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10 Steps to Success with Alternative Traffic

10 Steps to Success with Alternative Traffic



Google's Panda and Penguin algorithms have shaken the foundations of SEO and the roots of business which for the past several years had been ok with Google being the largest source of their online ...

Google's Panda and Penguin algorithms have shaken the foundations of SEO and the roots of business which for the past several years had been ok with Google being the largest source of their online traffic. After the updates many webmasters and companies began searching for an answer to why, why they didn't have other ways to drive internet users to their website.



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  • This image isn’t that great. Sorry for that, but
  • Google has had a shakey history with non-standard search. They are hands down the champions of image search and video search (thanks to YouTube) but have failed with other search verticals before like Google Base for Real Estate which they dropped in 2011. Shortly before the drop Google announced the purchase of ITA Software and the creation of Google Hotel Finder, firing a shot across the bow of Travel Search web sites. After the purchase was cleared Google integrated flight data into organic search and purchased Zagat. Google Local remains an on-again, off-again love/hate for both SEOs and Consumers as they fight for market share against Yelp, Yellow Pages, Facebook and Bing.Some resources on Google’s own Vertical History:http://www.inman.com/news/2011/01/26/google-drops-real-estate-listingshttp://mashable.com/2011/07/28/google-hotel-finder/http://www.fastcodesign.com/1664743/infographic-of-the-day-googles-hotel-finder-is-doahttp://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-10-05/google-s-700-million-purchase-of-ita-software-approved-by-federal-judge.html
  • a list of 30 search vertical search engines from “The Next Web” http://thenextweb.com/lifehacks/2012/04/29/30-specialist-and-super-smart-search-engines/Vertical search engines can drive high volumes of traffic, leads and sales – typically at a price and in a non-organic format unlike Google’s Free SERPs. Unlike Google your traffic levels and sales / lead volume can be dictated and controlled easier with these verticals.There are too many to name, I don’t know all of them so research your industry. DealWell.com is a brand new one for healthcare.
  • In Real Estate, Product, Travel and other verticals where you are asked to provide a description, never use the description from your website. If you have a standard manufacturer description use that. It will cut down on SEO benefit for the vertical and keep unique content on your website.
  • Did you make something interesting, cool or funny for your own website or blog? Find a vertical aggregator and post your content there. Most aggregators use an ‘upvote’ type feature. Have friends and family upvote your content by asking them via facebook / twitter.Pro tip: get a list of aggregators together that you want to target and gauge the relative activity on each (i.e. potential traffic) by looking at the upvotes on the first pages content. Add up the upvotes for the first 10 listings and divide by 10. Target in Ascending order.
  • Have you ever thought “damn I love that internet ad” It might have been awhile, back when Flash first came out and we were excited about interactive ads, then they started doing all of these weird flyouts and getting irritating and interruptive. Yet commercials from the 1950s+ continuously get viewed on YouTube and other video websites for being funny, ironic, iconic or creative. This trend started with those TV Specials for World’s funniest commercials. TV commercial makers get it, just watch the Superbowl or anything sponsored by a beer company. People love funny ads. So why are internet banners so boring?Come up with an interesting ad that gets users to click, instead of selling immediately like you do from search engines, experiment with an interactive page. Get your users interested, then sell to them. Nobody has every said “I hated that entertaining ad” ever!Retargeting Resources:http://shelleyellis.com/http://fetchback.com/http://www.chango.com/http://www.adroll.comhttp://www.retargeter.com/
  • When sponsoring a niche website always ask for traffic data. Do not base the monthly cost on alexa rank or future data. Being added to Google Analytics as a user is a preferred method. Where possible ask for an exclusive sponsorship where your ad is not in rotation with others. Try and get a flat rate to keep from having surprising costs if their traffic elevates suddenly in the future. Many websites will end up giving one dedicated spot to a sponsor, and the other ad spots to others. Try and avoid a ‘logo’ only sponsorship as they lack a call to action. If possible get access to update the sponsor area so you can refresh the ad.
  • Social Ads have yet to meet the expectations in terms of ROI for immediate purchases as set by Search powered PPC ads. However, they are a great vehicle to promote new content to your user base.
  • Link Resources:https://www.stumbleupon.com/pdhttp://ads.twitter.com/https://www.facebook.com/advertisinghttp://as.reddit.com/ad_inq/
  • Reddit ads are long format, and typically at the top of the sub-reddit you’ve selected.Look at the local sub-reddit engagement for local businesses: http://www.reddit.com/r/dallas
  • http://ads.twitter.com/ - get started
  • Guest Blogging is currently the darling of LinkBuilders. However, if you forget about the link you might find some websites more willing to let you write, even if the link you get is a nofollow link the traffic that follows might be incredible.
  • Reaching out to potential blogs is laborious, but potentially great process. One of my colleagues at WrightIMC reached out to a seemingly moderate level blog and it ended up being run by a guest contributor to CBS News, who published his work on CBSNews.com.
  • Slide on SlickDeals.net /myMumble traffic
  • Free offer from myMumble.com, online voice server provider. Free servers last a lifetime. 3 days into the offer nearly 200,000 visits counted as the offer spread to deal websites and via social media.
  • Is more traffic better traffic? Can you do something to reach out to an influencer directly? How about send them a gift in the mail after personal contact? Even if they tossed your flyer, your business card, etc… they now have a bit of guilt and curiosity as to what nice company is shipping them free stuff.Btw. This was free candy, an eye patch and a t-shirt from their event. I’ll definitely be in attendance next year, if not speaking and using their software.
  • YouTube is starting to feel the squeeze from smaller, more agile companies. Years ago they deprecated the ability to get a decent link on your video, now it’s coming back in the form of an annotation. This isn’t the best, but it might help: http://socialtimes.com/youtube-annotations-off-site-websites_b107268When sharing your video with others create an embed code by taking a screenshot of the video player in ‘pause’ mode and link this to the page where your video is hosted. This will drive traffic back to your website. See this for an example: http://www.tedxsmu.org/talks/behind-the-scenes-at-tedxsmu-2011/An example of a video on YouPlusDallashttp://www.youplusdallas.com/stories/tedxsmu-2011-behind-the-scenes
  • Defining Personas: http://www.seomoz.org/blog/the-new-seo-process-quit-being-kanyeAdwords Keyword Tool: https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternalYouTube Keyword Tool: https://ads.youtube.com/keyword_tool
  • Make a custom logo QR Code at http://howfarqr.com/Why do this? People who don’t scan will recognize your brand, begin to associate you with being tech savvy, might trust the qr code more than a random qr code.Spread the QR <3Android App: QR DroidiPhone: QR Reader for iPhoneBlackberry: QR Code Scanner Pro
  • http://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/tdp7x/some_graffiti_from_dublin_whoever_you_are_youre/QR Code Digital Library for classics in eBook form. Got over 2,000 upvotes on Reddit, made the front page, tens of thousands of views, over 100 mentions on QR Code and Librarian blogs and websites, several hundred results from Google Image search.
  • Felix Baumgartner jumped from the edge of space. It was cool, engaging, scientific, and just awesome. Over 8 million watched the live stream online, over 27 million have watched the video since then, tens of thousands watched on their home TV’s via local ABC stations. It was tweeted, shared, quoted, and awed over still weeks later.Metrics in Google:Google: 56,100,00 resultsGoogle News: 71,000 resultsGoogle Images: 16,300,000 resultsGoogle Video: 10,100,000 resultsGoogle Blogs: 1,690,000 resultsGoogle Discussion: 256,000 resultshttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/15/red-bull-stratos-marketing_n_1966852.htmlhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Bull_Stratoshttp://www.marketingmagazine.co.uk/bulletin/dailynews/article/1155718/?DCMP=EMC-CONBreakingnewsfromMarketinghttp://www.dachisgroup.com/2012/10/7-social-campaign-insights-from-redbull-stratos/
  • The Red Bull Stratos jump was quite possibly the coolest thing done by a brand in the last few centuries. It accomplished something many have long called for, a branded business reason to do something with space. While the jump didn’t occur in actual space, or even Lower Earth Orbit, it did occur in an area at the very edge of our atmosphere. Both Red Bull and Felix Baumgartner have long been know for xtreme sports antics, this was most likely the most extreme thing either of them could accomplish and will be hard to over come.According to Neilsen over 8,000,000 tuned in to watch the jump on TV. The online videos have been watched milli

10 Steps to Success with Alternative Traffic 10 Steps to Success with Alternative Traffic Presentation Transcript

  • Presentation Title Here10 Steps to Success Tony WrightWith Alternative Traffic Sources CEO & Founder, Wright IMCJoe YoungbloodSenior Account Executive, WrightIMC
  • What is Alternative Traffic?@YoungbloodJoe
  • Not Google Organic, Not Search, Not SEO@YoungbloodJoe
  • 1. Question: But Google Organic / Search Traffic is free. Why would I want to invest in Alternative Traffic sources?@YoungbloodJoe
  • Update: Ex-Googler Says Forget About SEO@YoungbloodJoe
  • Answer: Protect yourself from major search engine updates, reach audiences outside of search engines.@YoungbloodJoe
  • Oh, the memories…. Image From http://mominthelastfrontier.blogspot.com/2011/11/i-need-good-battle-cry.html
  • What we thought Panda was going to do…@YoungbloodJoe
  • What really happened
  • Panda Hit and Recovery Image courtesy of Jerry West @ SEORevolution.com@YoungbloodJoe
  • 2. Vertical Search – A search engine for one topic or industry – Drives quality traffic or leads – Cost money, typically per lead vs. Adwords per Click – Google moving in this direction@YoungbloodJoe
  • Old and Varied – Verticals have been around as long as the internet – Examples: • Travelocity • Trulia • Expedia • ThePirateBay • DealWell.com • TinEye • Technorati • IceRocket • HotPads@YoungbloodJoe
  • How to Win with Them – Make sure you provide unique content to verticals – Make sure verticals do NOT cache and maintain your content after your delete it. – Provide as much data as possible, the more unique the better – Gauge quality of leads / sales w/ back end CRM (ask me about Hubspot)@YoungbloodJoe
  • Cons There are drawbacks to using vertical search engines that must be considered. – If you‟re not careful it will become duplicate content – Verticals WILL compete against you in Google / Bing SERPs – Typically do not provide link / citation of content originator – Reviews and other Consumer Generated Content might have backlash effect on your website.@YoungbloodJoe
  • Vertical Aggregators – Social style list of resources / websites in your industry – Typically drive high volumes of traffic in a short time frame, focus on time sensitive information – Examples: • Inbound.org • N4G.com • Some sub-Reddits • Slashdot.org@YoungbloodJoe
  • 3. Advertising – Get Creative It‟s time to get a bit creative in your display advertising. Try making image or text ads with a unique call to action and continue the story in a congruent fashion on the landing page. – Avoid bland ads – Avoid overly active ads – Use Site / Search retargeting, do not overdo it – Refresh ads every 3-6 months@YoungbloodJoe
  • 3. Advertising – Retargeting Retargeting Resources: – Remarketing Pro - http://shelleyellis.com/ – Remarketing Network - http://fetchback.com/ – Remarketing Network - http://www.chango.com/ – Remarketing Network - http://www.adroll.com – Remarketing Network - http://www.retargeter.com/@YoungbloodJoe
  • Sponsor Niche Website Find and sponsor websites / communities in your niche or industry. – Forums – Blogs – Video Hosting – Deal – Review – Other@YoungbloodJoe
  • Think Outside the Industry – Focusing on websites just in your industry may not always work. For example Energy Drinks, computers, etc.. These products are of interest to general consumers. Find compliment websites where the users might fit your target segment. – Examples • Travel Sites – Target family niche websites • Computer Sites – Target PC video gamers • Coupon Sites – Target mommy bloggers • Restaurants – Target local websites@YoungbloodJoe
  • 4. Social Advertising – Make a post on your website? Start off by broadcasting it to your users. – Was it Funny, Sexy, Smart, Informative or Entertaining? • If yes, consider purchasing ads on social networks like: Facebook, Stumbleupon, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Reddit@YoungbloodJoe
  • Targeting Social Ads – Facebook: Target by “Likes”, Geo location, Age – Twitter: Target by Geo Location – Stumbleupon: Demographic, Interest categories – Vimeo: Custom – email advertising@vimeo.com – YouTube: Demographic, Remarketing, User Type, uploader targeting. – Reddit: Target by Sub-Reddit@YoungbloodJoe
  • Reddit Ad Example@YoungbloodJoe
  • Reddit Ad Stats
  • Twitter Ads: Promote Account@YoungbloodJoe
  • Twitter Ads: Promote a Tweet@YoungbloodJoe
  • Twitter Ads: Promoted, Targeted, Paid@YoungbloodJoe
  • 5. Guest Blog Posting (for traffic) – Find blogs / news websites dedicated to your industry. – Offer to provide guest content from time to time. – If possible link to your content within the blog post, or list as a resource. – If nothing relevant on your site or not possible, link to your website in Author Bio@YoungbloodJoe
  • How to Find Guest Post Opportunities – Bloggerlinkup.com – MyBlogGuest.com – Technorati.com blog search – Google “inurl: blog [topic] guest author/post/contributor” – Google Blog search – Help a Reporter Out (not really guest posts)@YoungbloodJoe
  • 6. Other Sources of Referral Traffic – Lots of other types of referral traffic just waiting for you to snag it. – QnA Sites: • Quora • Yahoo! Answers – Deal Sites / Coupons: • Retailmenot.com • SlickDeals.net • FatWallet.com – Unique Offer – Forums – Yellow Page Listings@YoungbloodJoe
  • Tips on Other Referrals – QnA: Find questions on these websites you can answers. Spend a few minutes a week with an official profile offering your expertise for free to answer questions. If you have an FAQ page on your website with the info offer it up for further reading. – Deal Sites: Offer online coupons / Give something away free.
  • – Joyent, a cloud host, reached out to downtime plagued Reddit with a thoughtful and humorous offer to host their website: http://www.joyent.com/blog/if-i-was-your-cloud- provider-i-d-never-let-you-down – Forums: Participate in community discussion. Watch for hot topics, cover them on your websites blog, refer back to them in future conversations. – Yellow Pages: Get local listings right, be at the top.@YoungbloodJoe
  • Traffic From Free Offer@YoungbloodJoe
  • Free Giveaways
  • Free Giveaway lead to learning@YoungbloodJoe
  • Free Gift from Telligent / Big Social@YoungbloodJoe
  • 7. Video Marketing – Make an entertaining video. – As simple as using a flip cam – Skype interviews, event videos, off the cuff videos – Answer in-depth questions – Kinetic Typography videos – Tilt-shift videos – Video mashups – People respond to humor, cats, dogs, babies, injuries, flash mobs, unscripted slip-ups@YoungbloodJoe
  • Video Optimization Tips – Use more than YouTube • Vimeo • GamersTube (shameless plug) • Daily Motion • Live Leak • Meta Café – Annotations linking out (in pilot / beta) – Video Sitemap • In Google Webmaster Tools – Video embed (your image + link) • http://www.tedxsmu.org/talks/behind-the-scenes-at-tedxsmu- 2011/ – Local video sites?? • YouPlusDallas@YoungbloodJoe
  • Traffic from Embed Video Image@YoungbloodJoe
  • How to Find Video Ideas – Persona Modeling / Target Segmentation • Know Your Audience – Google Adwords Keywords for Complimentary sites • Aggregate keywords • Place keywords into „concepts‟ • Link concepts together for video ideas – YouTube Keyword Tool • Keywords from YouTube • Equals Video content that people want@YoungbloodJoe
  • 8. Email Marketing – Beating a dead horse I know, but make sure you leverage your own email list for marketing opportunities. – Find industry / complimentary websites with an email list, purchase sponsorship of that email. – Read This: http://www.copyblogger.com/email- marketing/@YoungbloodJoe
  • 9. Offline Traffic Sources – Really? Can you get traffic online from offline content? YES! – QR Code All the Things • Don‟t link QR code to Facebook pages (shows a login field or links if user is not signed in via their browser) • Track QR code with # or offline specific page • Make QR code look interesting. Use HowFarQR.com to put your logo in one real fast – Sponsor an Event – Sponsor a local Band / Artist – Host an Event – Jump from Space <<<<<<<<<<<@YoungbloodJoe
  • Dustin Perkins Band 1@YoungbloodJoe
  • Dustin Perkins Band 2@YoungbloodJoe
  • QR Code Digital Library
  • QR Code W/ Logo@YoungbloodJoe
  • Do Something Out of this World@YoungbloodJoe
  • Do Something Cool / Relevant A tale of two brands being associated with President / Vice President debates in 2012 – Pizza Hut: Attempt to force themselves into the debate by offering free pizza for life to anyone that asked what pizza the candidates preferred. – Red Bull: Mentioned by consumers after the last presidential debate when President Obama mentioned the space program, Red Bull had just had a guy jump from the edge of space.@YoungbloodJoe
  • What Jumping from Space LooksLike on Twitter@YoungbloodJoe
  • Timely mentions of achievement@YoungbloodJoe
  • Consumers insert Red Bull intoPresidential Debates@YoungbloodJoe
  • 10. Mix and Match – It‟s called the “marketing mix” for a reason. – Build your marketing mix for budget and time constraints – Combine as many steps as you like keeping both SEO and non-SEO goals in mind. – Examples: • Display ads, Free Giveaway, Email Marketing • Guest Blog Post, Video Marketing • Sponsor local band, QR Code w/ Logo, Free Giveaway, Email Marketing • Make something cool, Social Advertising@YoungbloodJoe
  • #Winning@YoungbloodJoe
  • FINEmail Me: Joe.Youngblood@WrightIMC.comTweet Me: @YoungbloodJoeGet Knowledge: http://www.wrightimc.com/blog@YoungbloodJoe