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MarketGarden in a nutshell. Our portfolio and comments from happy clients.

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Mg Portfolio Brochure 9

  1. 1. [ marketing designed to grow sales ] [strategic marketing] [creative roots] [ integrated marketing with a pay for performance twist ]
  2. 2. Advertising Public Relations Internet Trade Shows [ what we offer ] Direct Marketing Sales Materials Internal Communications Promotions Media Placement Marketing Plans
  3. 3. [ in a nutshell ] • MarketGarden helps you communicate your brand message – as you also strive to grow your sales. • Our trademarked planning process, MarketCasting™, helps you align your budget to your business goals, then establishes the integrated marketing communications needed to achieve a measurable return on investment. This is what makes us different. • We provide the research, strategy, media planning and placement, and creative development services you need to execute your plan, on-time and on-budget. • And our emphasis on measurement and follow-through gives us the confidence to support a pay for performance option you won’t find offered at many other shops. We’ll let our clients and our work explain the rest…
  4. 4. Charley’s Guitar Shop “Only the Good Stuff ” Retail Ads.
  5. 5. Blondes have more fun. Haag Engineering “The Facts” Direct Mail Campaign. come by. ts aren’t as easy to Sometimes, the fac Pigs can’ t fly. Haag Engineering So m etim es, t he fa cts a re n’t a “The results of their efforts have s easy to co me b clearly positioned our service y. against the competition and given us a distinct presence in the mar- ketplace.” -Ryan Holdhusen Executive Director, Education Services
  6. 6. RESID c ENT c IAL HEA FRIS LTH SERV c A luxu rious resid en ce lic CO ICES ense d for skilled You’v e to en earned t nurs carry B ing o n in style. jo y l h e ri c own ife on yo ght term ur s. • ELE GA NT RESI DENT • PRI IAL SETT VA SUIT TE OC ING ES CUPA NCY STUD • RES IOS AND TA URAN B T-ST • W YLE DINI I- NG Rese INTE FI AND RNET COM rve ACCE PLIMEN Call Your Spe SS TARY • FLA T SC 972.4 cia REEN 16.1 l Addre • ROU TVS IN EV 764 s ERY Now s. c ND- RESI THE DENC -CLOC PRA • COM ! K NU RSIN E IRI PREH ENSI G RE SID E E VE RE HABI EN TIA ST LITA TION c 1350 Main L H Street EA LT H AT E S c • SE 469. Frisco, RV ICE 236. T 6909 exas 75 S 034 carry on in style. S E ESTATE PRAIRI c etter life is b r terms. on you c time nt a life You ’ve spe n style . our ow and grandchil- defi ning y ur child ren to yo ty of it in ur abili impses nge yo catch gl g challe luxury . obably of agin to be a You pr realities t have as the ouldn’ about d now , le sh we’re all tting. ie Esta tes dren. An ique sty Estates, tyle se nse Prair erving that un Prairie ensure resort-s you se carry on , pres fact, at ned to ce in a trance, rt hote l. The isn’t. In ospher e desig r be- e elegan its dram atic en e a reso ie Esta tes, it ality in an atm a manne Upscal pass th rough It feels more lik concier ge can At Prair dividu usly. In you ity. The your in ntinuo y’s nose , oment mmun ience. hool rating ly. Co andbab The m nior co conven airie sc celeb ortless the gr nd of se r your The pr met eff rent ki there fo eds are inkle in earned is a diffe e mall. t ily ne that cr You’ve front is p to th , but no your da created e eyes. ed out r or a tri acious on who roll of th d like to e park theate tone. Gr the pers tented w you’ limousin t at the set a relaxed fitting that pa ll us ho e a nigh ishings smile, rms. Te rry on in u arrang le furn nature own te e you ca help yo ion sty g. that sig on your re to se d miss r invitin joy life e’re he cture an ogethe ht to en tates, w archite , yet alt the rig airie Es gnified y. At Pr tious. Di your da preten spend style. c Prairie Estates Collateral “Carry On In Style” Brochure.
  7. 7. Cognizant Trade Show Booth Design. Cantex Senior Living “They are a pleasure to work with, and I would highly recommend them as a strategic marketing ally.” - Robin Underhill Chief Executive Officer
  8. 8. Gauge-It Website Woodworking Tools.
  9. 9. ELYSIAN HOSPICE Coach America “The creative product that emerges from their 360-degree marketing analysis is superior and exactly what we needed to separate our brand from the clutter of competition.” - John Busskohl Brand Identifiers Vice President of Marketing & Sales
  10. 10. “SkinWithin” Package Design Scientific Skincare.
  11. 11. achie, Texas. ] Estates. Waxah [ Saddlebrook The cure for North Dallas! rth). kids grow up No (Don’t let your ® R LENNA [ Sad dlebr ook Estate s . Wa xaha chie, Texas .] The c North ure for LE NN AR ® Dalla Fischer & Company (Don’t s! let y our k ids grow “The website, collateral and public up N orth). relations work is helping us grow our business with a consistent message that is helping us differentiate our- selves from the competition.” Saddlebrook Estates/Lennar Homes Billboard Campaign. - Gail Corder Executive Vice President
  12. 12. To see our portfolio or learn more about our pay for performance option, call MarketGarden at 214.750.6601 or email MarketGarden Strategic Marketing. Creative Roots. 7557 Rambler Rd., #100 Dallas,TX 75231 214-750-6601