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Social media marketing presentation

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  • 1. Course Project Sabrina DAHMANE Stephen EMARIN Antoine KRAUZE Joffrey MEYER
  • 2.
    • Company : UltraStar Cinema
  • 3.
    • Name of the company : UltraStar University Village Riverside
    • Localization: 1201 University Avenue - Riverside, California 92507
    • Status: Private company
    • Number of UltraStar theatres: 15 cinemas (California + Arizona)
  • 4.
    • UltraStar Cinemas is a movie chain with theatres in California and Arizona
    • It is the first movie chain to have all pure digital movies showings in every theater
    • In 2009, the UltraStar theatre in Surprise, Arizona with its 22 D-BOX Motion Controlled seats was among the first to present motion-enhanced theatrical films
  • 5.
    • Only stressed on the Riverside UltraStar theatre in the University Village
    • Located right in the centre of all the student residences such as the IV or the University Village Towers Student Apartments
    • The breadth of its strategic domain concerns Riverside, especially UC Riverside. To be more precise, this represents a perimeter of about 2 miles
  • 6.  
  • 7.
    • Attract new customers
    • Establish customer loyalty for the new and the previous customers
    • Make them discover and buy derivatives such as food or posters
  • 8.
    • Communication
    • Collaboration
    • Education
    • Entertainment
  • 9.
    • No real communication to customers
    • Everything has to be done
    • Effectiveness measured by followers and subscribers
    • The most effective tool will be Facebook
  • 10.
    • Creation of a team specialized in social media
    • Communication with co-workers thanks to an intranet
    • Effective internal communication to avoid mistakes
  • 11.
    • Less important pillar in our case
    • The expertise can’t be shared
  • 12.
    • Most important pillar in our case !
    • Use it well because it is our strength
    • The customers expect to have fun
    • Articulate our strategy around it
  • 13.
    • Audience
    • Concept
    • Competition
    • Execution
    • Social Media
    • Sales viability
  • 14.
    • Step 1: Identify the global audience
      • Market: Everyone between 5YO to 99YO
      • Audience: Due to localization, students between 18 YO and 25YO
    • Step 2: look further into your audience
      • Different groups of students  different types of movies!!!
  • 15.
    • Different groups imply different:
      • Attitudes
      • Values
      • Beliefs
      • Needs
      • Preferences
  • 16.
    • Some example of groups and what they imply:
      • Jocks:
        • Action movies, thrillers
        • Like to be with other dudes
        • Like to eat during movies
      • Girls:
        • Chick flicks, romance, comedy, animated movies
        • Like to be with other girls
  • 17.
    • Some example of groups and what they imply:
      • Geeks:
        • Sci-fi, horror movies
        • Like to eat popcorn and drink sodas
      • Skaters:
        • Comedy, real life comedies (like Jackass)
        • Like to eat
  • 18.
    • Need to make some surveys to know more about the audience to adapt the offer
      • What they like to eat
      • Special prices or coupons for groups
      • Advertise on buying tickets online to reduce waiting time
    • Very large audience  difficulties to choose one concept only
    • Don’t forget the other persons such as families or couples
    • Need to adapt!
  • 19.
    • No special concept because of the large audience
    • Be as large as possible to touch every archetypes
      • Create contests to win special prizes such as photo contests or video contests about your favorite movie
      • Promote the sweets and candy shop inside the theatre
  • 20.
    • No other theatres around implies no direct competition
    • Indirect competition: Illegal movie downloading
  • 21.
    • Social Media Presence Goals:
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Attainable
    • Relevant
    • Time Bound
    • Evaluate
  • 22.
    • Increase unique visitors to the website
    • Increase blog/newsletter subscriptions
    • Increase facebook fans by X members
    • Increase Twitter mentions
    • Increase interactions on FB page
  • 23.
    • To increase notoriety
    • To keep consumers in touch with every news.
    • Create a close relationship with consumers
    • To share directly with the consumers the promotions
    • To promote movies
    • To be the platform to all the other websites (Youtube Channel/Twitter/...)
  • 24.
    • For every updates and news (share informations about movies)
    • To stay more closer of the consumers
    • To share links to Facebook, Youtube, and official website
    • Allow to answer to the consumer questions and concerns quickly
  • 25.
    • Create a channel to share :
    • videos,
    • trailers,
    • programs,
    • events,
    • To illustrate the informations on Facebook or Twitter and share links on these websites.
  • 26.
    • Once the audience is satisfied, they will tell their friends to come back
    • More people means more chance to sell food or posters
    • Viability is ensured by:
      • the discounts and coupons
      • the fact that it is the only theatre around (auto-viability) if we care about and listen to the advises and comments of customers!
  • 27. Thank you for your attention. If you have any question, please ask!