Joe Tye presentation to Georgia Hospital Association Patient Safety Summit with video links


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Slides used by Values Coach CEO Joe Tye in his presentation to the Patient Safety Summit of the Georgia Hospital Association, January 10, 2013

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  • When FN walked into the Scutari Barrack Hospital: There was no clean water, the floors were filthy and the air was foul, rats ran wild and the place was infested with vermin.Soldiers were bedded on blood-soiled straw, most still wearing what they wore on the battlefield.There was no nutritious food and virtually no medicines or supplies, and no money to get any.Orderlies cared only for officers, refused to empty chamber pots, and spent more time chasing nurses than caring for patients.Amputations were performed out in the open in full view of other patients. Surgeons refused to wash their hands and most of their victims died of infection.The first thing the medical director said to her was that he wanted nothing to do with Florence and her do-gooder ladies.He relented only when several boatloads of casualties appeared on the horizon and the hospital was already beyond a state of crisis.
  • Joe Tye presentation to Georgia Hospital Association Patient Safety Summit with video links

    1. 1. The Florence PrescriptionFrom Accountability to Ownership GHA Patient Safety Summit January 10, 2013 Joe Tye, CEO and Head Coach Values Coach Inc. Copyright © 2012, Values Coach Inc.
    2. 2. The Brave New World of Healthcare video
    3. 3. Here’s what we’ll cover today:Part 1: Your hospitalPart 2: You
    4. 4. If you’d like special reports,workbooks, and otherresources to build ontoday’s session, give meyour card or send an email: 4
    5. 5. Part 1Your Hospital 5
    6. 6. Question #1When did thehealthcare crisisbegin?
    7. 7. Question #2When will thehealthcare crisisend?
    8. 8. This story… 16
    9. 9. Has a happyending! 17
    10. 10. Companies that study employeeengagement* consistently find: ~ 25% fully engaged ~ 60% not engaged ~ 15% aggressively disengaged* e.g. Gallup, HR Solutions, Press Ganey
    11. 11. Engaged:Spark Plugs 21
    12. 12. Not Engaged:Zombies 22
    13. 13. Disengaged:Vampires 23
    14. 14. Disengagementnegatively effects…
    15. 15. Clinical quality
    16. 16. Patient safety
    17. 17. Patientsatisfaction
    18. 18. Productivity
    19. 19. Marketingimage
    20. 20. Job security
    21. 21. “Whatever the engaged do, theactively disengaged seek toundo, and that includesproblem solving, innovation,and creating new customers...” Jim Clifton: The Coming Jobs War
    22. 22. Disengaged people,especially disengagedmanagers, are a qualitydefect Jim Clifton: The Coming Jobs War
    23. 23. But what’s evenmore tragic...
    24. 24. It has a life-diminishingimpact on the disengaged.
    25. 25. “Disengagement [is] oneof the chief causes ofunderachievement anddepression.” Edward M. Hallowell, M.D. in HBR, 12-10
    26. 26. The journey from mereAccountability to a culture of Ownership
    27. 27. Ac count able
    28. 28. AccountabilityDoing what you are supposedto do because someone elseexpects it of you. It springsfrom the extrinsic motivationof reward and punishment.
    29. 29. You cannot hold people“accountable” for thethings that really matter.
    30. 30. Nobody ever changesthe oil in a rentalcar!
    31. 31. OwnershipDoing what needs to be donebecause you expect it ofyourself. Ownership springsfrom the intrinsic motivationof personal pride.
    32. 32. 78,945– avg 5 stars As 1-10-13, 1:15am 18,771,563 views
    33. 33. “We have hundreds if notthousands of examples…” 790,639
    34. 34. 46
    35. 35. Who Owns Left Field?
    36. 36. A word about theassumptions we make.
    37. 37. What do you get whenyou break the word“assume” into itsconstituent parts?
    38. 38. Let’s watch as theword “assumption”gets deconstructed(along with those whomade the assumption)
    39. 39.
    40. 40. InvisibleArchitecture “Invisible Architecture” is a trademark of Values Coach Inc.
    41. 41. Invisible architectureis to the soul of yourorganization whatphysical architectureis to its body.
    42. 42. 3 stages
    43. 43. Core Values arethe Foundation
    44. 44. Core valuesdefine what youstand for andwhat you won’tstand for
    45. 45. TMC Values …Honor Tradition, Nourish Dreams
    46. 46. Which value do directcaregivers feel is moreimportant to executiveleadership?
    47. 47. Compassion
    48. 48. Productivity
    49. 49. OR AND
    50. 50. The Integrity Gap
    51. 51. Nobody does itbetter than...
    52. 52. 68
    53. 53. Zappos Family Core Values1. Deliver WOW Through Service2. Embrace and Drive Change3. Create Fun and A Little Weirdness4. Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded5. Pursue Growth and Learning6. Build Open and Honest Relationships With Communication7. Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit8. Do More With Less9. Be Passionate and Determined10. Be Humble Source: Zappos website
    54. 54. 1. Deliver Wow Through ServiceCore Values Frog thinks anything worth doing is worthdoing with WOW. To WOW, CVF differentiates himself bydoing things in an unconventional and innovative way.He goes above and beyond the average level of service tocreate an emotional impact on thereceiver and give them a positivestory they can take with them therest of their lives. Source: Zappos website
    55. 55. When’s the last time you calleda 1-800 call center and monthslater remembered the name ofthe person you talked to – andtold anyone who would listenyour story?
    56. 56. The guiding insights behindour work at Values Coach… 72
    57. 57. Values arePersonal
    58. 58. Values areSkills
    59. 59. Skills can beLearned
    60. 60. Skills must bePracticed
    61. 61. Core Action Value #4is Courage – and it isvital to care qualityand patient safety…
    62. 62. You want to call awhat?
    63. 63. Core Action Value #4 is CourageYou can teachpeople the Courageskills needed to…
    64. 64. Call a time-out duringa procedure eventhough the delayannoys everyone else
    65. 65. Confront disrespectfuland bullying behavior
    66. 66. Walk out on gossip,backbiting, and toxicemotional negativity
    67. 67. Nobody learnseverything theyneed to know inkindergarten!
    68. 68. When a critical mass ofpeople connect withand act upon their corevalues, they will have apositive impact on…
    69. 69. Corporate culture isthe superstructure
    70. 70. Culture is to theorganization whatpersonality andcharacter are to theindividual.
    71. 71. “Culture influences howwe deliver care, how weinterrelate with ourcolleagues, and howwe treat our patients.”
    72. 72. Same businessDifferentcultures
    73. 73. Culture eats strategyfor lunch!
    74. 74. Your hospital hasa strategic plan –but do you havea culture plan?
    75. 75. Culture is like a patchworkquilt: the art is in making allthe pieces come together ina way that is beautiful andfunctional
    76. 76. Culture doesn’t changeunless people change,and that isemotionalwork!
    77. 77. Emotional attitudeis the interior décor
    78. 78. 97
    79. 79. A positive workplaceculture begins withintolerance for toxicemotional negativity. 98
    80. 80. Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy
    81. 81. Emotional climate isdetermined by whatyou expect and whatyou tolerate… 100
    82. 82. And over time, whatyou tolerate willdominate over whatyou say you expect! 101
    83. 83. “One toxically negativeperson can drag downmorale and productivityof an entire workunit.” 102
    84. 84. “It is a leadershipresponsibility to create aworkplace environmentwhere toxic emotionalnegativity is nottolerated.” 103
    85. 85. 107
    86. 86. Building aculture ofownership
    87. 87. Do you have to start with theright people on the bus?
    88. 88. You can’t alwayschoose who you haveon the bus!
    89. 89. You can’t just throwall the “wrong”people off the bus!
    90. 90. You can create a bus thateveryone wants to ride
    91. 91. By the way, you can…Get everyone on thesame culture pagefor just…
    92. 92. CommitmentTo the values, vision, andmission of the organization
    93. 93. Commitment ismost importantwhen the goinggets tough...
    94. 94. “We need to see opportunitieswhere others see barriers. Weneed to be cheerleaders whenothers are moaning doom-and-gloom.”
    95. 95. “We need to face problemswith contrarian toughnessbecause it’s in how we solvethose problems that wedifferentiate ourselvesfrom everyone else.”
    96. 96. “Brick walls are notthere to stop you, theyare there to make youprove how much youwant something.” Randy Pausch: The Last Lecture
    97. 97. EngagementWith patients, coworkers,and with the work itself
    98. 98. At Best Buy, a 0.1%increase in employeeengagement generatesa $100,000 increase ingross store revenue* * Harvard Business Review, October 2010
    99. 99. PassionEnthusiasm, positiveattitude, and joy reflectedin everyday actions
    100. 100. What Teachers Make by Taylor Mali
    101. 101. InitiativeDon’t wait around to be“empowered” – ProceedUntil Apprehended!
    102. 102. Can one personwho takes initiativechange yourorganization? 137
    103. 103. 140
    104. 104. FellowshipBecause (as Mother Teresareminded us) we are allchildren of the same God
    105. 105. 144
    106. 106. PrideIn your organization, inyour profession, in yourwork, and in yourself
    107. 107. Pride is reflected in the answer tothat universal icebreaker question: What do you do?
    108. 108. The most powerful andcost-effective marketingcampaign yourorganization couldever launch!
    109. 109. What do you do?Thanks for asking!I’m good at what I do.I love what I do. I’m proudof what I do. What I do isimportant.
    110. 110. What could be more boring thanindustrial ventilation systems?
    111. 111. 151
    112. 112. 12 key lessons we’velearned through ourwork on culturaltransformation…
    113. 113. At Community Hospital inMcCook, the proportion ofemployees rating the hospital“Excellent” increased anaverage of nearly50%.
    114. 114. At Mary Lanning MemorialHealthCare in Hastings, in 18months employee engagementincreased at a rate Press-Ganeysaid would have been expectedto take five years.
    115. 115. At Fillmore County Hospitalin Geneva, patientsatisfaction increased in 27of 30 categories.
    116. 116. Lesson #1Launching a movement is alot harder than starting aprogram – it is also muchmore likely to achieve alasting positive impact.
    117. 117. Lesson #2Achieving critical massrequires approximately 30%population commitment. 158
    118. 118. Lesson #2aYou need enough peoplemoving fast enough toescape negativity,pessimism, cynicism, andinertia of the past.
    119. 119. Lesson #3People must believesenior leadershipbelieves in and iscommitted to thecultural vision.
    120. 120. Lesson #4Middle management’s meresupport is not enough –they must be gung hochampions for change.
    121. 121. Lesson #4aThe privileges of being amanager also entail certainforegone freedoms
    122. 122. Lesson #5Sustainability requires agrowing core of passionate“Spark Plugs” who have apersonal stake in culturaltransformation.
    123. 123. Lesson #5aPersonal stories resonatebetter than scriptedlectures.
    124. 124. Lesson #6Embrace the skeptics,marginalize the cynics,and plow throughresistance.
    125. 125. Lesson #7Engage potential critics ina constructive manner –encourage them to thinklike partners in thechange process.
    126. 126. Lesson #8Avoid identification of thechange process with anysingle individual or“program.”
    127. 127. Lesson #8aCreate initiativecoherence by being clearabout how variousprojects reinforce oneanother.
    128. 128. Lesson #9Keep it visible: posters,banners, screensavers,newsletter articles, webpages; include it at thestart of every meeting.
    129. 129. Lesson #10Remember that everyonelistens to the same radiostation: WIIFM.
    130. 130. Lesson #11Balance urgency andpatience; be in it for thelong haul.
    131. 131. Lesson #12In order to be sustainableover the long-term, theculture of an organizationmust rest on a solidfoundation of values.
    132. 132. “If we each do ourpart, we will changeour lives for thebetter.” 173
    133. 133. “If we all do ourparts, we will changeour organizations forthe better.” 174
    134. 134. “And in changing ourorganizations, we canchange our world for thebetter.” 175
    135. 135. You’ve heard that youmust be the changeyou want to see in theworld, so let’s talkabout you. 176
    136. 136. Part 2You 177
    137. 137. 181
    138. 138. 182
    139. 139. Strategy #1Transform dreamsinto Memories ofthe Future
    140. 140. 184
    141. 141. 186
    142. 142. Joe’s horoscopeA breakthrough conceptemerges back at the officetoday. A great day to makea difference, make a friend,and make a decision and...
    143. 143. Joe’s horoscopeA great new opportunity willcome from out of the blue,but it will be well-disguised –so pay attention and focus,and…
    144. 144. Joe’s horoscopeCall yourMom
    145. 145. Strategy #2Re-script negativeself-talk and ditchemotional baggage
    146. 146. Positive self-talk isweight-lifting for thebrain!
    147. 147. Strategy #3Put The Twelve CoreAction Values™ towork in your life
    148. 148. Core Action Values 1-6:Laying a Solid Foundation
    149. 149. Core Action Value #1Authenticity Self-Awareness Self-Mastery Self-Belief Self-Truth
    150. 150. Core Action Value #2Integrity Honesty Reliability Humility Stewardship
    151. 151. Core Action Value #3Awareness Mindfulness Objectivity Empathy Reflection
    152. 152. Core Action Value #4Courage Confrontation Transformation Action Connection
    153. 153. Core Action Value #5Perseverance Preparation Perspective Toughness Learning
    154. 154. Core Action Value #6Faith Gratitude Forgiveness Love Spirituality
    155. 155. Core Action Values 7-12:Taking EffectiveAction to Make a Difference
    156. 156. Core Action Value #7Purpose Aspiration Intentionality Selflessness Balance
    157. 157. Core Action Value #8Vision Attention Imagination Articulation Belief
    158. 158. Core Action Value #9Focus Target Concentration Speed Momentum
    159. 159. Core Action Value #10Enthusiasm Attitude Energy Curiosity Humor
    160. 160. Core Action Value #11Service Helpfulness Charity Compassion Renewal
    161. 161. Core Action Value #12Leadership Expectations Example Encouragement Celebration
    162. 162. Strategy #4Take The Self-EmpowermentPledge™
    163. 163. Seven Simple PromisesThat Will Change Your Life* * One for each day of the week.
    164. 164. The Pledge at Tri Valley Health System
    165. 165. If you’ve been waitingfor someone else toempower you, youshould know that…
    166. 166. No one can empower youbut – YOU – and once youhave empowered yourself…No one cantake thatpower away.
    167. 167. The Self-EmpowermentPledge can give you thatpower – but first you needto invest in yourself…
    168. 168. If you knew it wouldchange your life for thebetter – profoundly andpermanently – would youinvest …
    169. 169. A minute a day forthe next 365 days
    170. 170. Would you give up onetelevision commerciala day for a year tochange your life?
    171. 171. If your answeris yes, here’swhat you needto do.
    172. 172. Every morning startyour day by making thatday’s promise – whichwill take you about15 seconds.
    173. 173. Repeat the promiseagain in in the middleof your work day.
    174. 174. Once more before youleave for home.
    175. 175. And one more time rightbefore you go to bed.
    176. 176. 4 x 15 seconds= 1 minute
    177. 177. Repeat these promises likeyou really mean them!
    178. 178. Ready?
    179. 179. Let’s take a lookat the sevenpromises…
    180. 180. Monday’s Promise:Responsibility
    181. 181. I will take complete responsibilityfor my health, my happiness, mysuccess, and my life, and will notblame others for my problems orpredicaments.
    182. 182. Tuesday’s Promise:Accountability
    183. 183. I will not allow low self-esteem,self-limiting beliefs, or thenegativity of others to prevent mefrom achieving my authentic goalsand from becoming the personI am meant to be.
    184. 184. Wednesday’s Promise:Determination
    185. 185. I will do the things I’m afraid todo, but which I know should bedone. Sometimes this will meanasking for help to do that whichI cannot do by myself.
    186. 186. Thursday’s Promise:Contribution
    187. 187. I will earn the help I need inadvance by helping otherpeople now, and repay thehelp I receive by servingothers later.
    188. 188. Friday’s Promise:Resilience
    189. 189. I will face rejection and failurewith courage, awareness, andperseverance, making theseexperiences the platform forfuture acceptance and success.
    190. 190. Saturday’s Promise: Perspective
    191. 191. Though I might not understand whyadversity happens, by my consciouschoice I will find strength, compassion,and grace through my trials.
    192. 192. Sunday’s Promise: Faith
    193. 193. My faith and my gratitude for allthat I have been blessed withwill shine through in myattitudes and in my actions.
    194. 194. Here’s WHYit works…
    195. 195. You keep promising yourself that youwill be responsible, accountable, anddetermined; make a contribution, beresilient in the face of adversity, have apositive perspective,and that your faithwill shine through.
    196. 196. Then you catch yourself whining andcomplaining, procrastinating,gossiping, blaming others for yourproblems, taking when you should begiving, and pretendingthat you have no power.
    197. 197. You end up with whatpsychologists call…Cognitive Dissonance
    198. 198. Which is trying to simultaneouslyhold two incompatible beliefs
    199. 199. At that point, one of twothings MUST happen.Either you take the easyway and stop makingthe promises…
    200. 200. Or you keep making thepromises until you beginto change your attitudesand yourbehaviors.
    201. 201. And as you do that, youwill begin to achievebetter results in everydimension of your life.
    202. 202. Read these seven promisesone more time…
    203. 203. Now ask yourself thesetwo questions…
    204. 204. Question #1:If you personally were to takethese seven promises toheart, would you be better offthan where you are headed now–personally, professionally, finan
    205. 205. Question #2:If everyone where you work madea good faith effort to live theseseven promises, would you do abetter job of serving customersand of supporting each other?
    206. 206. If your answer to these two questions is…And if you’rebeing honest,that’s whatyour answerwill be.
    207. 207. Then why wouldn’t youinvest those 365 minutesin yourself? Do it,because no one canempower youbut you.
    208. 208. Will you do it? Willyou give up one TVcommercial a day…To changeyour life?
    209. 209. Strategy #5Expect a miracle
    210. 210. If what I coveredtoday makes senseand you’d likemore…
    211. 211. The 2013 webinar series –8 programs on personalachievement and creatinga positive organizationalculture…
    212. 212. Bundle #1: Personal andProfessional Success Strategies 266
    213. 213. Bundle #2: Leadership andCulture Strategies 267
    214. 214. Early Bird Special ends Friday$89 per bundle including eBooks($139 afterward)$149 for both bundles includingeBooks ($249 afterward) 268
    215. 215. To register:www.valuescoachinc.comor319-624-3889 269
    216. 216. The upcoming workshop ondesigning and building theInvisible Architecture™ ofyour organization…
    217. 217. Date: February 5, 2013Asheville, NC$149 per person319-624-3889 271