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  • 1. Light Imagery To Describe Romeo & Juliet
  • 2.
    • Romeo and Juliet = forms of light.
    • For Juliet, Romeo is a bright light in darkness.
    • In the same way, Juliet lights up night for Romeo.
  • 3.
    • When Romeo first sees Juliet, he makes continues of light imagery to her beauty. -Romeo says “she teaches torches to burn brighter”.
    • -Continues to compare Juliet to light sources or bright objects that illuminate surrounding darkness.
  • 4.
    • Romeo’s soliloquy-balcony scene.
    • Romeo: “What light through yonder windows breaks?” “It is the east, and Juliet is the sun” -She burns brighter then the sun.
    • Also compares her brightness of stars and glory of angel.
  • 5.
    • Light imagery contrasted against the dark. -This happened in Juliet’s soliloquy after the death of Tybalt and Mercutio, and banishment of Romeo. -Juliet uses dark imagery premonition that something bad happened. Continue Slide
  • 6.
    • In this soliloquy, Juliet invokes darkness. -Juliet says: “Come, night, come Romeo; come thou day in night,” -She wants night to come because it’s the only time her and Romeo can meet.
  • 7.
    • Juliet’s earlier soliloquy – she makes connections of “dark night” to her love for Romeo.
    • Compares love she shares with Romeo to light. -Relationship moving fast. -Their love is like a flash of refreshing light in a dark world.
  • 8.
    • Second soliloquy Juliet makes interesting reference to Romeo. -Juliet says “Take him out in little stars, and he will make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will be in love with night. And pay no worship to the garish sun” (3.2. 1. 23-26)
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  • 9.
    • Romeo becomes very definition of light, outstanding sun itself.
  • 10.
    • Romeo uses light imagery to describe Juliet and her beauty.
    • Juliet uses dark imagery to describe Romeo and their relationship.
  • 11. © 2009 Group Presentation Daniella Joey Sarah Kyle