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Personal Information

  1. 1. JOEY ALEXANDER Home: 864-578-1456 206 Birds Eye View Cell: 706-402-6105 Boiling Springs, SC 29316 PERSONAL INFORMATION 1.) HOBBIES AND INTERESTS. I love spending time with my family. I have a beautiful and supportive wife, Sara, a three-year-old daughter, Avi, and a son on the way (Due on June 12, 2009). One of our favorite things to do on a Saturday is to pack a picnic lunch, throw on our hiking shoes, and head to the nearest lake, trail, or park and enjoy what nature has to offer us. Given a few fishing poles, backpack, or jogging stroller, we like to make the best of a beautiful day. If, on the other hand, we wake up to the rain or the frigid cold, we are likely to stay in, cook a big breakfast and relax to a good movie or book. In my personal time, I really look forward to and am always inspired by the adult fellowship meeting at our Church every Monday night. When I get the opportunity, I also enjoy playing the piano, long distance running, weight lifting, and the occasional science fiction or mystery novel. 2.) JOB RELATED ACCOMPLISHMENTS, AND/OR ACTIVITIES. Professionally, I am most proud of being awarded Milliken & Co. Manager of the year for 2005. I earned the award for improving product quality by 80% and for successfully managing a large-scale equipment expansion project. Through statistical and technical analysis, I was able to trace more than 50% of the product line’s defect production to a supplier quality issue. Specifically, the supplier had changed the material that was used to produce a raw material input to the process without notifying the production team. The new material was much more sensitive to temperature changes than the previous material that was used. As a result, small temperature changes within the plant were causing a substantial amount of defects in the final product. Using historical and current production data, I was able to statistically correlate the timing of daily temperature changes with defect production. Furthermore, I was able to correlate the onset of defect production with the introduction of the new material and model the temperature effect using scientific concepts. I was able to eliminate another 30% of the product defects by developing an effective quality audit that was performed daily by plant production associates. After witnessing my ability to control product quality, Milliken's senior leadership chose to install 15 production machines into the plant in which I was working. I was appointed project manager for the expansion and successfully lead the installation, certification, and scale-up of the equipment. Personally, I am most proud of the many close relationships that I have developed with family, friends, and co-workers. My most recent assignment provides a very good example of the value of one such relationship:
  2. 2. JOEY ALEXANDER PAGE 2 I was given the responsibility of leading a product development project aimed at designing textile reinforcements for precast concrete. The understanding of concrete reinforcements requires an extremely high proficiency in mechanical engineering concepts. Since my background is in Chemical Engineering, I did not possess the technical knowledge that would have been required to develop a successful product. However, I had become very good friends with a Mastered Mechanical Engineer from MIT during my position within Milliken Research. My friend was able to teach me all that I needed to know about the mechanical engineering aspects of concrete reinforcement. At the same time, I was able to give him some valuable insights into a textile project that he happened to be working on at the time. Ultimately, my product development team was able to combine my new knowledge of concrete mechanics with their own expertise in textile engineering to produce an optimal design (in terms of cost and performance) for textile concrete reinforcement. 3.) CAREER, PROFESSIONAL, AND/OR SELF DEVELOPMENT GOALS My professional objective is to enjoy a life-long, successful career with a single organization. I want to provide my family with the stability and happiness that they deserve. My own happiness depends on theirs as well as my own need for an environment that supports constant progression and self-improvement. In the next five years of my professional career, I expect to experience the same progression that is evidenced by my previous five. In ten years time, my goal is to reach a level where I have profit & loss responsibility for a major department or division. In order to get there I am willing to provide all of the ambition, drive, and dedication that it takes. Furthermore, I expect to progress my career with continued education as it becomes necessary and as it can be proven valuable to the company. 4.) TYPES OF POSITIONS AND ACTIVITES THAT INTEREST ME. I am most fulfilled by activities that allow me to combine my own analytical abilities with an active engagement of others in order to solve problems. I believe that the value of a good relationship with another person is immeasurable. I have found that I get the most enjoyment out of life when I find ways to involve others in what I am doing. The benefits can include added perspective & knowledge to professional projects, an opportunity to help someone else, or just simply having a good laugh!