Dlubal Customer projects 2013 RFEM and RSTAB
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Dlubal Customer projects 2013 RFEM and RSTAB



RFEM - the FEM tool for steel, reinforced concrete, glass and timber structures, plant

RFEM - the FEM tool for steel, reinforced concrete, glass and timber structures, plant
construction, dynamics, aluminum, design according to Eurocodes



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Dlubal Customer projects 2013 RFEM and RSTAB Document Transcript

  • 1. Customer ProjectsRSTAB The 3D Framework Program RFEM The ultimate FEA Program www.dlubal.com Designed with Dlubal Software...
  • 2. Dlubal - Product Overview 2013 Frameworks Finite Elements Cross-Sections 1.1 RSTAB Basic  1.5 Tower  2.1 RFEM Basic  2.5 Tower  3.1 Thin-Walled  3.2 Solid 1.2 Steel  TOWER  2.2 Steel  RF-TOWER  SHAPE-THIN  SHAPE-MASSIVE Generating lattice towers Generating lattice towers Cross-section properties Cross-section properties, STEEL with equipment and  RF-STEEL with equipment and and stress analysis stress analysis andGeneral stress design loading and design General stress design loading and design reinforced concrete designfor members according to Eurocode for members and according to Eurocode surfaces STEEL EC3Member design according  1.6 Connections  RF-STEEL EC3  2.6 Glass Stand-Alone Programs Member design accordingto Eurocode 3  FRAME-JOINT Pro  RF-GLASS to Eurocode 3 Frame joints for frames Design of planar and STEEL AISC  4.1 Steel  4.3 Timber according to Eurocode 3  RF-STEEL AISC curved glass surfacesMember design according and DIN 18800 Member design according  CRANEWAY  RX-TIMBERto US standard to US standard Crane girder analysis Continuous beams, purlins,ANSI/AISC 360-05  END-PLATE ANSI/AISC 360-05  2.7 Connections according to Eurocode 3, glued-laminated beams, Rigid end plate connections  RF-FRAME-JOINT Pro DIN 4132 and DIN 18800 columns,frames, braces according to DIN 18800  RF-STEEL SIA Frame joints for frames and roofs according to Part 1 Member design according according to Eurocode 3  PLATE-BUCKLING Eurocode 5 and DIN 1052 to Swiss standard SIA 263 and DIN 18800 Plate buckling analysis of  CONNECT stiffened plates according to Shear connections  RF-STEEL IS  RF-END-PLATE Eurocode 3 and DIN 18800 according to DIN 18800 Member design according Rigid end plate connections to Indian standard IS 800  4.2 Composite according to DIN 18800  DSTV Part 1 Typified connections in  RF-STEEL BS  COMPOSITE-BEAM steel building construction Member design according Composite beam design STEEL SIA to British standard  RF-CONNECT according to according to Eurocde 3 Shear connectionsMember design according BS 5950-1:2000 DIN V ENV 1994-1-1 and DIN 18800 according to DIN 18800to Swiss standard SIA 263  HSS  RF-STEEL GB STEEL IS Member design according  RF-DSTV Welded hollow structural Typified connections inMember design according section connections to Chinese standard GB 50017-2003 steel building construction Integrated Interfacesto Indian standard IS 800 according to Eurocode 3 according to Eurocde 3 STEEL BS  RF-STEEL CS and DIN 18800  Tekla Structures  JOINTS Member design according Bidirectional interfaceMember design according Design of connections to Canadian standard  RF-HSS for Tekla Structuresto British standard according to Eurocode 3 CS S16-09 Welded hollow structuralBS 5950-1:2000 section connections  Autodesk  DOWEL  RF-ALUMINIUM according to Eurocode 3 Bidirectional interface STEEL GB Dowel connections with Member design according with Revit Structure andMember design according slotted sheets according to Eurocode 9  RF-JOINTS AutoCAD, reinforcementto Chinese standard to DIN 1052:2008, Design of connections transfer from RFEM toGB 50017-2003 DIN 1052:1988,  RF-KAPPA according to Eurocode 3 SIA 164/HBT2 and Flexural buckling design Structural Detailing ÖNorm B4100/2  General STEEL CS according to DIN 18800  RF-DOWEL Part 2 CAD FormatsMember design according Dowel connections withto Canadian standard •  rawing Interchange D slotted sheets accordingCS S16-09  RF-LTB Format (.dxf) to DIN 1052:2008, Lateral torsional buckling • FC format (.ifc) I design according to DIN 1052:1988, ALUMINIUM SIA 164/HBT2 and •  DNF format (.dat) S DIN 18800 Part 2Member design according ÖNorm B4100/2to Eurocode 9  RF-FE-LTB Lateral torsional buckling  2.8 Dynamics KAPPA design according toFlexural buckling design FE Method  RF-DYNAM Basicaccording to DIN 18800 Analysis of eigenvibrationsPart 2  RF-PLATE-BUCKLING  Formats for Plate buckling analysis of  RF-DYNAM Addition I frameworks (.stp)  1.7 Dynamics stiffened plates according LTB Forced vibration analysis •  erman DSTV GLateral torsional buckling  DYNAM Basic to Eurocode 3 and product interfacedesign according to Analysis of eigenvibrations DIN 18800  RF-DYNAM Addition II • Bentley ProStructures (ISM) Equivalent seismic loads for  CAD reinforcementDIN 18800 Part 2 • Tekla Structures  DYNAM Addition I  RF-EL-PL earthquakes according to programs Forced vibration analysis Ultimate limit state design Eurocode 8 and • lntergraph Frameworks •  laser -isb cad- (.geo) G FE-LTB according to El-Pl method international standards • Advance Steel •  trakon (.cfe) SLateral torsional bucklingdesign according to  DYNAM Addition II • Bocad •  emetschek Allplan (.asf) N Equivalent seismic loads for  RF-C-TO-T •  ADKON (.esf) CFE Method Width-to-thickness analysis  2.9 Others • Cadwork earthquakes according to Eurocode 8, DIN 4149 and according to DIN 18800 • SEMA PLATE-BUCKLING  RF-DEFORM IBC 2000/2009 Deformation and deflectionPlate buckling analysis of  2.3 Concrete analysis for membersstiffened plates according toEurocode 3 and DIN 18800  1.8 Others  RF-CONCRETE Reinforced concrete design  RF-MOVE  DEFORM for plates, walls, shells and Load case generation from EL-PL Deformation and deflection members according to moving loads on membersUltimate limit state design analysis Eurocode 2*), DIN 1045*),according to El-Pl method SIA 262*), ACI 318-11*)  RF-IMP  RSMOVE and GB 50010*) Equivalent geometric C-TO-T Load case generation from imperfections andWidth-to-thickness analysis moving loads  RF-CONCRETE Columns pre-deformed initial  Formats foraccording to DIN 18800 Reinforced concrete design structures for members spread­ heet programs s  RSIMP with model column method and surfaces •  S Excel (.xls) M Equivalent geometric according to Eurocode 2*) •  penOffice.org Calc (.ods) O 1.3 Concrete imperfections and and DIN 1045*)  RF-STABILITY •  ext format (.csv) T CONCRETE pre-deformed initial Critical load factors structures  RF-PUNCH  CalculationReinforced concrete design and buckling modesfor members according to Design of punching shear ProgramsEurocode 2*), DIN 1045*),  RSBUCK resistance according to  RF-SOILIN •  NSYS APDL (.ans) ASIA 262*), ACI 318-11*) Effective lengths, Eurocode 2*) and DIN 1045*) Soil-structure interaction •  CIA Engineer (.xml) Sand GB 50010*) buckling loads, analysis according to •  oFistik (.ifc) S bifurcation load factors  RF-FOUNDATION Pro Eurocode 7, DIN 4019 • nfoGraph (.ifc) I Single, bucket and plate and CSN •  rilo ESK/RS (.stp) F CONCRETE Columns  SUPER-RC foundations according toReinforced concrete design Superimposing results Eurocode 2 and Eurocode 7  RF-INFLUENCEwith model column method of different structures Determination of influenceaccording to Eurocode 2*) (construction phases)  RF-TENDONand DIN 1045*) lines and influence surfaces Defnition of tendons in pre-  STAGES stressed concrete members  RF-STAGES FOUNDATION Pro Consideration of different Consideration of differentSingle, bucket and plate construction stages  RF-TENDON Design construction stagesfoundations according to Design of pre-stressedEurocode 2 and Eurocode 7  RS-COM concrete members  RF-LAMINATE Programmable COM according to Eurocode 2 Design of multi-layer*)  orresponding standard c interface *)  orresponding standard c surfaces extension required extension required  RF-COM 1.4 Timber Programmable COM  2.4 Timber interface TIMBER Pro  RF-TIMBER Pro www.dlubal.comMember design according Member design according  RF-LINKto Eurocode 5, DIN 1052 to Eurocode 5, DIN 1052 Import of IGES, STEP andand SIA 265 and SIA 265 ACIS files Software for Statics and Dynamics
  • 3. Software for Statics and Dynamics The 3D Framework Program Solid Construction The ultimate FEA Program Steel Construction 3D Finite ElementsStability and Dynamics Connections CAD/BIM Integration Bridge Construction © www.ibehlenz.de © www.mero.de »»Webinars Learn online, learn live Connections »»Webshop Order all Dlubal products quickly and easily 3D Frameworks »»Service Contracts Optimal support for your daily work »»Videos See for yourself what Timber Dlubal Software can do »»Social Networks News and tips on Dlubal Blog, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Glass Construction Eurocode 3 YouTube, XING Trial Version: www.dlubal.com Further Information: Dlubal Engineering Software Am Zellweg 2, D-93464 Tiefenbach Tel.: +49 9673 9203-0 Fax: +49 9673 9203-51 info@dlubal.com www.dlubal.com
  • 4. Designed with Dlubal Software... Deep Drilling Rig   STAB As the geothermal energy market is continuously increasing, BAUER R Maschinen GmbH, a German com- pany working in the field of special- ist foundation engineering, has de- veloped a new deep drilling rig. The German Dlubal customer Ing.-Büro H.-U. Möller was in charge of the plant’s structural analysis. The system is used to make borings reaching to a depth of 7,000 m in the area of geo­ thermal energy, oil or gas. In addi- tion, it is possible to extend existing boreholes using modern boring tech- nology. The boring device is built in Germany and distributed worldwide. Construction The deep drilling rig has the follow- ing dimensions: 25 m length, 12 m width, 42 m height. The weight ofCustomer Examples Non-deformed and deformed model of the deep drilling rig in RSTAB the entire construction is 580 t. It has a modular structure by which it is able to be transported on a truck. bit is driven into the earth by a max- tem. To determine the maximum in- The plant is self-erecting in parts and imum rotary drive of 60 kNm and ternal forces and stresses, the six can be shifted from one bore hole pulled out by a maximum force of models were superimposed in a su- to the other when built up. The drill 4,400 kN. per combination. In addition to RSTAB, the add-on Calculation modules STEEL, RSBUCK and SUPER- The model con- LC plus the program SHAPE-THIN sists of 1,137 nodes were used for the calculation. and 2,052 mem- bers forming a lat- tice tower with the shape of a U. The guide is applied on the open U-side. For their calcula- tion engineers have analyzed six RSTAB models with differ- ent loads and states such as plant in and out of operation with concentrated support and tension failure, lying ­ ower, t lifting of tower, Building owner mounting of winch BAUER Maschinen GmbH etc. The structural www.bauer.de system and loading Structural planning were entered in a Ingenieurbüro H.-U. Möller basic system. Then, www.hum-minden.de all systems to be an- Software alyzed were derived Dlubal Engineering Software Deep drilling rig TBA 300/440 M1 (photo: BAUER Maschinen GmbH) from the base sys- www.dlubal.com 4 Dlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S
  • 5. Designed with Dlubal Software...Tower in Reuss River    STABDelta near Seedorf,Switzerland RThe bird watching tower in the Reussriver delta is an exceptional look-outconstruction in the Urner Alps. Itsstriking primary framework consistsof 48 log wood columns standing inan inclined position. From four view-ing platforms, people seeking relax-ation enjoy the wonderful view intothe river delta, and ornithologists canwatch nesting birds.The tower with a height of 11.5 mwas designed by the Swiss architectGion A. Caminada. The structuralanalysis was performed by the Dlubalcusto­ er Pirmin Jung Engineers. mStructural AnalysisThe round columns consisting of sil- Customer Examplesver fir timber were chopped down, Model of tower in RSTABtreated and prepared in the imme-diate surroundings of the construc-tion site. At the base, they have a di-ameter of approx. 240 mm and aretapered towards the roof that theybear as much as the viewing plat-form. The platform consists of planksthat are 80 mm thick, ­ antilevering cwhere the four lookout baskets areinstalled. It is directly attached tothe log wood columns by means ofbrackets. The roof rafters are sup-ported by the center post and theexternal columns. Moreover, a steelring hangs down the roof structureupon which the internal side of theplatform floor lies and from whichthe spiral stairway is suspended.All connections are built in such away that they can be easily replacedafter the service life has expired andwithout any influence on the totalstructure. Viewing tower in front of panorama of the Swiss Alps (photo: Pirmin Jung Ingenieure)StiffeningIn addition to wind loads, the ­ ower t Building owner Civil engineermust also be able to absorb vibra- Kanton Uri Projekta AGtions from live load. As addition- Committee for the Reuss river delta www.projekta-ag.chal bracings or similar stiffening ele- Altdorf, Switzerland Timber constructionments for horizontal structural sta- Architect Bissig Gebr. Holzbau GmbHbilization didn’t come into consid- Gion A. Caminada www.bissigholzbau.cheration because of architectural rea-sons, the columns received a partial Vrin, Switzerlandrestraint to the steel ring in the roof. Engineer for timberIn this way, a kind of spatially effec- structural analysistive frame was formed. Pirmin Jung Ingenieure für Softwarewww.reussdelta.ch/ Holzbau AG Dlubal Engineering Softwareturm-reussdelta.73.0.html www.pirminjung.ch www.dlubal.comDlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S 5
  • 6. Designed with Dlubal Software... Hotel Ramada   FEM Innsbruck Tivoli, Austria R In December 2011, the Hotel Ramada Innsbruck Tivoli opened in Austria. The fourteen-story hotel is direct- ly facing the Olympiaworld, Tyrol’s larg­ st sports and event center. e The building represents one of the highest constructions of the beau- tiful Alpine city. Entering the ter- race on the eleventh floor, ­ isitors v enjoy a breathtaking pano­ ama of r the Tyrolean mountains and the Bergiselschanze, a world-famous ski jumping hill which is part of the annual International Four Hills Tournament. The Dlubal customer in.ge.na was in charge of the testing work. Test engi­Customer Examples Model with deformation visualized in RFEM neers used RFEM to enter the 3D model including loads and to calcu- late the structure. Structure The construction object is a new building representing a fourteen-sto- ry hotel with a cellar. It was built as solid construction consisting of rein- forced concrete. The inclined exter- nal walls in the east and west have a slope of 73.2° in relation to the building’s horizontal. The horizontal as well as the vertical loading is transferred by the columns and wall surfaces of the central corri­ dor respectively the external walls. The external wall surfaces in the ar- eas of the north and south facade have a thickness of 20-25 cm. The inclined walls in the west and east Hotel Ramada Innsbruck Tivoli unplastered (photo: in.ge.na.) have the same thickness of 20-25 cm depend­ng on the loading. i The floor thickness in the uncovered using flat footings with thicknesses Building owner zone of the underground parking is of 1.00 m, 0.60 m and 0.30 m. Zones Porr Projekt und Hochbau AG 35 cm, in the zone with superstruc- without superstructure were built up www.porr.at ture it is 30 cm. The ceiling above the on strip and single foundations. As Structural analysis (testing work) twelfth floor is 30 cm thick. All oth- a result of calculations, lifting forces in.ge.na. er intermediate floors were built as were determined in the western part www.ingena.info standard floor ceilings with a thick- of the building structure for the ex­ ness of 25 cm. traordinary action of earthquakes. Software The foundation below the covered To ensure stability in the described Dlubal Engineering Software area of the building was constructed area, GEWI anchors were arranged. www.dlubal.com 6 Dlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S
  • 7. Designed with Dlubal Software...Museum of the    STABBavarian Kingsin Hohenschwangau, RGermanyIn September 2011, the Bavarian mu-nicipality of Hohenschwangau hasgained yet another historical touristattraction. After four years of plan-ning and construction, the „Museumof the Bavarian Kings“ opened itsdoors for the first time. Locatedbelow the Neuschwanstein andHohenschwangau castles, the muse­um combines Bavarian history withimpressive steel and glass architec­ture. The museum contains, amongstother things, a walk-around family-tree exhibition of the Wittelsbachs,one of Europe‘s oldest dynasties,as well as a golden centerpiece Customer Examples Steel stress analysis of the roof support structure in RSTABthat shows the double wedding inWorms known from the Song of theNibelungs.For the construction of the triple bar-rel vault, the Museum of the BavarianKings received the German SteelDesign Award 2012.Initiator, architect, and directorof the museum is the WittelsbachCompen­ ation Fund (Wittelsbacher sAusgleichfonds).ConstructionThe construction of the ­ useum mdedicated to the history of theWittelsbach dynasty required theerection of a new roof atop theformer royal hotel, a building inBaroque style. For the roof supportstructure, grid shells inspired by the Hall of the royal castles with illuminated grid shell of the half-barrel vault (photo: Marcus Ebener)rhombuses of the Bavarian flag weredesigned. The point-supported shell they wouldn‘t disturb the rhombus Building ownerstructure consisting of a half-barrel d ­ esign. Flat-rolled steel bars were Wittelsbacher Ausgleichsfondsand two quarter-barrel vaults pro- welded onto the purlins to contain www.haus-bayern.comvides a span length of 20 meters. the trape­ oidal sheet-metal roofing. z ArchitectThe rhombuses of the shells are The grid shell of the half-barrel vault Staab Architektenformed by laser-cut flat-rolled steel was delivered in five prefabricated www.staab-architekten.combars which following the cylindri-cal shell are welded according to parts and assembled on an assembly Structural planning„Zollinger‘s construction method“. scaffolding. The quarter-barrels were ifb frohloff staffa kühl eckerThe longitudinal steel purlins which delivered in one piece to the con- www.ifb-berlin.deare responsible for the shell‘s spa- struction site. Software for roof constructiontial load capacity were positioned Dlubal Engineering Softwareover the flat-rolled steel bars so that museumderbayerischenkoenige.de www.dlubal.comDlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S 7
  • 8. Designed with Dlubal Software... Tiger & Turtle -   STAB Magic Mountain in Duisburg, Germany R From afar visitors see a roller coast- er standing alone on a green hill. When approaching they understand why the air of a typical fair is missing in its surroundings. It is not a ­ oller r coaster running with high speeds but an accessible construction with a stairway of all in all 215 m. It is not possible, however, to pass through the structure in one run because the looping is an obstacle that cannot be overcome. After 2 years of planning and comple­ ion the big outdoor sculp- t ture called „Tiger & Turtle - Magic Mountain“ was opened to the pub- lic in November 2011. From that time on, the coaster is enthroned on theCustomer Examples Heinrich Hildebrand Height, an ar- Model with deformation visualized in RSTAB tificial hill of 30 m heaped up with zinc slag in the South of the German town Duisburg where it is visible from a large distance. In a height of 45 m above ground, visitors can e ­ njoy the breathtaking view into the landscape of the Western Ruhr. The plan of the „roller coaster for pe- destrians“ was made by artists from Hamburg, Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth. Structure The supporting structure consists of spatially precambered main beam pipes lying on 17 built-in steel col­ umns. Cross beams cantilevering on both sides are fixed to the pipe where a walkable grating with a width of 1 m is applied. The span lengths of the main beam pipe vary Tiger & Turtle - Magic Mountain (photos: ifb frohloff staffa kühl ecker) from 7 to 15 m. The irregular column arrangement is based on results of a research by structural engineers from havior concerning deformation and Geometry Berlin, optimizing the structure’s be- vibration. Horizontal vibration damp- designtoproduction, Arnold Walz ers were installed in significant span www.designtoproduction.com areas. Architect www.ruhr-tourismus.de/duisburg/ bk2a architektur tigerturtle.html www.bk2a.de Structural planning Building owner ifb frohloff staffa kühl ecker Kulturhauptstadtbüro Duisburg www.ifb-berlin.de www.duisburg.de Artists Software Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth Dlubal Engineering Software Stairway with looping www.phaenomedia.org www.dlubal.com 8 Dlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S
  • 9. Designed with Dlubal Software...Wörgl Zentrum Lenk,    FEMAustria RIn autumn 2012, construction start-ed in Wörgl, Austria for an apart-ment complex that is, by requestof the building owner, complete-ly planned and designed as a BIMmodel includ­ng structural analy- isis, work planning, call for tenders,etc. Special software tools of b.i.m.mGmbH, an Austrian company forbuilding information model man-agement, are used to make possiblethe cooperation of architects, struc-tural engineers and company techni-cians working efficiently together onthe same 3D model. Basic softwareused during the project are RFEMand the Autodesk programs RevitArchitecture and Revit Structure forwhich Dlubal provides a direct inter- Customer Examples Deformation of House B represented in 3D renderingface.The entire model has been enteredin Revit. Input includes more than1,000,000 structural components (in-cluding guard railing, etc.). All struc-tural specifications and load ­ ases chave also been entered in RevitStructure. Then, the analytical mod-el has been transferred to RFEM bymeans of the direct interface. The in-terface is bidirectional, which meansthat data transfer is performed inboth directions. If structural compo-nents are changed in RFEM, they canbe exported easily to Revit and viceversa. RFEM has been used to carryout structural calculations and to de-sign the concrete construction. TheRFEM add-on modules RF-CONCRETE Complete model of apartment complex with House A (left) and House B (picture: AGA-Bau)and RF PUNCH have completed thecalculation. House B: Final, detail planningStructure Materials: 21 and structural analysisThe entire project covers an enclosed Surfaces: 419 AGA-Bau-Planungs GmbHspace of approximately 40,000 m³. Cross-sections: 14 www.agabau.atIt is divided into two calculation sec- Members: 72tions: House A and House B. Other BIM consulting Structure weight: approx. 11 m tcharacteristics of the structural b.i.m.m GmbHm­ odel are: www.bimm.eu Building ownerHouse A: Tiroler FriedenswerkMaterials: 11 www.friedentirol.atSurfaces: 362Cross-sections: 7 Architecture, approval planning SoftwareMembers: 75 riccione architekten Dlubal Engineering SoftwareStructure weight: approx. 10 m t www.riccione.at www.dlubal.comDlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S 9
  • 10. Designed with Dlubal Software... Shuter Street Bridge   STAB in Toronto, Canada Since March 2011 a glass ­ edestrian p R bridge with a length of 30 m con- nects the St. Michael hospital with the new research center Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute. The ­ upporting s structure consists of several oval steel rings which are twisted together. The bridge with a section height of 4.60 m and a width of 3.80 m was designed by Diamond and Schmitt Architects Inc. from Toronto. As peo- ple in Toronto are mainly using the PATH system, an underground ­ ystem s of pedestrian paths, ­ xtending over a e length of 28 km, the town could be persuaded to grant the permit only Model with deformation visualized in RSTAB by architectural originality. Lightness of the bridge is reached by curved and thermally prestressed panes of insula­ ed glass as well as curved tCustomer Examples pipes crossing each other, all togeth- er forming the sup­ orting structure. p Thus, the construc­ ion appears dif- t ferently each time you see it from a ­ nother perspective. Structure The bridge was designed as a stati- cally determinate framework because of different building movements and the requirement that introducing ma- jor forces into the building structure is not allowed. The fixed point, and thus the transfer of horizontal forces, was put to the side of the old build- ing. The cross-section of the bridge is elliptic. The supporting tube is formed by a large number of circular, parallel lying pipes intersecting circu- Interior view of bridge (photos: Gartner Steel and Glass GmbH) lar pipes which are lying parallel in the opposite direction. neer. Loading, however, was deter­ Building owner mined and taken into account in ac- St. Michael‘s Hospital Design cordance with local standards. www.stmichaelshospital.com Engineers were able to design the The bridge was calculated non-line- Architect bridge according to DIN 18800 as it was agreed with the local test engi­ arly as a 3D model in RSTAB. As the Diamond and Schmitt Architects Inc. com­ lete construction is welded, an p www.dsai.ca equi­ alent model was used to de- v Test termine the effective stiffnesses of Carruthers & Wallace Ltd. nodes for the analysis of deforma- Toronto, Canada tions. Then, nodal stiffnesses were Construction and work built as releases into the RSTAB mod- Gartner Steel and Glass GmbH el. Furthermore, the deformation and www.gartnersteel.com stress design ratio of the total struc- Josef Gartner USA ture were determined. Finally, the josef-gartner.permasteelisagroup.com most critical welding nodes were de- Software signed in RFEM using the analyzed Dlubal Engineering Software Shuter Street Bridge at night internal forces. www.dlubal.com 10 Dlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S
  • 11. Designed with Dlubal Software...Saldome2    STABin Rheinfelden,Switzerland RIn May 2012, the new Saldome2 ofthe Swiss company Salt Works on theRhine AG was officially put into oper­ation. With a span length of 120 mand a height of 31.6 m the salt stor-age is the biggest dome ­ onstruction cin Europe. It was designed and builtby Häring, a Swiss company special-ized in timber technology. The struc-tural analysis was performed byHäring engineers, R. Schneider and C.Zihlmann, using the Dlubal programsRSTAB and TIMBER Pro.Huge Salt Storage Model of Saldome2 in RSTABWith a base area of 11,300 squaremeters, Saldome2 is about the same Customer Examplessize as two football pitches. Thus,it is almost twice as big as the firstdome construction Saldome1 putinto oper­ tion in August 2005. It is apossible to store more than 100,000tons of road salt inside the newSaldome2. The base area of the saltstorage has a ­ ircumference of 377 cmeters.Structural Concept„Häring-Ensphere“The shell structure of the Saldome2’sstructural system is a radical depar-ture from traditional methods ofconstruction. Ch. Häring calls hisc­ oncept the „Häring Ensphere“ (fromAmerican English: a spherical formenveloping a space). It is based on Saldome2 during construction stage (photo: Häring)the fact that every detached anddouble curved type of construction The ­ esult is a high-capacity structure r Building ownerspans the internal space above a ring rivaling steel and concrete construc- Schweizer Rheinsalinen AGfoundation so that the room created tions with regard to efficiency and www.rheinsalinen.chinside can be used absolutely freely. cost-effectiveness. PlanningThe lamella arch structure made of The entire structural system was can- Häring und Co. AGglued laminated timber consists of a tilevered (built without scaffolding) www.haring.chprimary and a secondary frameworkstructure. In total, the construction is by using aerial work platforms. That Structural engineering and designcomposed of 894 structural elements is why separate analysis models were Häring Projekt AGwhich are supported by 48 founda- used to analyze the high number of Construction of structural systemtions and connected by 163 nodes resulting construction stages. Häring Holz- und Systembau AG(two connection points per node).The individual elements of the dome Softwarewere rigidly bolted using 4,272 bolts Dlubal Engineering Software(eight bolts for each main beam). www.saldome.ch www.dlubal.comDlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S 11
  • 12. Designed with Dlubal Software... Designing   FEM the Arch Bridge R Jana Vlachová who was studying CTU in Prague used program RFEM for structural analysis of the concrete arch bridge as part of her Master Thesis. The project objective was to design the bridge structure ­ rossing c a valley. The project was tackled as an arch bridge with prestressed bridge deck. In addition to RFEM the following modules were used: SHAPE-MASSIVE, RF-MOVE, RF-CONCRETE Members and RF-TENDON. Definition of Paper Topic The bridge structure is 250.0 m long with a central span of 140.0 m. It stands 28.1 m tall and has width ofCustomer Examples 12.0 m. Rendered model with loading Fixed reinforced concrete arch made of parabolic curve was chosen for its structural efficiency and fine aes- thetic. Other data of the RFEM model: Nodes: 177 Members: 14 Materials: 2 Cross-sections: 3 Structural Analysis Numerical simulations of bridge static behavior are carried out with program RFEM in accordance to Eurocode 2 and the national ­ nnex a for Czech Republic. The framework was calculated according to the s ­ econd-order analysis taking into a ­ ccount geometrical imperfections. Cross-section of the bridge deck was modeled in the add-on module SHAPE-MASSIVE and imported into Bridge section in RF-TENDON Design RFEM. The moving loads were gene­ Designer rated using the module RF-MOVE Jana Vlachová and for some calculation was used Student of civil engineering at the the module RF-CONCRETE Members. Czech Technical University in Prague The bridge structure was subsequent- ly entered in the external add-on mo­ d­ le RF-Tendons. This module was u used for designing the prestressing Software cables in the bridge deck and for cal- Dlubal Engineering Software Graphical representation of internal forces in RFEM culating prestressing load. www.dlubal.com 12 Dlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S
  • 13. Designed with Dlubal Software...G3 Shopping Resort    STABin Gerasdorf,Austria RIn Gerasdorf, a municipality in thenorth of Vienna, the G3 ShoppingResort has been built. It representsthe largest construction project thathas ever been announced for crosslaminated timber, being the big-gest construction site for timber inEurope. More than 8,000 m³ of crosslaminated timber and approx. 3,500m³ of glued-laminated beams wereused for the construction work.Both the architecturally ­ ophisticated sdesign and the complex ­ tructural scalculation are penned by the AustrianDlubal customer ATP Architekten undIngenieure from Vienna. The structural Part of the structure designed in RSTABanalysis was created under the leader­ship of Gustav Trefil. Customer ExamplesThe building is Austria’s largest shop­ping center that has ever been builtin one building phase. Its openingwas planned for summer 2012.Giant Wave Made of TimberThe project’s architectural as wellas structural highlight is the hugetimber roof rolling across an areaof 60,000 m², spanning the build-ing like a giant wave. It has beendesigned by the Austrian companyGraf-Holztechnik. The primary con-struction consisting of heavy glu-lam beams is based on steel and re-inforced con­ rete columns with a cheight of up to 20 m. The structuresupports the record amount of ap- Interior view of roof construction consisting of timber (photos: ATP)proximately 8,000 m³ of cross-lam-inated timber slabs. The three- and der to dimension the construction as Building ownerfive-layer panels have a thickness of slender and efficient as possible. HY Immobilien Ypsilon GmbH12 to 24 cm and a span length of Vienna, Austriaup to 10 m. Designers have calculat- Environment-Friendly Main contractored the thickness for each slab in or- and Visually Appealing Leyrer + Graf Baugesellschaft GmbH The project’s energy balance is real- www.leyrer-graf.at ly impressive. Due to the use of timber Timber construction as construction material, more than Graf-Holztechnik GmbH 23,000 t of CO2 has been saved. www.graf-holztechnik.at Because of the high roof level (up to Planning 20 m) the timber structure was in­ ATP Architekten und Ingenieure stalled and „ground in industry quali­ www.atp.ag ty“ in order to obtain the ideal bal­ ance between costs and visual appear- ance. The timber construction is large- ly visible, making a significant contri- SoftwareAerial view of Shopping Resort Gerasdorf during bution to the desired feel and comfort Dlubal Engineering Softwareconstruction factor of the Shopping Resort. www.dlubal.comDlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S 13
  • 14. Designed with Dlubal Software... Metropol Parasol   FEM in Seville, Spain R The Metropol Parasol was built in the historic center of Seville in Spain. Under its roof the building combines an archeological excavation, a mar- ket hall, an urban open-air venue and an extraordinary shadow construc- tion made of timber, with an inte- grated restaurant and walks offer- ing wonderful views over the town. The structural system is a hybrid con- struction consisting of timber, con- crete, steel and composite steel. Timber Construction with Panels Made of Laminated Veneer Lumber The most interesting and impressive Design of a panel of circa 4 m x 6 m in RFEM part of the Metropol Parasol is the accessible timber construction which place, which was performed for the Building ownerCustomer Examples is 150 m long and up to 28 m high. first time in timber constructions. The Ayuntamiento de Sevilla It consists of multi-layer glued tim- annealing became necessary to raise www.sevilla.org ber panels of the LVL type Kerto-Q the safety level because more than (pro­ uced by the Finnforest compa- d 60°C is reached in summer inside the Main contractor ny). Some structural innovations had timber structure. Both the structur- SACYR S.A.U. to be made for the implementation, al engineer and the timber construc- Sevilla, Spain for example the polyurethane coating tion company decided on a connec- Architecture which is 2 to 3 mm thin, the connec­ tion system with glued-in tension J. Mayer H. tion details optimized for mounting bars representing a way of connect- www.jmayerh.de and the annealing of the epoxy res- ing elements appropriate for achiev- in used for gluing threaded bars in ing a high load bearing capacity but Structural planning which is at the same time of relative- Arup ly low weight. www.arup.com The timber construction consists of Timber construction approx. 3,400 individual parts with a Metsä Wood (formerly Finnforest) total of 2,500 m³ of panels made of www.metsawood.de laminated veneer lumber used for the construction work. Timber construction, detailed structural analysis and design Stress Analysis with RFEM Finnforest, Aichach, together with in Timber Panels Harrer Ingenieure, Karlsruhe, As the panels are connected with PBB Ingenieure, Ingolstadt, releases in the intersection points APU engineering, Braunschweig, around the vertical axis, the inter- Wevo Chemie, Ostfildern, nal forces from the bearing capacity Borimir Radovic, Knittlingen of plates are almost always negligi- ble. Normally, the stress design is re- duced to the stresses occurring with- in the plane of the timber sheet. The timber cross-sections in the branch- ing points where the timber gridshell is divided into a top and a bottom part were designed by Finnforest us- Software ing RFEM and FE sheet models. Dlubal Engineering Software Metropol Parasol in Seville (photo: Finnforest) www.metropolsevilla.com www.dlubal.com 14 Dlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S
  • 15. Designed with Dlubal Software...Life and Science Park    STABCarl Alexander inBaesweiler, Germany RBaesweiler, a small German townnear Aachen, decided to return toits citizens a burden dump that wasused in the former mining industrybut abandoned in 1975. Moreover,this project was meant to be thestarting point for the development ofa technology site. The result was anextraordinary construction challenge.The project was awarded with theGerman price for landscape architec­ture 2009.Architectural PlanThe idea was to make the dump ac- Floating walkway supported by tetrapod construction in RSTABcessible on a discovery path leading„through the tree tops“. The overlookat the west point offers a wide view Customer Examplesover the surrounding landscape. Theuphill walk starts at the „hill foyer“which is a building with the shapeof a red skew cube. Passing its stair-case visitors are crossing a „troughedbridge“ and the „twin tower“ wherethey reach the „floating walkway“.The way is winding through the treesfor 150 m and about 6 m above theground. Beginning with the secondhalf of the path visitors are walkingon the „stairway to heaven“ consist- Viewing platform „mountain plateau“ (photos: Prof. Feyerabend, FS)ing of steel steps which are relativelyclose to the earth. Once the walkersarrive at the top they cross an arête these coordinates, the supportingwalk to reach the „mountain pla- structure was finally designed liketeau“, a platform projecting beyond in a 3D CAD program.the dump edge.Supporting StructureAs the burden material was only Building ownerheaped up in the past without com­ Town of Baesweilerpressing it, constructions needed to www.baesweiler.debe statically determinate due to high Planning and landscapesettlement risks. Therefore, it was de- architecturecided to use „tetrapods” for the sup- DTP Davids, Terfrüchte + Partnerporting structure of the „floating www.dtp-essen.deway“. They are immediately stable in Planning and urban developmentthemselves and thus can be assem­ Floating way on tetrapod construction PASD Architekten Feldmeier - Wredebled easily. In addition, they are re- www.pasd.desistant to settlements. Furthermore,one­ pan footbridges that are stati­ s Structural planningcally determinate were placed be­ IFS - Beratende Ingenieure fürtween these tetrapods. The site Bauwesen Softwaremeasurement was entered in RSTAB Prof. Feyerabend - Schüller Dlubal Engineering Softwareby structural engineers. Based on Hürth www.dlubal.comDlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S 15
  • 16. Designed with Dlubal Software... RegioTram Station   STAB in Kassel, Germany When the German RegioTram was R connected to the central station in Kassel, a tunnel was built under the main station, and thus it became a junction of regional transport for the entire region. The RegioTram is a light rail system in Kassel and sur- roundings. The German Dlubal cus- tomer osd Ingenieure from Frankfurt am Main was in charge of the struc- tural planning for the tram station. Platform Roof Without Columns The framework design reveals a light and filigree timber-steel construction RegioTram station during construction phase (photo: osd) able to span three train platforms without requiring columns, which makes the structure visually quite at-Customer Examples tractive. On the one hand, choosing the shape of a semi ellipsoidal head allows for preserving the overall sys- tem of power lines in the train sta- tion and for using common over­ head lines in the station area. On the other hand, the whole construction is in line with the shape of the bar- rel roof structures of the existing sta- tion roofs. Barrel Shell Based on Building Method of Friedrich Zollinger The roof‘s structural model consists of a barrel shell made of timber la- mellas whose loads are concentrated and introduced into the reinforced concrete trough across a construc- tion built up of steel box sections. The timber structure was built as a Structure and deformation in RSTAB Zollinger roof represented by a sin- gle-curved lamella construction for was specified in a detail template Structural planning which the members were arranged that could be applied to all nodes. osd – office for structural design in a rhomb-shaped structure, each The roof finishes won the award of www.o-s-d.com member length running over two the timber construction competition Construction work fields. 2008 in Hessen, Germany. Grossmann Bau GmbH & Co. KG The main difference in comparison www.grossmann-bau.de to Zollinger‘s construction method is the bending-resistant design of nodal points. Due to the flat shell geometry Building owner the transfer of major bending mo­ Kasseler Verkehrsgesellschaft AG ments into nodes was required. For www.kvg.de this reason a new assembly system Architect Software was developed: a plug-in connection Pahl + Weber-Pahl Architekten BDA Dlubal Engineering Software with glued-in dowels. This system www.pahl-architekten.de www.dlubal.com 16 Dlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S
  • 17. Designed with Dlubal Software...Supporting Structure    STABfor a Railway BridgeDue to their usability both programs Rfor structural analysis RFEM andRSTAB are quite popular with stu-dents becoming future civil engi-neers. Many universities and schoolsof higher education are already usingDlubal’s 3D calculation software tomake their students familiar with theprogram handling. Radoslav Dimitrovwho is studying at the TU Dresden inGermany used the framework pro­gram RSTAB to perform the structur-al analysis for a steel bridge.Definition of Paper TopicThe paper’s objective was the designof a new construction replacing arailway bridge, including a super-structure consisting of a steel orcomposite structure. The design was Customer Examples Representation of deformation in 3D renderingperformed with an arched bridge. Itwas necessary to develop a specificsuperstructure in accordance withthe terrain conditions, actions, ma-terials and dimensions. Based on thedesign, the student had to carry outa structural calculation which wouldbe prepared for test engineers check-ing the analysis. Finally, the completedesign had to be visualized.Structural Analysisof Railway BridgeThe structure of the arched bridgewith a span length of 88.3 m wasentered in RSTAB. Cross-sections pre-viously modeled in the add-on mod-ule SHAPE-THIN were used as well.The overall structure consists of alto-gether 2,461 members. In addi­ ion, t Visualization of railway bridge in the modeling tool Rhinoceros198 load cases, 11 load groups and8 load combinations were creat­ d. eFinally, the system was calculated ac- The following add-on modules Designercording to the second-order analy­ is. s were used: Radoslav Dimitrov  STEEL Student of civil engineering at the Radoslav Dimitrov about RSTAB:  PLATE-BUCKLING Technical University in Dresden, „It was easy to enter traffic loads Germany  DYNAM and to apply imperfections to the archs. Furthermore, the design  RSBUCK ratio could be clearly represen-  RSIMP ted in the 3D rendering. The pro- Further data of bridge structure: gram handling of RSTAB is easier Nodes: 1,318 Software than of other structural analysis software.“ Cross-sections: 22 Dlubal Engineering Software Weight: 824 t www.dlubal.comDlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S 17
  • 18. Designed with Dlubal Software... Dlubal Programs analyses show a considerable corre-   FEM spondence with the stone structures Help to Save Stone behavior (deformations, failures etc.). The research phase ex­ cuted so far e Monuments in R proved that the tem­ erature loading p of Angkor temples reaches significant Angkor, Cambodia values and has considerable influence on their technical condition, worsen- Stone monuments in the Angkor ing con­ tantly. In next research phas- s archaeological park, registered as es, the steps performed so far will be a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are further developed in such a way that considerably deteriorated nowadays the influence of temperature changes and the state of the preserved ones Angkor Vat temple in Cambodia on the stone monuments behavior is getting worse quickly. in Angkor could be more specified Thus, international experts are in­ and optimal procedures could be ing a year cycle. Large thermal differ- tensely looking into causes of a bad proposed to preserve the monuments ences exist between night and day technical condition of these impor- for next generations. as well, the temperature on the in- tant monuments and try to find ternal surface was often about 40°C suitable solutions for their rescue. lower than on the external one. This The Czech research team partici­ ates p contributes to an uneven loading in saving these monuments in and large dilatation motions within Angkor as well, with the five-year the stone structures; combined witch research project „Thermal Im­ ging a other factors, a gradual expansion and Structural Analysis of Sandstone of joints occurs among the blocks, Monuments in Angkor“. individual stones drop out from theCustomer Examples The main project objective repre­ structure and the entire temple parts sents an analysis of a stone struc­ disintegrate or collapse. tures loading by environmental tem- Numerical simulations of monuments’ perature changes and their influ- static behavior are carried out with ence on a static safety of the monu- Dlubal’s FEA program RFEM, which ments. Besides the research direct- allows reaching a high corre­ ponden­ s ly in Angkor, numerical sim­ lations u ce rate between properties of nume­ of behavior of stone structures load- rical models and real structures of ed by external ac­ ions, focused on an t stone temples. The analysis goal is to effect of temperature changes also predict the further development of make a part of the project. The pro- their technical condition, based on gram RFEM by the Dlubal company simulation results. Among others, Analysis results in RFEM was used to create numerical models obtained results could also serve to and carry out a structural analysis. elaborate a project proposing opti- The Angkor stone monuments, built mal saving procedures for stabiliza- Project director between 8th and 14th century, are tion and rescue of these rare monu- Dr. Karel Kranda mostly ruins in various stages of de­ ments. Academy of Sciences terioration at present. Majority of Within the research, 3D models of of the Czech Republic monuments was constructed from selected typical segments of stone Nuclear Physics Institute stone blocks assembled without any structures were created and tested binding material, firebricks were used Head of research in the RFEM program so far - a single sometimes. At the temples preserved Doc. Ing. Jan Pašek, Ph.D. wall, a tetragonal pyramid, a roofed so far, a continuous development of Faculty of Civil Engineering of the column gallery and various tower failures occurs, mainly a disintegra- CTU (Czech Technical University) shapes. The numerical models were tion of a stone blockwork, caused by in Prague, Czech Republic formed by solids - volume elements a combination of several different Department of Building Structures representing individual stone blocks. factors. The mutual interaction of the blocks Team members Besides an improper construction was simulated by contact elements Ing. Jiří Svoboda technique, as regarded with today´s that allow to eliminate tension Ing. Hansley Pravin Gaya knowledge, demanding climatic effects perpendicular to a joint Otakar Veverka conditions represent one of the and to work with different friction main deterioration causes. intensity among block contacts. The monitoring of deformations A number of simulations was pro­ es­ c and temperatures of selected tem- sed for loading of mentioned models ples showed that the difference be- by temperature, considering chara­ tween the maximum and minimum cter­stic construction subsoil and vari- i Software tem­ erature on intensely insolated p ous connection types of stone blocks. Dlubal Engineering Software ex­ ernal surfaces exceeds 60°C dur- t The results of numerical www.dlubal.com 18 Dlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S
  • 19. Designed with Dlubal Software...Steel Roofs    STABand Bridgeof Sheremetyevo RAirport in Moscow,RussiaBecause of modernization and in­creased passenger capacity, the thirdterminal was built at the Shere­metyevo International Airport. TheDlubal customer B+G IngenieureBollinger and Grohmann GmbH fromFrankfurt am Main, Germany, was re-sponsible under the direction of theArnold AG for the planning of sever-al projecting roofs and a pedes­ rian tbridge connecting car park and ter-minal. The model was designed bythe architect Dmitri Pshenichnikov.The steel construction was built bythe Russian company Stalkon. A spe- Main Arch and bridge of Russian airport Sheremetyevo (photo: Bollinger+Grohmann)cial challenge for all companies Customer Examplesinvolved was the three-dimensionalplanning required to perform theproject. Large-area accumulations ofsnow had to be taken into accountwhen designing the steel construc­ ion. tThe basic snow load of 1.26 kN/m²for Moscow was multiplied with thecorresponding factors and resulted ina snow load of 8.60 kN/m² to be ap-plied.BridgeThe architect’s 3D model consistedof a bow (Main Arch) with long spanlengths, stretched from the terminalto the parking deck, and a bridgesuspended from the arc. Though thebridge got its own arched support-ing structure, due to various defor­mations of single structural compo­ RSTAB analysis model of Main Arch (screen shot: Bollinger+Grohmann)nents stressed by load, the verticalcables were used additionally. flexural stiffness, however, resulted Structural planningMain Arch in unintentional excessive tensile B+G Ingenieure - Bollinger forces within the bottom chord of und Grohmann GmbHThe Main Arch is an arch structure the 4-chord trusses. Therefore, the www.bollinger-grohmann.dewith supporting cables, starting from cables supporting the structure werethe dome-shaped structure in the Steel construction for Main Arch pre­ tressed with such a high force scenter of the terminal, running over Heinrich Lamparter Stahlbau GmbH that the tension forces are over-the main entrance and ending at the & Co. KG pressed. By prestressing the cablescar park, creating an entrance hall www.stahl-und-glas.de during the assembly, stresses werewith span lengths of 56 m x 43 m generated in the upper chord which Steel construction for bridgeand bridging a distance of 88 m to were reduced only by applying the Müller Offenburg GmbHthe parking deck. The principal sup­ load of the finishings. www.mueller-offenburg.deporting structure consists of 4-chordtrusses where cross beams in the Architectform of fish-bellied girders are Dmitri Pshenichnikovar­ anged between them. It was re­ r Main contractor for projectingquired that the main arch must have roofs and roofing Softwarea high flexural resistance because of Arnold AG Dlubal Engineering Softwarehigh eccentric snow loads. The high www.arnold.de www.dlubal.comDlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S 19
  • 20. Designed with Dlubal Software... Tower in Kuchlbauer‘s   STAB World of Beer in Abensberg, Germany R The Kuchlbauer tower is an architec­ tural project built on the premises of the German brewery Kuchlbauer in Abensberg. The tower with a height of 34.19 m was designed by the Austri­ n a artist Friedrich Stowasser, better known as Friedensreich Hundert­ wasser. He died in 2000 when the project was still in its planning stages. The tower represents the major tour- ist attraction in „Kuchlbauer‘s World of Beer“, a show park combining art, culture and beer consumption. The exhibition inside the tower shows the brewing procedure and informs about the German purity law. In ad- dition, visitors can see a collection ofCustomer Examples more than 4,000 wheat bear glasses. The platform offers a splendid view Kuchlbauer Tower – an architectural project of Hundertwasser, planned and designed by the architect of Abensberg and the Hallertau re- Peter Pelikan (C) Gruener Janura AG, Glarus, Switzerland (photo: Brauerei zum Kuchlbauer GmbH & gion which is the largest hop-plant- Co. KG) ing area in the world. Construction Completed Af­ er t Death of Hundertwasser The tower was built when Hundert­ wasser had already died. It was erect- ed under the direction of the archi- tect Peter Pelikan and the building owner Leonard Sallek who is also the owner of the brewery. Dis­ ussions c were carried out on the part of the town Abensberg concerning monu- ment protection until the first foun- dation stone was finally laid in April 2007. The golden roof ball was put on the tower top in August 2008. In January 2010, the tower opened its doors for the first time. Roof Ball Construction Calcu­ lated with RSTAB The German engineering office Uhrmacher, operators of the Internet Deformation of roof ball construction in RSTAB planning portal www.diestatiker.de, was responsible for the tower’s struc­ including coating is 12 tons. The Structural planning tural analysis using Dlubal’s calcula­ construction of the tower required Planungsbüro Uhrmacher tion software. The supporting struc­ approx. 140 tons of reinforcing steel www.diestatiker.de ture of the roof ball consisting of and 15 tons of I-beams. 508 steel members was calculated Software with RSTAB. It has a diameter of Dlubal Engineering Software 10 m. The total weight of the ball www.kuchlbauers-bierwelt.de www.dlubal.com 20 Dlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S
  • 21. Designed with Dlubal Software...Echolot – Biomimic    STABGazebo at theGerman BUGA 2011 RThe German Bundesgartenschau BUGA2011 took place in Koblenz and couldbe visited from April to Oc­ ober 2011. tThe gazebo called „Echolot“ referringto the echo sound­ng used to measure idistances has already become a realcrowd puller. The walk-in structurewas built by the University of AppliedSciences Koblenz and consists of ap-proximately 6,000 members made ofDouglas fir. Gazebo of FH Koblenz at the BUGA 2011 (photo: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Feyerabend)Floor Plan Based on Echolo­cation Calls from BatsIn the course of the constructionworks required for the Federal Horti­cultural Show, it had been necessaryto step into the bats’ biotope. The ul-timate ambition was to act cau­ i­ us­ toly. The university of Koblenz took on Customer Examplesthe subject when preparing the pro-ject’s basis, designing the gazeboaccording to bionic principles. Thestructure’s floor plan represents thesound pressure level in relation tothe time of the echolocation callssent by native „nyctalus“ bats. As hu-mans are not able to hear these calls,they were represented in an oscillo-gram, using music processing soft-ware in preparation of the design.Oscillogram as template for floor planBased on the echo floor plan, a two­ Gazebo model in RSTABlayer structure, suspended and sup­ported, was modeled by means It can be recycled and has a positive to the visualization program Cinemaof the program system „EASY“. life cycle assessment. In addition, 4D where it was edited graphically.Structural shapes of this kind are fre- it was important that the studentsquently seen in nature because they them­ elves were able to set up and s Prof. Dr.-Ing. Manfred Feyerabendare transferring loads in an optimal remove the timber construction. from the university in Koblenz,way. The suspension structure, sepa- project manager of the Echolotrated in parallel sections, was divid- Modeling and Calculation gazebo: „The entire planninged into three planes set to each other in RSTAB is based on a continuous digitalin an angle of 60°. In this way, trian- The generated cut lines were import- workflow.“gle and hexagon grids often appear- ed to RSTAB via DXF interface. Ining in nature (honeycombs, diatoms, each section plane a member mesh Modeling & structural planningshapes of blossoms etc.) were gener- was generated, consisting of upper Department for civil engineering atated being spatially stable. The mesh chord, lower chord and diagonal the University of Applied Sciencesgrid’s refinements, also following web members. Subsequent to the Koblenzthe principles of nature, comply with applica­ ion of loads the structure t www.hs-koblenz.dethe size of the static stress occur- was calcu­ated. Then each of the sec- lring in the respective structural field. tion planes (approx. 100) was trans-The material choice of the supporting ferred to Nemetschek Allplan where Softwarestructure fell on timber which is a re- the final planning was performed. Dlubal Engineering Softwarenewable and natural substance. Even the RSTAB model was exported www.dlubal.comDlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S 21
  • 22. Designed with Dlubal Software... Fired Heater   FEM The designed object is a heat ex­ R changer to which a chimney was set up, a construction with an over- all height of 60.7 m. The exchanger has an outside diameter of approx. 5.5 m and a height of approx. 23 m. The chimney which is connected by means of a cone has a diameter of 1.35 m and is 37.7 m high. The structure mainly consists of sheets that were reinforced by exteri- or steel cross-sections in the bottom area. The construction was furnished inside with a fire-resistant lining, though it does not keep the steel entirely off the generated heat. Therefore, the structure was design­ ed for a calculation temperature of + 65°C.Customer Examples Analysis model and 3rd Eigenmode in RFEM Using Dummy Rigids for Modeling Stage brackets were connected in two levels to the chimney. As only the re- inforcing sheets at the chimney and not the brackets had to be designed, the bracket members were modeled as so-called „dummy rigids“. Support conditions of heat exchanger Stress Design, Stability Analy­ the add-on module PLATE-BUCKLING sis and Vibration Design was used to check if the sheet metal casing is sufficiently protected against In addition to the general stress de- local buckling. sign of the sheet metals subjected to pressure and the structural sections, a stability analysis for the steel cross- Structural planning sections and the entire construction Peter & Partner was performed. For the complex sta- www.ifs-peter-partner.de bility analysis the engineers used the RFEM add-on module RF-STABILITY Stage brackets as dummy rigids calculating data according to the ei- genvalue calculation method. Because RFEM refers to stiff coupling mem- the object is built in seismic zone 1 bers as dummy rigids for which you and the basic vibration must be be- can define releases and other member yond a particular range, according properties. They won’t be designed, to manufacturer’s specifications, the Software but it is possible to display the inter- add-on module RF-DYNAM was used Dlubal Engineering Software nal forces. for analyzing vibra­ ions. Moreover, t www.dlubal.com 22 Dlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S
  • 23. Designed with Dlubal Software...Waterside Theatre    STABin Aylesbury NearLondon, RUnited KingdomIn October 2010, the Waterside The­a­ re opened its doors in Aylesbury tnear London. The structure wasdesigned by the Arts Team London,represented by the people fromRHWL Architects who are specializedin constructions of arts and culture.The town‘s new emblem mirrors inits floor plan and roof structure theshape of the „Chiltern Hills“ in SouthEast England.The bar-shaped timber columns in Waterside Theatre (photo: Finnforest)the inside and outside area refer tothe depths of the forest. The facadeconstruction whose supporting struc­ Customer Examplesture is out of doors, which meansthat the building‘s envelope is actu-ally built inside (reversed facade), de-scribes a floor plan having the shapeof a peanut with six different radii ofcurvature. As the basement and theedge of the roof are running wave-like around the building, eachcolumn is unique.Timber Construction„Made in Germany“The timber construction companyFinnforest Merk in Aichach, Germany,was in charge of the design for thespecially manufactured timber-glass-facade, the acoustic ceiling and roofelements as well as the exposed col- Timber facade in RSTABumns made of larch glued-laminat-ed timber. RSTAB calculated the roof structure ArchitectThe German engineering office pbb and the timber facade construction Arts Team from RHWL ArchitectsGmbH in Ingolstadt was responsible consisting of more than 1,700 mem­ www.artsteam.comfor the structural analysis and plan­ bers. The applied wind loads were Timber construction, projectning of the timber structure. The quite elaborated because of the free management, constructionteam developed standard connec- form structure that is reinforced by Metsä Wood (formerly Finnforest)tions with special modifications for external ribs. Furthermore, the verti- www.metsawood.derespective situations in order to meet cal loads from the roof structure asfor example the requirements of the well as the restraining end moment Structural planningarchitects who wanted the timber from the cantilevering roof which pbb Planung + Projektsteuerungconnections to be covered as far as may overhang up to 3 m had to be GmbHpossible. applied to the column head. www.pbb.deCalculation in RSTABThe model was entered in Tekla Building owner SoftwareStruc­ ures and exported to RSTAB by t Aylesbury Vale District Council Dlubal Engineering Softwareusing the direct interface. www.aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk www.dlubal.comDlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S 23
  • 24. Designed with Dlubal Software... Industrial Filter   FEM Device R The project for designing a filter/dry- er device including agitator required a complete stress and deformation analysis in RFEM. A special design challenge represented the complex modeling of the structure having 1,424 surfaces, 158 solids and 425 members. Model Input The filter was modeled with linear elastic shell and solid elements. It consists of the following main structural components:  floor slab  filter bottom   ontainer wall with torispherical cCustomer Examples Analysis model in RFEM head and ring flange applied at bottom  brackets on container wall  support plate for agitator   ipe connection and lifting eyes on p torispherical head  circulating serpentine pipes The connection of container and floor slab has been especially interest­ ing for the modeling process. The ring flange was applied in the form of a solid element to the bot- Details: connection between container wall and floor slab tom of the tank plate. It was fixed to the floor slab with Loads nal forces, stresses and deformations 53 clamping bolts M 27 which were The following loads were applied to were determined in RFEM. In addi- uniformly distributed around the the construction: tion to the general stress analysis, fa- circum­ erence to ensure a constant f   esign pressure for container d tigue designs due to pressure fluctu- prestressing force. In order to anchor -1/6 bar, heating for flat bottom ations and agitator loading were per- the ring flange against the floor slab -1/10 bar, heating coil -1/10 bar formed. with defined prestress forces, a circu­   ertical loads due to self-weight v lating counter element was modeled and equipment as solid element on the tank wall.   esign temperature -20/200 °C d Structural planning Thus, it was possible to clamp the  nternal positive and negative pres­ i Peter & Partner container flange against the conical www.ifs-peter-partner.de sure with design of pressure fluctu­ floor slab. ations from 0.0 to 3.0 bar for To reproduce this conical fastening 28,000 cycles of load according in RFEM, it was necessary to define to AD-S1 and S2 the contact property between these   gitator loads for 2 millions stress a structural components in the analy- cycles sis model. Calculation in RFEM Contact solid elements defining an Five load groups were created from Software elastic spring were distributed uni­ the single load cases and the FE- Dlubal Engineering Software formly around the circumference. mesh was generated. Then the inter- www.dlubal.com 24 Dlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S
  • 25. Designed with Dlubal Software...Tree Tower in the    STABBavarian Forest,Germany RThe path leading through forest tree-tops has a total length of 1,300 mand is the longest tree-top walkworldwide. It was built in 2009 inthe Bavarian Forest National Park inGermany. The walk‘s principal mag-net of tourism is the walkable treetower with a height of 44 m. It con-sists of a spiral construction with alength of 520 m, directly connectedto the tree-top walk which is 780 mlong.Architecture and StructuralAnalysisThe egg-shaped tree tower was builtaround three trees with a height of Customer Examples Entire structure of the tree tower in RSTABup to 38 m, growing on a rock for-mation. In this way, the visitors areable to follow the trees’ individualsteps of growth. Reaching the two-story steel platform at the tower top,they can enjoy the view across thenational park.The tower’s principal supportingstructure, mainly built of timber, con-sists of 16 larch glulam beams whichare curved and arranged in rotation-al symmetry. The upper part of thetower was stiffened by a close meshof diagonal steel members. The lowerpart was stiffened by four compres-sion-resistant and tension-proofcrosses consisting of steel hol­ow sec- ltions anchored with the timber archs.The spiral timber construction isattached to the timber archs by steelsuspensions and secondary steelbeams. The structural system was Tree tower from a bird‘s eye view and view inside the tower (photos: WIEHAG)calculated according to the second- order analysis. The calculation Architect Ralf Kolm, engineer at the resulted in a compression force of Josef Stöger WIEHAG company and respon- 1,160 kN within the timber archs www.architekt-stoeger.de sible for the structural analysis: and a maximum horizontal tower „The egg-shape of the structure Planning, structural analysis defor­ ation of 15.7 cm. m required the use of a program and work that is able to calculate spatial www.baumwipfelpfad.by WIEHAG GmbH frameworks. We decided to work www.wiehag.com with the Dlubal program RSTAB, which is best suited for such a Building owner Software challenge.“ Die Erlebnis Akademie AG Dlubal Engineering Software www.die-erlebnis-akademie.de www.dlubal.comDlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S 25
  • 26. Designed with Dlubal Software... Filter Plant in   FEM Medupi, South Africa R The South African energy provider Eskom is building one of the world’s largest coal-fired power station, 400 km north from Johannesburg in Medupi. It has a power of 4,800 MW and consists of six 800 MW blocks. The power station contains most- modern baghouse systems used for dust reduction. The baghouse blocks, which have a modular design, are combined in 12 boxes each with 2 x 7 = 14 components, every unit com­ osed of two elements (double p box­ s). The six baghouse units, sup- e ported by beams, struts and columns, have the following dimensions: Width: 36 m Length: 48 m Height: 27 mCustomer Examples Sectional view of supporting structure in axis D One box of each unit is connected with a power station block. Design in RFEM The German engineering office Prof. Schmidt & Partner, a long-term cus­ omer of Dlubal software, was t charged by Balcke-Dürr, a German company producing industrial filter systems, to perform the structural analysis and calculation of the bag- house system including flue and clean gas duct, supporting structure and staircase. The supporting structure with ­ otal t dimensions of 18 m width, 48 m length and 27 m height was ­ ntered e in RFEM because it seemed to be useful to model the structure as a FEA model. The engineers were especially chal­ lenged by South African construction rules and specifications as well as ap- Graphic showing deformation of entire structure of filter plant in RFEM pliances and materials (cross-sections) that had to be taken into account. 179 cross-sections and 8,909 Sub-contractor filter system The comprehensive cross-section da- members. Balcke-Dürr GmbH tabase of RFEM was very helpful for www.balcke-duerr.de The plant’s construction will probably finding appopriate solu­ ions. t start in spring or summer 2011. Structural planning Furthermore, the structure was de­ Prof. Schmidt & Partner signed by performing a structural Building owner www.p-s-p.de and a dynamic analysis, including Eskom Enterprises different temperature states and www.eskom.co.za the load case for seismic loads. General contractor Software The computational model consists Hitachi Power Africa Pty Ltd. Dlubal Engineering Software of 5,021 nodes, 809 surfaces, www.hitachi-power.co.za www.dlubal.com 26 Dlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S
  • 27. Designed with Dlubal Software...School Building    FEMin Laupheim, Germany RAs Laupheim, a Swabian city inSouthern Germany, called for tendersto build a new secondary school,an architectural competition wasorga­ ized. The architects Herrmann nand Bosch from Stuttgart were thewinner.They designed a three-story buildinghaving the following maximumdi­ ensions: mLength: 58 mWidth: 56 mHeight: 16 mThe building forms a ring with aninner courtyard of approximately17 m x 24 m.The German engineering office Customer Examples Entire analysis model of the school in RFEMRohmer GmbH, a long-term customerof Ing.-Software Dlubal, was chargedwith the structural planning. Thereinforced concrete construction wasentered as a 3D structure in RFEM totake into account the spatial coactionof the stiffening wall and floor sur­faces. In this way, the building’s sta-bility could be sufficiently ensured.One of the special challenges of thisproject was that some of the stiff-ening shear walls could not be builtto reach the foundation. In addition,due to the inappropriate soil, a pilefoundation was required. Anton Rohmer, responsible for structural planning: „Under the given conditions, and due to the building’s geometry, only a 3D calculation could provide realistic and efficient results.“Further data of the structure entered Floor design with add-on module RF-CONCRETE Surfacesin RFEM:Nodes: 3,328 Building ownerLines: 4,755 City of LaupheimSurfaces: 1,339 www.laupheim.deOpenings: 96Cross-sections: 6 ArchitectMembers: 122 HERRMANN+BOSCH ArchitektenThe reinforced concrete surfaces www.herrmann-bosch.deand members have been additionally Structural Planning Softwaredesigned in the add-on module Ingenieurbüro Rohmer GmbH Dlubal Engineering SoftwareRF-CONCRETE. www.ib-rohmer.de www.dlubal.comDlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S 27
  • 28. Designed with Dlubal Software... Steel Constructions   FEM Calculated with RFEM R In the following three projects are presented that have been designed by Dlubal’s long-standing customer Ehlenz engi­ eering office in Beckin­ n gen, Germany. All structures are steel constructions calculated with RFEM. Revolving Superstructure for Shiploader The revolving superstructure that can be moved in horizontal direction is used to load ships. The jib can be lift- ed and lowered and has a total length of approx. 38 m. The construction has the following Model of revolving superstructure in RFEM dimensions: Length: 60.0 m Width: 12.0 m Height: 30.0 mCustomer Examples The calculated structure consists of 799 members including 113 differ- ent cross-sections. Most of the cross- sections have been determined in the add-on module SHAPE-THIN. Sluice with Flap Gate The third object is a sluice gate based on pressure used to control the wa- ter level of a weir. The flap’s width is 7 m, the total width of the construction is 10.4 m. It is possible to dam up water to a maximum height of 5.6 m. The calculated structure consists of 3,244 nodes, 6 solids, 607 surfaces Sluice with flap gate and 187 members with 7 different cross-sections. faces and 1,703 members including The object has a total weight of 67 different cross-sections. For the approx. 20 tons and is made of most part of the structure Russian steel S 355. cross-sections in accordance with the GOST standard were used and selected Lift Table from the RFEM cross-section library. The designed lift table can be moved The design was additionally perform­ vertically and is balanced by a coun- ed in the RFEM add-on module RF- terweight. Due to the parallelogram STEEL. The total weight of the con- the table keeps its horizontal position even if the position is changed. The struction including counterweight is structure has a length of approx. approx. 1,000 tons. 18.6 m, a width of 11.4 m and a Structure of lift table height of 21.9 m. The steel con­ struction applied to the table in- cludes the installation of different types of equipment. Structural planning Software The calculated object consists of Ingenieurbüro Jürgen Ehlenz Dlubal Engineering Software 6,980 nodes, 182 solids, 2,845 sur- www.ibehlenz.de www.dlubal.com 28 Dlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S
  • 29. Designed with Dlubal Software...Centre    STABPompidou-Metz,France RWith the Dlubal programs for struc­tural analysis, RSTAB and RFEM,you are able to model and designeven the most complex and extraor-dinary structures. One example isthe arts and cultural center „CentrePompidou-Metz“ in France thatopened its doors in May 2010. Roof structure of the Centre Pompidou-Metz (photo: SJB.Kempter.Fitze)It is a branch of the museum of mo­dern and contemporary arts „CentreGeorges Pompidou“ in Paris, one ofthe most significant museums world-wide.The building was designed byShigeru Ban, a Japanese architect,and represents an oversized Chinesestraw hat (external dimensions:100 m x 100 m). The girders are sym- Customer Examplesbolizing the straw plaited in three di-rections, dividing the surface in regu-lar hexagons and triangles. The hat ispierced by three big tubes, consistingof reinforced concreted, stacked ontop of each other. The top of the hatis crowned by a hexagonal steel tower.The roof structure is made of tim-ber beams and consists of intersect-ing multi-layer chords. The curvedglued-laminated beams are connect-ed by prestressed threaded bars anddisk springs in the points of intersec-tion. In this way, the structural trans- Entire structure in RSTABmission of forces in the joints is en-sured by friction. The parallel run- The entire supporting structure made www.centrepompidou-metz.frning chords are connected to each of steel and reinforced concrete wasother by plywood panels and screw designed by means of a „simplified“ Building ownerthreads. Thus, they have the effect system in order to take into account Metz Metropole Community CA2Mof a Vierendeel truss with semi-rigid appropriately the effects resulting www.metzmetropole.frconnections. from mutual dependency. To calcu- Architects late the internal forces in the con- Shigeru Ban Architects Europe nections and structural components, www.shigerubanarchitects.com each cord and shear plate as well as Jean de Gastines Architectes the joint sections had to be modeled www.jdg-architectes.com with the respective spatial orienta- Main contractor tion. Demathieu et Bard The load situations were determined www.demathieu-bard.fr by CSTB (Centre scientifique et Timber construction technique du bâtiment) in a com­ Holzbau Amann GmbH prehensive wind tunnel analysis. In www.holzbau-amann.deFunctionality of the timber structure addition to the self-weight, temper­ Structural planning for timber ature and live loads, the calculation SJB.Kempter.Fitze AGThe complex system having approx. included 96 wind load cases, 80 snow www.sjb.ch41,000 members was designed by load cases and the resulting mem­the Swiss company SJB.Kempter. brane loads.Fitze, using RSTAB and the Dlubal Finally, the 3D FEA program RFEM Softwareadd-on modules TIMBER, DYNAM was used to model and design 216 Dlubal Engineering Softwareand RSBUCK. connections to the steel construction. www.dlubal.comDlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S 29
  • 30. Designed with Dlubal Software... Element 1 of Science   FEM Park in Linz, Austria R The science park completes the Aus­ trian university Johannes Kepler by five further buildings. In April 2005, an urban development competition was announced. Archi­ tects from Caramel in Vienna ten- dered and they won the contest. Engineers from Werkraum Wien using Dlubal software were in charge of performing the structural analysis for all five building elements. The fol- lowing description goes more into detail for element 1 as it is the build­ ing which is already finished. The building element 1 of the science park in Linz is a framed structure consisting of reinforced concrete Structural works of building element 1 (photo: Werkraum Wien Ingenieure) with a total length of approx. 150 mCustomer Examples and a variable width of 20 - 26 m. The construction is made up of a deep basement, used as parking garage, and a first floor with labora- tories. Above five upper floors are set up providing space for offices. Flat slabs made of reinforced con- crete represent the floor plates. The columns are prefabricated columns consisting of spun concrete. The entire structural system is stiff­ ened by four reinforced concrete cores. What is especially noteworthy is that Analysis model for element 1 in RFEM the first floor has no columns in some of the floor areas. A specific First, the building was modeled us- porting structure was created. Finally, arrangement of hanging steel trusses ing the design software Rhinoceros. after applying the loads, the structal makes it possible. Then, the data was imported to system was calucalted. The design of the spatial framework RFEM via DXF interface and the sup- was carried out by the Dlubal pro- gram RFEM in accordance with Eurocode 2 and the national annex for Austria (ÖNORM). Furthermore, Building owner the structure was analyzed by the Bundes Immobilien Gesellschaft Dlubal add-on modules RF-CONCRETE www.big.at and EC2 for RFEM. Planning Caramel Architekten ZT GmbH Florian Stockert, engineer at www.caramel.at Werkraum Wien: „Using Dlubal’s 3D FEA program was a great Contractor advantage. Adjustments to the STRABAG AG structure could be entered www.strabag.at quickly and effects of structural modifications were immediately Structural analysis Software displayed.” Werkraum Wien Ingenieure ZT-GmbH Dlubal Engineering Software www.werkraumwien.at www.dlubal.com 30 Dlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S
  • 31. Designed with Dlubal Software...Supporting Frame    STABConstruction forSteeple Renovation Rin Kerpen, GermanyTo perform renovations for the stee-ple of the St. Martinus parish in Ker­pen, a scaffold was required. It waspart of a construction project withan order volume of approx. 850,000Euros.The designers in charge had to meeta special challenge because the frameconstruction had to be set up at thetop of the spire without applying an-chorages by pressure usually used inscaffolding.Furthermore, a coating with covershad been the reason why the frameconstruction had to be designedwithout a reduction of wind loads.The frame was built by means of Analysis model in RSTAB Customer Examplesmod­ lar scaffolding, type of polygon uwith 16 edges of approx. 40 to 60 mand another one with 8 edges of ap- consisting of the self-weight and theprox. 60 to 70 m. maximum wind load (in scaffolding the partial safety factor γF for loadStructural Analysis cases is always 1.5).RSTAB was used to design the spatial By using the specific RSTAB functionframework structure. The RSTAB add- for generating loads it was possibleon modules RSBUCK, RSIMP and to perform with minimum effort anEL-PL completed the calculation. alternative analysis for different typesGenerating the Structure of wind load applications.First, the structure was modeled in Stability Analysisthe design program AutoCAD. The lowest buckling shape was de­Then, the data was imported to termined with the help of the add-onRSTAB using the DXF interface and module RSBUCK.the relevant materials were assigned On the basis of this buckling shape,to the individual cross-sections. the add-on module RSIMP generatedThe member releases were simulated automatically imperfections forby non-linear RSTAB member releases RSTAB.according to building regulations. The load cases for self-weight, windInput of Loads and imperfections were combinedWind loads were determined accord­ together in a load combinationing to EC 1 and DIN 1054 T4. which was calculated according to the second-order analysis.The analysis included the approachfor a 16-edge and a 8-edge structure. Finally, the elastic-plastic design wasMoreover, by way of comparison, the performed in the RSTAB add-onshape of a cylinder was tested. module EL-PL. Frame construction for steeple in Kerpen (photo: Ingenieurbüro Klimpel)The load group which was finally de-cisive resulted from a combination Company in charge of erecting Building Owner Planning and structural analysis the scaffold: „In fact, an evalua­ Katholische Kirchengemeinde St. Ingenieurbüro Klimpel tion of the frame construction Martinus Kerpen www.ib-klimpel.de wouldn’t have been possible with- www.kerpen-sued-west.de in ten days without analyz­ng the i spatial framework and without Scaffolding taking into account non-linearities Geistert Gerüstbaulogistik Software of members.” Montage GmbH Dlubal Engineering Software www.geistert.de www.dlubal.comDlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S 31
  • 32. Designed with Dlubal Software... Ferrari World Theme   STAB Park in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates R On Al Yas Island, the biggest natu- ral island of the Emirates, the Ferrari World Theme Park has been erected as an amusement and leisure facil- ity. It contains, according to the de- sign concept of Benoy, in addition to a Formula 1 fitted circuit, a shopping mall of the size of 300,000 m², con- dominiums, marinas as well as sever- al luxury hotels and two golf courses. The park is built in two phases – phase 1 was completed in 2009, Truss structure in RSTAB whereas the second phase shall not be implemented until 2014. made of 5,687 joints and 22,828 face into the Dlubal framework pro- bars developed. 26 load cases, 74 gram. load groups and 2 load combinations RSTAB includes a broad variety of represent the concept for the struc- interfaces. With their help, the CAD tural design of the structure. originals of other applications can beCustomer Examples The calculation of a MERO spatial imported. Similarly the results of the framework is carried out with the statical calculations can be exported, usual means of structural analysis in design or calculation programs, for spatial frameworks with hinged too. Here, the use of data exchange joints. The design calculation of the with MS Excel is very common. The 3D Visualisation of the Ferrari Wold Theme joints and bars is defined by the open architecture of RSTAB 6 allows Parks (picture: Benoy Architects) MERO approval that is based on DIN to integrate the static software into the design process efficiently. 18800. Spatial frameworks are able The Ferrari World Theme Park is co­ to activate a biaxial load transfer, if vered by a vast roof. The entire roof supported appropriately. In compari- structure with a surface of about son to a planar structure, the defor- 195,000 m² consists of a MERO spa- mation and forces within the cross- tial framework. With a total number sections are reduced considerably, of about 170,000 bars and about thereby providing a light and thus 42,200 joints, it is the largest spatial economical system. framework ever built. Mero-TSK has focussed on RSTAB as For the modelling, the entire struc- the framework program for years. ture was separated into three sub- structures: The inner core, the main The Ferrari World Theme Park has structure and the three outer „pincers“. been designed with RSTAB 6, for only this version could handle the very The core consists of a truss structure large amount of bars at that time. Main structure in RSTAB with 4,025 joints and 13,346 bars. For statical calculations, 15 load Mero-TSK used specially developped preprocessors for the creation of the The size of the model constituted a cases, 89 load groups and 2 load geometry and generated the model particular challenge during this pro- combinations were created. ject. Due to the excellent cooperation via DXF files and the RS-COM inter­ With its overall dimension of 353 between Ing.-Software Dlubal GmbH x 350 x 43 meters, the main struc- and the staff of Mero-TSK, singular ture is the largest and most demand- difficulties which would have been ing part of the structure. 21,433 i ­rrelevant with a regular amount of joints and 87,102 bars represent the bars could be solved fast and indi- structure. Steel pipes of steel quality vidually. S 355 are used as cross-sections. The www.ferrariworldabudhabi.com maximum cross-section diameter of the steel columns is 1,016 mm. During the modelling of the three identical „pincers“, it was ­ ossible p to confine the analysis to one of the Software three structures. Thus, a ­ elatively r Dlubal Engineering Software clearly arranged calculation ­ odel m Deformations in RSTAB www.dlubal.com 32 Dlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S
  • 33. Designed with Dlubal Software...Hotel in Marina of    FEMKressbronn-Gohrenat Lake Constance, RGermanyThe marina hotel is situated betweenFriedrichshafen and Lindau, on LakeConstance, one of the most attrac-tive regions in Germany. However,this exclusive location offers somestructu­ al challenges which must be rconsidered in the planning. For exam­ple, actions due to wind and earth-quakes are considerably increased inthe area around the lake.The entire design of the multi-storyhotel has been carried out in a spati-al FEA model of RFEM. In addition tothe load cases self-weight, live load,snow and wind, equivalent seismicloads have been taken into account. Customer ExamplesThe building consisting of several Hotel at marina under construction (photo: Ingenieurbüro Rohmer)segments is stiffened by reinforcedconcrete frames and a staircase core.Due to the constructions shape andthe requirement to determine the na-tural frequencies, it had been obvi-ous that a spatial calculation wouldbe advantageous.The hotel has a length of 40.9 m, awidth of 32 m and a height of 15.7 m.The total weight is approximately2,100 tons. The structural modelconsists of 626 nodes, 92 surfacesand 123 members. The FE mesh has12,758 nodes and 12,923 finiteelements. The calculation time for allload cases (linear analysis) was about30 seconds. Mr. Rohmer, responsible struc- tural engineer: „The multi-story hotel building is located in the Analysis model in RFEM seismic zone 2. Due to the use of RFEM, the complex geome- try could be modeled and cal- Building owner Contractor culated realistically. With the Meichle + Mohr GmbH Georg Reisch GmbH & Co. KG help of the add-on module RF- www.reisch-bau.de www.meichle-mohr.de DYNAM, seismic design was not a problem. With a conventional Architect Structural analysis analysis, this structure wouldnt Ingenieurbüro Rohmer GmbH Götz Siegmann have been calculated so close to www.ib-rohmer.de Langenargen, Germany reality. Increased construction costs would have been the re- Project management Software sult.“ Ingenieurbüro Ugo Mordasini Dlubal Engineering Software www.mordasini-baumanagement.de www.dlubal.comDlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S 33
  • 34. Designed with Dlubal Software... Biomass Power Plant   STAB Schilling in Schwendi, Germany R One of the most modern power sta- tions for energy production based on renewable resources can be found in Schwendi, Southern Germany. Fol- lowing the design of the Milan archi- tect Matteo Thun, an architecturally sophisticated framework consisting of reinforced concrete, steel and timber has been created. The plant building including storage consists of a transparent structure with suspended casing and ­ evolving r balcony planes. It is based on strip The biomass power plant in Schwendi under construction (photo: Ingenieurbüro Georg Guter) foundations. The steel skeleton con- struction, holding a crane runway ad- ditionally, has a grid of 5.40 x 5.40 m and overall dimensions of 21.60 xCustomer Examples 21.60 m. The domed roof consists of a glued-laminated timber structure. The building is more than 24 m high and has a radius of approx. 36 m. The structural framework was planned in cooperation with the project-leading engineering office Baur and the local engineering office Guter which was already participating in preplanning and in the modeling process. The planning work was enormously pressed for time. It started in January 2007, scheduling the completion date in July 2008. The structure was modeled as a spa­ tial RSTAB model consisting of approx. 1,000 nodes, 2,000 members, 54 cross- sections and four types of material. The self-weight is approx. 225 tons. Analysis model in RSTAB Due to the 3D calculation, the load bearing capacity of the different stiff- Building owner Energy system planning ening shear walls and stiffness ratios Bio Kraftwerk Schilling GmbH Gammel Engineering (outside balconies as wall, compres- www.schilling-holz.de www.gammel.de sion and tension rings in roof area, vertical and horizontal bracings as well Architect as horizontal connection to the sol- Matteo Thun id construction by using composite www.matteothun.com beams) could be determined close to Structural and final planning, reality. construction management The framework was calculated ac- Ingenieurbüro Baur cording to the second-order analysis www.buerobaur.de by using imperfections. In addition to Structural planning for steel RSTAB, further Dlubal modules were and timber construction Software used: STEEL, RSIMP, LTB, FE-LTB, EL-PL, Ingenieurbüro Georg Guter Dlubal Engineering Software RSBUCK, TIMBER. www.ib-guter.de www.dlubal.com 34 Dlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S
  • 35. Designed with Dlubal Software...New Exhibition    STABCenter in Milan, Italy RFuturistic Roofof Steel and GlassThe new exhibition center in Milan,calculated with Dlubals analysis pro-gram RSTAB, opened its doors in2005. The German company MEROfrom Würzburg is specialized in fili-gree 3D frameworks and glass con-structions. In the recent past MEROhas attracted attention with someimpressive and exceptional structures.Roof Shape Representingthe AlpsThe Bavarian company was in chargeof the design for the roof above the Steel construction of central axis (photo: Mero-TSK)central axis and the service ­ enter c Customer Examplesof Milans new exhibition center.The roof of the longitudinal walk,also called VELA (sail), has a widthof 30 m and a length of approx.1,200 m. The futuristic architectureof the free form surfaces mirrors thesilhouette of the Alpes which are vis-ible in the background of the prem-ises. The roof is divided into twelveindependent sections. A second con-struction forms the roof of the ser-vice center. The outlines of the roofsurface of the second building are so A segment in RSTAB (deformations) LOGO of the new exhibition center as RSTAB modelstriking that they were used for thelogo of the Milan exhibition. That iswhy the building is also called LOGO. Flexibility of Connections www.fieramilano.it Modeled with MemberInterfaces Used Efficiently End Springs Kindly supported by Mero-TSK. www.mero.deOne of the major challenges was to The framework was calculated ac-transform the outlines specified by cording to second-order analysisthe architect into a model that could t ­ aking into account imperfections.be calculated mechanically. The origi­ In order to specify stiffness condi­nal modeling was performed in the tion as realistically as possible, flexi­CAD systems Rhino and AutoCAD. bilities of the bolted connectionThen, the mesh was exported to nodes were determined in severalRSTAB with a DXF file. In RSTAB de- tests. In this way spring stiffnessessigners defined the geometry and were determined which could be ap-loading. They also used in-house pro- plied very easily and directly as mem-grams, for example for the adjust- ber end springs in RSTAB. The stressment of member rotations and for design was performed with the add-the load creation. The software they on module STEEL directly ­ntegrated iused was interacting with RSTAB by in the RSTAB program package.an ASCII interface using text files or Other Dlubal add-on modules used SoftwareDlubals programmable COM inter- for the design were RSBUCK, RSIMP, Dlubal Engineering Softwareface RS-COM. DYNAM, EL-PL and LTB. www.dlubal.comDlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S 35
  • 36. Designed with Dlubal Software... Facade of the Allianz   STAB Arena in Munich, Germany R The Allianz Arena in the north of Mu­ nich was the location for the opening game of the FIFA World Cup in 2006. The soccer stadium is considered a new landmark of the Bavarian capital. The translucent facade gives the arena a very special character due to differ- ent coloring levels. The planning and especially the structural dimensioning represented challenging tasks for the engineers involved. Construction and Dimensions The exterior of the Allianz Arena in Munich is a steel construction cover­ Allianz Arena during construction: the first ETFE cushions for the facade are applied Source: München Stadion GmbH (photo: Allianz Arena, B. Ducke) ed with ETFE cushions. It consists of a spatially curved framework joint- lessly enclosing the entire outside of the solid construction in the shape of an ellipse, at a height of 12.40 mCustomer Examples to 43.75 m above playing field lev- el. The ellipse has a radius of 130 m and 115 m respectively, the circum- ference is about 810 m. The essen- tial structural component of the steel construction is a rhomb-shaped steel grating. The grating is mainly sup- ported by radially arranged brackets restrained to the solid construction and the primary steel. The brackets are connected with releases to the steel grid. The covering of the ventilated fa- cade is based on 768 rhomb-shaped ETFE cushions which are pneumati- cally supported and fixed to rectan- gular pipes. The exterior is composed of eight cushion rings, with 96 cush- ions forming a single ring around the entire stadium. Each cushion is at- tached to two horizontal and two di- agonal frame members. Due to the Framework model of Allianz Arena jointless design and layout of the girder grillage it was possible to carry introduced in almost every point of into account the stress-free factory out an effective cushion detailing. intersection of the grating. design on the total structure. Requirements for Structural The extent of deformation for the www.allianz-arena.de Calculation axi­ l force releases is reduced so that a Thus, when the structural system the mounted cushions wont be dam- was developed, designers focused on aged when the supporting structure Kindly supported by Christian the minimization of loadings arising is deformed. As this allowance for Würfl and Gerhard Fessler, project from restraint forces within the steel clearance is used up in the analyzed managers for Allianz Arena at form structure. Major causes for these ef- load combinations, some releases are TL in­ enieure für tragwerk und g fects due to restraint are differences striking against the structure produc- leichtbau GmbH. in temperature within the steel con- ing connections which are rigid for www.form-tl.de struction as well as the motion of the axial forces at the corresponding lo- solid construction built in eight con- cations. In order to represent the struction stages being uncoupled complex structural behavior, an itera- Software from each other. In order to reduce tive calculation according to second- Dlubal Engineering Software the restraints, axial force releases are order analysis was performed taking www.dlubal.com 36 Dlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S
  • 37. Designed with Dlubal Software...Eden Project    STABin Cornwall,United Kingdom RThe Eden Project is one of the mil-lennium buildings in England. Asthe „worlds largest greenhouse“ itr­ epresents one of the major touristattractions today in Cornwall. A cal-dera with a depth of 50 m, roofedwith domes, became the home forthousands of outstanding plants. Thegreenhouse maintains three ­ lobal gclimate zones, representing the ­ ital vand mutual relationships betweenplants, humans and resourcesThe „Eighth Wonder of the World“opened its doors in March 2001,with future extensions planned.A James Bond film is also a reason Customer Exampleswhy this remarkable constructionbecame very well-known. Eden Project in Cornwall: Tropical and Mediterranean greenhouse (photo: Mero-TSK)StructureThe architectural implementation ofTim Smits vision was carried out byMERO-TSK with Nicholas Grimshawand Partners in London after somepreliminary calculations. The green-house block consists of four ­ eodesic gdomes (Buckminster Fuller) whichi­ntersect each other. Double-walledETFE cushions form the domesr­ oofing.The supporting structure consistsof hexagonal steel pipe elementswhich are standardized. Altogetherthey cover an area of 23,000 m².The ­ aximum dome height is 50 m, mand the maximum dome diameter is125 m.Modeling with RSTABFirst the structural system was ­ reated cusing a CAD model, and then it was RSTAB model with the four intersecting geodesic domesimported to RSTAB. The RSTAB ­ odel mcontains all in all 2,525 nodes and7,545 members, 2 materials and 49 BS 5950. The framework was calcu­ Kindly supported by Mero-TSK.cross-sections. The structures total lated according to second-order www.mero.deweight is 340 tons. analy­ is in different load groups. s Then the structure was designedThe combination of load cases and Software in the add-on modules.their superposition was performed in Dlubal Engineering Softwareaccordance with the British Standard www.edenproject.com www.dlubal.comDlubal Engineering Software   oftware for Structural and Dynamic Analysis S 37
  • 38. Designed withDlubal Software...Are you interested in presenting your projects designed withDlubal programs on our website? We would like to offer youour platform for your publications. Every day many peopleare visiting our homepage www.dlubal.com. Moreover, ourproduct brochure provides space to show customer projects.Additionally, important project information can be spreadworldwide by Dlubal newsletters. Together we can createa list of references that benefits both of us. Take advantageof a cooperation with Dlubal Engineering Software and makenew business contacts.What to do?Send us information about your project. Describe your workwith Dlubal programs and tell us what is most important.You may write about the following topics: P  lace, location and function of project S  pecifications concerning building owner and architect C  ontract volume and total contract price in € Information on structural analysis S  pecial characteristics of construction project Type of construction (steel construction, solid construction etc.)  R  eason why the structure/building was planned, Applied standards  motive of building owner Load data, wind load zone, snow load zone, earthquakes  D  ata concerning start and end of planning and construction Significant load cases and combinations  D  escription of structural system (length, width, height, Description of framework design and stiffening  floors, grid, foundation etc.) Theory and calculation method  Reason why the structure was calculated as framework or by FEA  Reason why the structure was calculated in 2D or 3D  How was the structure modeled (e.g. import of CAD, direct  modeling in RSTAB/RFEM) Description of modeling (e.g. copying, mirroring, drag-and-drop)  Characteristics, challenges, problems and solutions  Did you use a special function in the program that facilitate the  analysis? How much time did you need for the data input, the calculation  and the total design? Which modules did you use?  Further important imformation  Please send us: Correct address of companies to be mentioned for publication  and website if available High resolution pictures of project, pictures of all construction  stages if possible Input data of RSTAB/RFEM  Plans for structural system and item lists etc.  Important: Please make sure to not infringe any rights of publication and to have approval of the building owner and all companies involved. As soon as we have received all docu- mentation and materials we will contact you and make a proposal for publication. Thank you very much!Dlubal Engineering Software  Am Zellweg 2  D-93464 Tiefenbach  Tel.: +49 9673 9203-0  Fax: +49 9673 9203-51  www.dlubal.com
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  • 40. Steel Get to know us Upgrades Concrete Timber Would you like to know more about RSTAB You are already using RSTAB or RFEM? and RFEM? Request more information and Get the program upgrade. a free trial version on DVD. Or simply Please contact us or order online download the free trial version at www.dlubal.com. at www.dlubal.com. Dynamics Learn more about our software by testing the trial version. Glass You are able to work on structural systems, getting familiar with the functional range of Service contracts TechnicalProduct overview Dlubal programs. Take all the time you need to explore all details and see yourself how easy it is to work with Dlubal software. Find further information on our website Customer service is one of the main corner- Support stones of the Dlubal company mission. www.dlubal.com, for example videos Our technical engineers are available to all The interest in our customers does not end helping you to get started with the main customers whenever there is a question about at the point of sale. We offer additional programs and add-on modules. If you are Dlubal programs. Just send your question by support if it is needed for your daily work. interested in technical details, read the e-mail or fax. The questions will be answered With a service contract your program manuals available for download in the order received and only after enquiries questions will be taken care of with in PDF file format. Or browse the FAQ page of customers having a service contract have highest priority and you get upgrades and our blog where you may find some so- been completed. The extent and speed of at better rates. lutions for everyday problems occurring in response depend on the type of service For more information about our service many engineering offices. contract you have purchased. contracts, contact us directly or visit our Of course, we would also be happy to speak website at www.dlubal.com. with you directly by phone or video call. Our We welcome any feedback you may qualified engineers can assist you fast and have on our products. Your comments personally. Modern technologies such as and suggestions for improvements are desktop sharing tools allow us to support important to us. you in no time and anywhere in the world where Internet? is available. If you are not sure which modules you need, we help you to create a software Further package that suites you best and meets your individual Information: needs. Dlubal Engineering Software Am Zellweg 2, D-93464 Tiefenbach Tel.: +49 9673 9203-0 Fax: +49 9673 9203-51 info@dlubal.com www.dlubal.com Follow us on: Dlubal Engineering Software  Software for Structural and Dynamic Analysis