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Decision Making Presentation (Baseball in Las Vegas)
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Decision Making Presentation (Baseball in Las Vegas)


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This presentation is the final project in a course I took called Creativity and Problem Solving. Through the use of a software program called "Super Decision" I undertook the question of …

This presentation is the final project in a course I took called Creativity and Problem Solving. Through the use of a software program called "Super Decision" I undertook the question of whether or not Major League Baseball should consider entering the Las Vegas market.

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  • The popularity of the sport inspired the semi and fully professional baseball clubs in the 1860sWhite Sox werethe most successful franchise in baseball, Chicago baseball players were not paid especially well like other elite players on big-city clubs. The White Sox were owned and operated by a tight-fisted tyrant named Charles Comiskey, all of the players resented him because they couldn’t even support their families financially and were powerless due baseball’s reverse clause. Players became easy targets for gamblers looking to have games thrown in order to win bets. 8 of the White Sox players (Shoeless Joe Jackson) were paid $7500-30000 to throw games and they threw the 1919 World Series. The players were indicted and tried for conspiracy.
  • to entertain the largely male-majority dam construction workers. Called Boulder Dam later named Hoover DamFirst gambling license given in 1931 to Northern Clubby 1954, over 8 million people were visiting Las Vegas yearly pumping 200 million dollars into casinos. Gambling was no longer the only attraction; the biggest stars of films and music like Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Abbott and Costello, Bing Crosby, Carol Channing, and others performed in intimate settingsThe population of the city doubled every decade since 70s
  • Former MLB player turned oilfield millionaire He didn’t want to create a new team so he found a team that he wanted to buy and relocate the Milwaukee BravesHudson’s Folly was completed in 1962When the Vegas bookmakers offered odds against the Dusters -- as they often did in the early days -- Hudson turned it against them, saying that the "guys on the Strip don't want us to succeed because the Nevada Dusters stand for good, wholesome entertainment."
  • Transcript

    • 1. Baseball in Las Vegas
      Julia Hille
      Amber Lynch
      Joey Nachinson
    • 2. Agenda
    • 3. Baseball’s Background
      Can be traced back to the 18th Century
      American newspapers were referring to baseball as the "National Pastime“
      National League was formed in 1876
      American League was formed in 1901
      Dead Ball Era, rules of the game and equipment were developed
      Black Sox Scandal of 1919
      First public gambling/betting case in sports
    • 4. Vegas Background
      Discovered in 1829
      Casinos and showgirl theaters first appeared in Vegas in 1931
      Gambling legalized in 1931, rise of Casinos
      Let there be light… Hoover Dam supplies electricity to Vegas 1937
      Organized Crime, building of more casinos in 1950s
      1970-2008 Vegas showed rapid growth and it became the gambling capital of the world
    • 5. Should Baseball have a franchise in Vegas?
      Been there done that… sort of.
      The story of the Nevada Dusters 1963
      Conn Hudson tried to interest the NL in placing a professional team in Nevada
      Milwaukee Braves relocated to Vegas
      Hudson financed the building of Horizon Field
      state-of-the-art ballpark located on the
      southwestern outskirts of Vegas
      Vegas fell in love with their new sports heroes
      Team salaries/contracts proved to be a problematic
      Other problems
      players, took full advantage of the abundant nightlife
      A few scandals here and there
      Animosity with other forms of entertainment
      Experts said Dusters was set-up for failure
      Vegas market was NOT large enough to support the team
    • 6. Pros vs. Cons
    • 7. Should MLB move into Las Vegas?
    • 8. Structure of Model
    • 9. Benefits Network
      Benefits Sub-Networks
    • Opportunities Network
      Opportunities Sub-Networks
    • Cost Network
      Costs Sub-Networks
    • Risk Network
      Risks Sub-Networks
    • Benefits Report
    • 18. Costs Report
    • 19. Opportunities Report
    • 20. Risks Report
    • 21. Conclusion of Model
    • 22. Any Questions?