take fragmented initiatives
      • Small editors will miss the train
    • Long term
      • Bookshop retraits to the niche of the physical book
      • International players will determine the information- and culture consumption
      • Libraries will quench
      • Government offside
    If we don’t do anything
    • The Flemish platform centralizes storage and facilitates the exploitation of the digital book production.
    A Flemish platform
  • 3. The USP of the library
  • The collection
    • Divers, broad
    • For ALL ages
    • Independent
    • “ Life from A to Z”
    • Selected quality
    • Longer term
  • Access
    • Immediate in function of education, development
    • To taste
    • Low threshold
  • Organized
    • Arranged, ordered, classified
    • Portal, mash up
  • Reinventing the library
    • Assuring for the digital publications:
    • Broad Flemish collection
    • Availability for thematic mash-ups
    • Non-commercial services on full text, etc..
    • Availibility for temporary loan
    • => Infrastructure building
  • A new business model
    • Which business model could be acceptable both to the financial bearing of the public libraries and the expectancies of publishers en authors?
    • Can we relate the business model to the democratic role of the public library and the added value of the bookshop?
  • Collaboration Public Libraries Publishers, distributors Vlaams e-boek platform Facilitating Neutrality Content Diversity Digital access Digital sales Bibnet What is the cost? What is the return ?
  • 4. Realization
    • Develop a digital platform in a public-private collaboration, for the secure and long term storage of digital born editions in function of their pluriform exploitation by the different actors in the book ecosystem :
      • Authors, publishers, distributors, commerce, library, aggregators… and readers
    E-boek platform
    • “ The governement buys innovation”
    • Timing:
      • 2009 concept
      • 2010 partners
      • 2010-2011 prototype
      • 2011-2012: procurement and production
    Innovative Procurement
  • Vep is not: E-boek platform is niet:…
        • - Digitizing
        • + Digital born content
        • web shop
        • + facilitating distribution
        • - e-reader
        • + facilitating content
  • And Vep is not: E-boek platform Is niet …
        • - An island
        • + embedded serviceplatform
        • - digital depot
        • + facilitating heritage of tomorrow
        • - piracy
        • + controlled access
    • => Een infrastructuur
    Vep is an infrastructure E-boek platform is wel
  • Vep functional architecture schema Functioneel… Lange termijn opslag (extern) E-boek formats Normalisatie Beveiligde opslag Transcodatie API’s Full Text Indexering Publicatie door integratie in aggregator platformen Input uitgevers Rechten Metadata WP3 WP2 WP5 WP4 WP1
    • Business modelling and rights
    • Storage protocol for multimedia: PDF, mobi, ePUB, XML,…
    • Open technology for integrating browsing full text search, in other environments
    • Access and security
    • Keeping up with evolution
    Innovation Chalenges E-boek platform uitdagingen….
    • Facilitating business modelling;
    • Facilitating Flemisch e-book ;
    • Streamlining distribution;
    • Streamlining in function of “heritage of tomorrow”;
    • Economies of scale in providing an infrastructuur
    • Warranting non-commercial services as browsing, metadata, full text search
    Aims of the innovation platform
  • B2B…
  • Timing
    • ?