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Diversity in the Workplace: Aspects, obstacles and benefits
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Diversity in the Workplace: Aspects, obstacles and benefits


Jumpstart:HR is your trusted HR Outsourcing and Strategic Counseling partner. We work with your organization as a virtual and on-site service provider to solve your HR challenges, alleviate your …

Jumpstart:HR is your trusted HR Outsourcing and Strategic Counseling partner. We work with your organization as a virtual and on-site service provider to solve your HR challenges, alleviate your burdens and free up your time.

Visit us at http://www.jumpstart-hr.com to learn more about how we can save your organization time and bring about a greater ROI on your Human Capital Management strategy.

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  • 1. Aspects, obstacles and benefits By: Urvashi Singh Jumpstart-hr.com | twitter.com/jumpstarthr | 301-910-8660
  • 2.  Definition Aspects and Drivers Diversity links to Organization performance Business advantages Challenges Tools for managing diversity Diversity inclusion of disabled co-workers Jumpstart-hr.com | twitter.com/jumpstarthr | 301-910-8660
  • 3. Diversity refers to the similarities and differences between individuals accounting for all aspects of one’s personality and individual identity.Managing diversity is a comprehensive managerial process for developing an environment that works for all employees. Jumpstart-hr.com | twitter.com/jumpstarthr | 301-910-8660
  • 4. The aspects of diversity typically include, but are not limited to the following: Age Color Disability/Employing people with disabilities Education Ethnicity/National origin Family status Gender Geographic background Language Lifestyle Life experiences Organization function and level Physical characteristics Race Religion, belief and spirituality Sexual orientation Veteran status Jumpstart-hr.com | twitter.com/jumpstarthr | 301-910-8660
  • 5.  Greater adaptability and flexibility in a rapidly changing marketplace Attracting and retaining the best talent Reducing costs associated with turnover, absenteeism and low productivity Return on investment (ROI) from diversity initiatives, policies and practices Gaining and keeping greater/new market share (locally and globally) from an expanded diversity customer base. Increased sales and profits Jumpstart-hr.com | twitter.com/jumpstarthr | 301-910-8660
  • 6. The business case for workplace diversity has been strengthened in recent years by studies that link diversity to organizational performance: One study stated that companies with diversity practices collectively generated 18% greater productivity than U.S economy overall. Companies use diversity as a resource for learning and innovation with positive results Studies suggest that top management teams with a high representation of women had better financial performance than teams with fewer women Jumpstart-hr.com | twitter.com/jumpstarthr | 301-910-8660
  • 7.  improved public image of the organization reduced costs associated with turnover, absenteeism and low productivity improved financial bottom line (profits) increased organizational competitiveness decrease in complaints and litigation, and retention of a diverse workforce Improved public image went from the fourth most important outcome in 2005 to the most important outcome for companies in 2010Source: SHRM Jumpstart-hr.com | twitter.com/jumpstarthr | 301-910-8660
  • 8.  Creativity increases when people with different ways of solving difficult problems work together towards a common solution Productivity increases exponentially when people of all cultures pull together towards a single inspiring goal New attitudes are brought to the business table by people from diverse cultures Language skills are needed in today’s increasingly global economy and diverse workers often have this proficiency Helps understanding how the United States fits into the world picture New processes can result when people with different ideas come together and collaborate Strengthening long-term “value-drivers” which allow a company to be competitive Generating short and medium-term opportunities to improve cash flows Jumpstart-hr.com | twitter.com/jumpstarthr | 301-910-8660
  • 9.  Implementation of a workforce diversity policy is a form of investment in intangible assets, especially organizational and human capital Credible case for investment depends on four types of evidence of costs and benefits: Testimonials case studies surveys of companies empirical research Jumpstart-hr.com | twitter.com/jumpstarthr | 301-910-8660
  • 10. Internal Obstacles: Difficulty in changing the existing culture of the organization Lack of internal expertise or experience Lack of understanding of the business benefits of a diverse workforce Difficulty in quantifying the benefit to sustain investmentExternal Obstacles: Legal restrictions on holding sensitive data Historic gaps in anti-discrimination legislation Differences in national social attitudes and cultural values Jumpstart-hr.com | twitter.com/jumpstarthr | 301-910-8660
  • 11.  Recognizing the value of differences Combating discrimination Promoting inclusiveness Losses in personnel and work productivity Negative attitudes and behaviors Jumpstart-hr.com | twitter.com/jumpstarthr | 301-910-8660
  • 12.  Develop, maintain and implement ongoing training Encourage change Be aware of personal biases Create dialogues Promote a safe place to communicate Constructive critical feedback for learning Jumpstart-hr.com | twitter.com/jumpstarthr | 301-910-8660
  • 13.  When working or conversing with an employee with mobility impairment, place yourself at the person’s eye level when possible Never lean on or touch a person’s wheelchair or other assistive device When introduced to a person with a disability, it is appropriate to offer to shake hands When interacting with an employee who is blind or visually impaired, identify yourself at the beginning of the conversation and announce when you are leaving If you wish to attract the attention of an employee who is deaf, tap the person gently on the shoulder or arm If the employee uses a sign-language interpreter, speak directly to the person, not to the interpreter It is appropriate to offer assistance when you see that an employee with a disability may need it, but wait until the offer is accepted before assisting Treat people with disabilities with dignity, respect and courtesy Jumpstart-hr.com | twitter.com/jumpstarthr | 301-910-8660
  • 14. A diverse workforce is a reflection of a changing world and marketplace. Diverse work teams bring high value to organizations. Respecting individual differences will benefit the workplace by creating a competitive edge and increasing work productivity Jumpstart-hr.com | twitter.com/jumpstarthr | 301-910-8660
  • 15. To request more information or consultation: Joey Price, MS, PHR CEO, Jumpstart:HR www.jumpstart-hr.com jprice@jumpstart-hr.com | 301-910-8660 Jumpstart-hr.com | twitter.com/jumpstarthr | 301-910-8660