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  • “We deliver more spots than anyone, anywhere.”Think about that statement. We believe there is no other company that can make this claim. The number of TV spots we distribute daily not just in the US but increasingly across western Europe and beyond.The number of media destinations – those consumer touch points – that span broadcasters, TV networks, online publishers – even print and radio and out of home destinations – that we place your clients messages in front of – all around the world.Backed up by a hybrid infrastructure that utilizes satellites alongside online and IP delivery to ensure we get those messages out in the quickest way possible.And for us spots aren’t just TV and radio spots anymore. They are all your media messages – your online spots, your mobile spots, your connected spots, your interactive spots.That’s why we are proud to state that as a global independent organization “We deliver more spots than anyone, anywhere.”
  • Firstly – I guess it’s a matter of trust. I an make all sorts of bullish claims, but the the fact is who would trust us?Well the majority of global brands trust us to get their message our at the right time to the right audience. They use our services to ensure their message is always “spot on”.Whether its their high end HD TV commercials, their interactive rich media creatives, their online video content or mobile ads. The biggest brands in he world trust us to help them behind the scenes.
  • In fact when all those clickable little banners appeared on those first websites, we didn’t stop there. We invented rich media advertising. From overlays to microsites in banners to the first online video ads – developing polite loading ads that worked with publisher restrictions when people were still using modems… and now dynamically updated ads that you can share on social media and inteacrtive full screen video – ads that talk to one another and take over pages. Yes, we are proud to say “we invented rich media”.
  • And its our passion and drive to be the very best in the industry that sets us apart from the rest. That’s why 10% of the world’s media assets flow through DG systems – from TV content to online ads, from TV spots to streaming video… 10% is a LOT of inventory for us to take responsibility of and that’s why we are constantly investing in our people, our infrastructure and our products to cope with the rising demands.
  • And it’s not just getting those ads out on time. We actually house the largest collection of assets – from that very first MTV music video “Video killed the radio star” to literally thousands and thousands of archived tapes and reels of TV shows and ads within our storage archives. We even allow some of the best ones to be searchable online, complete with meta data and production notes to help agencies not just be inspired, but also get the information they need to call that same director or production house for their own campaigns…
  • From our own offices touching every continent and major cities around the globe to support your advertising needs - our staff really do think global and act local as we are in constant communication with one another and many travel continually to get exposed to new ideas or just to share learnings – and its why many advertisers trust us to manage their global advertising needs often from a single DG point of contact.
  • Making Measurement Makes Sense#1 -  Shift from a “served” to a “viewable” impression standard#2 - Introduce an online Gross Ratings Point metric, providing reach and frequency reporting of viewable impressions#3 - Implement a classification system and taxonomy for banner, rich media and streaming video ads#4 - Define, standardize and accredit metrics for view-through reporting and cumulative social activity#5 - Establish standards and vendor accreditation to improve the methodology for online brand attitudinal studies
  • From a high level, the way viewability works is similar to a GPS. Just like GPS can track the coordinates of your cell phone or your car, MediaMind uses javascript code within the ad to monitor the ads position on the page relative to the viewport on the user’s screen. This is called the “geometric” method of viewability tracking, because we reference the latitude and longitude coordinates to place the ad on the page relative to the top corner of the screen.The key challenge for viewability tracking is the existence of “unfriendly” Iframes, which prevent MediaMind code for accessing the page coordinates data necessary to place the ad. The analogy we like to use is that it’s like our ad has been placed in a prison cell by the publisher and they don’t want us to have any information about the world outside our cell.Fortunately we do have various techniques for working around the unfriendly Iframe situation – and note that some IFrames are friendly as well. The main technique we use is to leverage our publisher file that we install for Rich Media expandables – this same ad allows us to fully measure viewability. Our technology also leverages browser-specific controls to open up access to viewability page coordinates.More information on the methodology and technological specifications is available upon request.
  • Do you know what is ads rotation?Our advertisers are now very into Digital, and they want to cover everyone across different demographics for months – so you as a media agency buy into different sites to accommodate the client’s objective – but are we really going to use one creative for a month? So what do we do, we suggested multiple creative..and how you choose to rotate this creative? – that’s what we call Ad rotation2. So how do we go about it on MediaMind? Just few clicks away
  • And sometimes, of all the creative, we will have the one that outshine the others..so what do we do…We have our last option…Automatic Optimization
  • If we are really going to understand how to make compelling creative that actually drives results, we need to get inside the consumers mindset. So much has happened in the last 10-15 years of online advertising – social networks did not exist back then – so how does modern consumer behaviour effect the way we need to adapt advertising? What does the data reveal to us, and how can we best take advantage of this?
  • A conversion is a desired action taken by a web user that provides some quantifiable gain to the marketer.Conversion Types: sign up for newsletter, create new account, download PDF whitepaper, register for membership, online purchase
  • Why media mind v3.0 indosat

    1. 1. Why Ad Serving is important to Advertisers? 6 Benefits of Ad Serving ©2013 Digital Generation Inc. All rights reserved 11/28/2013 1
    2. 2. “We deliver more spots than anyone, anywhere.” 50,000 media destinations across 75 countries ©2013 DG Inc. All rights reserved 2
    3. 3. Powering 22 of top 25 brands DG Services 95 of top 100 Advertisers* Source: Ad Age, 2010 US Advertising Spend ©2013 DG Inc. All rights reserved 3
    4. 4. We pioneered rich media advertising ©2013 DG Inc. All rights reserved 4
    5. 5. 10% ©2013 DG Inc. All rights reserved Now DG manages 10% of the world’s media assets 5
    6. 6. And have the largest offline physical storage of TV spots & program content on the planet. …we even have over 50,000 hours in our searchable online database. ©2013 DG Inc. All rights reserved 6
    7. 7. ©2013 DG Inc. All rights reserved 7
    8. 8. Global Offices 46 Directed Offices in 23 Countries ©2013 DG Inc. All rights reserved 8
    9. 9. How do you define impression? ©2013 DG Inc. All rights reserved 9
    10. 10. The 1x1 (zero) pixel tag can be placed everywhere…
    11. 11. Refresh every 10-35s So… How do you define impressions?
    12. 12. Definition of impression… Ad-tracking Methodology – 1x1 Pixel One impression is defined, when the 1x1 pixel is called from a 3rd party server Ad Serving Methodology One impression is defined, when the creative is loaded from a 3rd party server
    13. 13. W.H.Y rd 3 Party Ad Serving is important?
    14. 14. Website <HTML> <BODY> . <Ad Tag 1> Publisher’s Ad Server Request Ad <Ad Tag 2> ... </BODY> </HTML> Reply with MediaMind code to request the ad from MediaMind ‘s Server Ad is delivered ©2013 Digital Generation Inc. All rights reserved 11/28/2013 14
    15. 15. Sometime we click on the banner more than once! ©2013 DG Inc. All rights reserved 16
    16. 16. What is click? Standard Banner: Event on 1 impression Click twice on a standard banner 1,000 clicks a standard banner Local Publishers 2 clicks 1,000 clicks Interaction: Total clicks on the ads Click: Click is unique per impression ©2013 DG Inc. All rights reserved IAB 1 click and 2 interactions 1 click and 1,000 interactions
    17. 17. What are the “REAL” metrics? ©2013 Digital Generation Inc. All rights reserved 11/28/2013 18
    18. 18. ©2013 Digital Generation Inc. All rights reserved DWELL is the new click! 11/28/2013 19
    19. 19. New KPI for brand advertisers Dwell – Engagement Measure
    20. 20. By Onsite Analytics Sites Served Imp. Dwell Rate CTR A 1,420,712 0.30% 0.44% B 1,108,107 0.13% 0.12% C 1,696,514 0.05% 0.14% D 655,073 0.04% 0.36% E 2,019,353 0.00% 0.41% F 285,976 0.00% 0.87% G 838,114 0.00% 1.10% ©2013 DG Inc. All rights reserved
    21. 21. Viewability What is Viewability? An ad is considered viewable when it is served above the fold, or served below the fold and the page was scrolled down MediaMind now complies with the IAB 3MS initiative.
    22. 22. What is Viewability? 728x90 Above the fold Impression Viewable 728x90 1 Yes 300x250  User browser screen (current viewed area) Below the fold On page load Unit Size 1 No Impression Viewable 728x90 1 Yes 300x250 1 Yes After user scrolled Unit Size 300x 250  
    23. 23. ©2013 Digital Generation Inc. All rights reserved 11/28/2013 ‹#›
    24. 24. Sometimes… Estimated Actual 100% Viewability (Pushed down by another ad)
    25. 25. How can I verify my campaign performance? ©2013 Digital Generation Inc. All rights reserved 11/28/2013 26
    26. 26. What is Verification? • Verification is the process of an independent 3rd party attempting to verify that an advertisement was delivered according to the expectations of the advertiser. • This may include… Page Context Device Type The Building Blocks of Verification Language Brand Safety Viewability ©2013 Digital Generation Inc. All rights reserved 11/28/2013 27
    27. 27. With the new MediaMind Analytics, we’re up to the task to be your trusted analytics partner ©2013 DG Inc. All rights reserved 28
    28. 28. Creative Optimization © 2012 MediaMind Technologies Inc. | All rights reserved
    29. 29. The Options:1. Even Distribution (By Default) 33.33% 100% 33.33% 33.33% 25% 15% 2. Weightage 60%
    30. 30. The Options:3. Sequence First Second Third Impressions : 3 Impressions : The Rest 4. Advanced Sequencing Impressions : 2
    31. 31. The Options:5. Time-Based Setting 1st January 2013 to 7th January 2013 8th January 2013 to 14th January 2013 15th January 2013 to 28th January 2013
    32. 32. 1. Optimize every 12 hours 2. Two Optimization:a. Better Ads Play More b. Winner Takes It All 3. Optimize based on:a. Clicks b. Conversions c. Interactions (All or Particular Interaction)
    33. 33. Automatic Optimization Better Ads play more Winner Takes It All 60% 90% 20% 10% Ads are served proportionately to their performance The best performing ad wins all 90% of the remaining impressions.
    34. 34. 3 Pointers ©2013 Digital Generation Inc. All rights reserved 11/28/2013 36
    35. 35. Understand The metrics ©2013 Digital Generation Inc. All rights reserved 11/28/2013 37
    36. 36. Set The Right KPIs ©2013 Digital Generation Inc. All rights reserved 11/28/2013 38
    37. 37. Increase the ROI ©2013 Digital Generation Inc. All rights reserved 11/28/2013 39
    38. 38. better together Hello! My name is: Hello! My name is: Creativity Analytics
    39. 39. Before Campaign Starts… The goal of your campaign must be identified in terms of data: • What do you want to achieve? • How much of it do you want to achieve? • What measurement/data best communicates the two? • Now, how can the creative execution drive towards that goal?
    40. 40. Brand Awareness Direct Response • Brand interaction: Interaction rate, interaction duration • • In page conversion (Data capture, downloads, etc.) Expandable: expansion rate, expansion duration • Post impressions/clicks conversion • Video: play rate, video duration
    41. 41. Brand Awareness
    42. 42. What Do We Measure? Metrics:          Impressions Clicks Expansion Rate Model Choices x3 Video Plays x3 Image Gallery Interaction Rate Dwell Rate Dwell Time
    43. 43. Measurable Objectives Brand-centered campaign: Reach 2,000,000 viewers, of which 300,000 will engage with the brand by spending at least 30 seconds on the ad.
    44. 44. x3 more likely to search for brand-related keywords 70% more likely to visit the advertiser’s site
    45. 45. Rich Media Features: IAB Rising Stars Ad Formats “As a premier rich media vendor supporting the formats, MediaMind has an intrinsic and deep understanding of the IAB Rising Stars ad units. They are truly one of the companies shaping the future of interactive advertising.” - Peter Minnium, Consulting Director, IAB © 2011 MediaMind. A division of DG
    46. 46. Video Dwell time X2 Banner with
    47. 47. banner with Multiple videos? How about
    48. 48. Direct Response
    49. 49. What Do We Measure? Metrics:  Impressions  Clicks  In-Banner Conversion (Data Capture, Brochure / Coupons Downloads)
    50. 50. What Is This Direct Response You Speak Off? Marketing that is meant to solicit a specific, immediate & measurable response from consumers!
    51. 51. Measurable Objectives Direct response campaign: Reaching 1,000,000 viewers of which 5,000 will interact with the ad by clicking thru to a download page.
    52. 52. Elements Of A Typical DR Offer Offer CTA Means of Response
    53. 53. DR Advertising Hinges on Consumer Actions
    54. 54. Tear back
    55. 55. leads to high Conversion Rate Landing Page Visits Sales Registration Enquiry Download Engagement © 2012 MediaMind Technologies Inc. | All rights reserved
    56. 56. Metric Based Choice Of Creative Expandable In Banner Games Video Interactive Elements hotspots Pre-expand / OTP Downloads MP3, Ringtones, Wallpa per Social Sharing Direct Response
    57. 57. Conclusion • Don’t start your creative brief with: “What is the latest technology or cool stuff?” • Instead start with  The campaign objective  What works for your brand  Measurable metrics
    58. 58. Campaign Workflow
    59. 59. Media Planning & Buying, Creative Design and Production 5-7 Days Creative Spec and Design analysis Creative Trafficking Ad Generation Process 1-2 working days 1-2 working days -9 -8 -7 -6 Provide Support and guidance to every party involved Media Plan inserted into MediaMind Creative Agency Training Whenever necessary Attach ads to placements Sign Digital IO Tracking and Reporting requirements definition URL implementation Publisher QA Process 3 working days -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 Publisher approval process Creative amendment as response to possible Creative rejections from publishers Codes generated and sent To Publishers Campaign Launch on time! Creative Assets produced Master Ads built in the MediaMind from MM Compatible assets Monitoring of campaign Legend Collaborative Task MediaMInd Performed Tasks Agency performed Tasks Creative Agency Performed Tasks