Winning FaceBook Adverts
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Winning FaceBook Adverts

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This is a presentation I gave a Kavit Harias Social Media Marketing Secrets Exposed Event

This is a presentation I gave a Kavit Harias Social Media Marketing Secrets Exposed Event

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  • 1. By Joseph
  • 2. Would it help you if youcould get your message infront of people based on...
  • 3. Their Interests?
  • 4. Their Age?
  • 5. Their Gender?
  • 6. Their Location?
  • 7. How about acombination of all of these & more?
  • 8. FaceBook Adverts allow you to do exactly this
  • 9. Everyone who signs up to FB hands over an incredible amount ofinformation & data about themselves to FB
  • 10. FaceBook know who we are!
  • 11. For anyoneMarketing a product or service this is a good thing!
  • 12. FaceBook knows who I am!
  • 13. Me – 25 year oldInternet marketer
  • 14. My 13 year oldnephew Thomas
  • 15. My Wife Christina,22 years old, Mother of 1
  • 16. When you can makeyour ad as targeted as this do you think you could generate some leads & make some money?
  • 17. Of course you could!
  • 18. The simple 5 step process to creating winning FB ads1. Get to know your Tarket extremely well2. Have a landing page that is proven toconvert already3. Design a compelling ad that gets clicks4. Target your ad to your Tarket5. Tweak & Test to drive costs down
  • 19. But before you ever even attempt to create an FB adcampaign you need to know their rules thoroughly
  • 20. Someone at FB has to reviewyour ad first before they will run itToo many strikes & your out! Stick to these rules & you will be fine...
  • 21. FB Ads rules in a nutshell•Read up thoroughly at -•Landing Pages – No pop ups, No fake exit scripts or Mousetrapping of any kind. If you put a URL in the ad, it must lead to thatsame site•Don’t mention FaceBook in any way•If you are collecting personal information, you must make it clearthat a product is being sold & how you intend to use the info thatyou collect•Ads must be relevant & accurate•Prices, discounts or free offers shown in an ad must be clearlyshown on the landing page
  • 22. FB Ads rules in a nutshell•Can’t be offensive or abusive•Use upper and lower case letters properly. NO all caps! (ExceptAcronyms)•No incorrect spelling, grammar or slang•Must include completed sentences & completed thoughts•Must include proper spacing•The use of all symbols, numbers, or letters must adhere to the truemeaning of the symbol•No excessive repetitions•No using irrelevant images
  • 23. Now we understand therules we are ready to take step one...Get to know your Tarket
  • 24. What the heck is a Tarket? AKA Your customer avatarIt is a fictitiousindividual whoperfectly representsyour target market
  • 25. There is no point sendingyour message out to peopleunless you really understand who they are & what they really want If you don’t understand them you will lose money
  • 26. Without this research steps 2-5 will be very difficult •Your landing page won’t convert •Far less people will click your ads•You won’t know what demographic to target your ads towards
  • 27. Uncovering your Tarket•What gender are they?•How are old are they?•What are they interested in?•How much money do they have?•What are their fears & pain points?•Where do they live?•Where do they hang out online?•Who are the market leaders?•Strengths & Weaknesses?•Beginner or Expert?
  • 28. Where do you find this info?•Previous experience with customers•Survey your list••••After having run some ads useresponder demographics report tofurther refine your future ads
  • 29. Uncovering your Tarket You can’t expect to communicate effectively until you have the sameframe of reference of the person you are communicating with But when you do...
  • 30. Uncovering your Tarket Your ads will show to the right people These people will click your ads Many will opt-in to your offers Some will become customersYour ads & offer will “Speak” to them
  • 31. If you have more than one Tarket, that’s fine...Just create a different adcampaign for each Tarket
  • 32. Now that we really understand our TarketLet’s move on to step 2...
  • 33. The 5 Landing Page Options•Sales page – It’s possible to make money this way but ad copy must convertreally well. Have a backend. Don’t be too hypey or it may not be approved•Squeeze pages – This is a better option. Capture & nurture the lead rather thangoing for the sale. Again don’t be too hypey•Webinar registration pages•Internal pages - You can drive them to an opt in box (but opt-ins will be lower),make them hit the like button to get more fans & clicks will generally be cheaper•Bridge page - Allows you to give content without slowing up the sales process.Offer the answer to a question in your ad & then provide the answer immediatelywith a short article or video (this is a successful first transaction)Then you offer the answer to an even bigger question, this leads to the sales pageor squeeze page where you can say whatever you like (Think two levels deep,when they get to level two FaceBook lets go, they chose to leave the fbenvironment so they are on their own now)
  • 34. Landing Pages that convert Regardless of the type of pageyou choose the important thing isthat they follow your call to action This is how you measure the success of an ad
  • 35. Landing Pages that convert•Invest in a copywriter or learn to write copyyourself•Have a video on your landing page•Strong headline•Build desire & interest with the body copy•Give a clear & strong call to action
  • 36. Now that your Landing Page is primed to either...Collect LikesCollect Opt-insMake Sales
  • 37. We can move to step 3... Which is designing acompelling ad that gets clicks
  • 38. Designing your ads... Images•Must have a super eye-catching image. Thepicture in your ad could be difference betweensuccess & failure of your ad•Image needs to tell the story (Be relevant)•Grab attention with bright colours or strange•pictures•There aren’t loads of characters to spare. Sneakin some more text by putting it in the image itself
  • 39. Designing your ads... Text•Grab attention with the headline, use a question & question mark, itincreases CTR (Note Internal Pages can’t choose headline)•Use numbers in the headline•Body copy gives one big specific promise then on the landing page it needsto be immediately delivered•Include strong call to action•Give a guarantee•Benefits not features!•Do you have a Unique Selling Proposition?•Use the most compelling words possible (You, Free, etc) – Words that sell byRichard Bayan•Use commands not requests•Sometimes you can use a filter or disqualifier•Include phone number
  • 40. Now we have an ad that isready to grab attention & getclicked, let’s move onto step 4... Which is targeting our ad towards our Tarket
  • 41. There are ten ways to target your ads...1. Location – Pick certain countries or even drill down to a tenmile radius! This feature is perfect for local businesses2. Age3. Gender4. Keywords based on Likes & Interests - Activities, Books,TV,Movies, Music,etc. Who are the top influencers in yourniche? What are famous products? What are hot topics? Whatare the big new sites or blogs? Find the pages that have a big,targeted audience5. Relationship status6. Events – Give special offers on the week of their birthday!Recently moved? Expecting parents? Engaged? Havechildren?
  • 42. There are ten ways to target your ads...7. Connections - Fans of your other pages, users of your apps,attendees of your current events or friends of your fan pages. It alsogives you the chance to not be shown to certain people who may notbe relevant, this cuts down on wasted clicks8. Language9. Education10. Work•Multi layering is the key use combinations but don’t drill down toodeep – not less then 50,000 unless it needs to be super specific•Only target 1-2 interests at a time, create separate ads for each tosee what works & what doesn’t. Use the create similar ad button &this process won’t take too long
  • 43. Now that our ads areshowing to the right peoplewe can move onto the final step which is number 5...Testing & tweaking our ads to drive down costs
  • 44. Initial budgets & bidding•Pick your daily maximum budget – this can bechanged at anytime•Bidding – Generally use pay per click unlessafter testing you have a really high CTR & it wouldwork out cheaper doing CPM•The higher you bid, the more your ads will getshown•To begin with I go about 5p above the lowestsuggested bid range
  • 45. Tweaking, Testing & Optimizing•Only spend your money on winning adverts. Don’t try flogging adead horse. Delete any ads with a CTR under 0.075%•You want your ad to have a CTR of at the very least 0.075%. If youare getting 0.1 that is ok. More than that is ideal. If you do get anad converting much higher than that ride it for all it’s worth!•You will see that ads that have higher CTR, FB will have loweredthe suggested bid price. So what I do is gradually lower 5p at atime every few hours. Find the balance where FB is still showingthe ads but you are paying the bare minimum & then keep it there,that’s the sweet spot!•If impressions decrease then gradually raise again until you hitthe sweet spot once more
  • 46. Tweaking, Testing & Optimizing•Avoid Ad Fatigue. All ads will decrease in CTR overtime the more they areshown so change your ads fairly regularly to keep them fresh. Rotate yourbest performing adverts in 7-10 day cycles•How do we increase CTR on our ads? Two ways to tweak are the improvingthe ad itself & tighter targeting•Try different images, angles/pitches, particular words & headlines•Get your targeting very specific & tailor it to that person you are trying toreach•Split test ads to see which is best, sometimes results are shocking & notwhat you expect, let the market decide•Use the create similar ad button to save time when split testing•Use Reports – Advertising performance, Responder Demographics &Profiles (very important) & Conversions by impression time
  • 47. Apply the simple 5 step process & you will win with FB ads!1. Get to know your Tarket extremely well2. Have a landing page that is proven toconvert already3. Design a compelling ad that gets clicks4. Target your ad to your Tarket5. Tweak & Test to drive costs down
  • 48. Thank You & Good Luck! Q&A